Have Orbital Fat Loss After 6 Mo of off and on Use- Horrified!!

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After six months of often on you so I have the...

After six months of often on you so I have the orbital fat loss – so upset! It happen so gradually I really didn't understand what was going on until I read about other people's experiences on this blog and look at their pictures. I'm crossing my fingers and hoping so much that the fat will return and I'll have a normal look again. Right now my upper eyelids are so sunken in dark reddish purple Tash I was becoming concerned I had a serious disease and was googling on symptom checker sites. I in really not when you're posting anywhere – I don't even do Facebook – but this is really upsetting and a negative result is dramatic so much I want other people that this can happen. From the reviews it seems like it only happens to about 10% of people – but if I had known that this was even a 1% risk I never would've touch this product. Here's hoping that this reverses… Ladies be careful!! I don't think we can rely on the cosmetic industry to really look out for our health and beauty- they're just trying to cash in :( good luck to others were having this problem – thinking of you!

Photos- latisse hollowing- I bleeping hate latisse!!!

Any advice?

If anyone who has had a similar orbital fat loss can provide any advice I would appreciate it SO much- also timeframes to hope for improvement? Thank goodness for this sight- both my derm and APRN said this absolutely doesnt happen w latisse- only w the glaucoma version of bimatoprost- How wrong they were/are- hope others can avoid this- it's super upsetting- feel like I don't look like me- and it's freaky and sad. The worst part is my lashes were sparse but fine- I didn't even "need" latisse (does anyone?)- and now my eyes are actually deformed. Any stories of return of fat would give me hope while I wait out the next few months. Thanks to EVERYONE on here for sharing your info & experiences-

Made complaint to FDA about Latisse

I would strongly suggest anyone who has had adverse side effects do the same- it was super easy- like 5 min. max to help other girls avoid what we're dealing with :/

Thank you girls!!

Can I just say how incredibly sweet and supportive the ladies on this site are- have had so many kind messages that have really given me a TON of information about this (awful/$@!$) side effect and their experiences. Thank you! It sounds like for *most* people the fat does return- at varying lengths of time- so w/in a few weeks, some a few months and some like a year. It's really a shame this product is allowed on the market. I'll keep posting pics as (knock wood) my eyes start healing- praying that it's weeks not months or years . . . (btw- today day 4 off latisse- zero improvement re hollowness but redness has calmed down)

Some improvement...crossing fingers keeps getting better

I was just about to post on here that I was upset because I thought my eyes still look awful. But then took a photo of myself to post and compared it to the photos from the day I stopped Latisse and actually noticed a difference with the fat seeming to be returning. Especially in my right eye! Which I hadnt realized how bad that was but now that the its coming back it's a huge difference. Just praying that it continues to improve and will all return...still definitely has a ways to go :( seriously I don't know what is in this crap but it's really messed up that it can do this to your eyes. now that they're starting to come back I really see how dramatic it was and how awful it was. This company is so irresponsible to not put a huge warning loud and clear on this package.


Just accidentally...

dleted one of the original pics of my left eye which was totally the worst so reposting the original here. If you look now and compare left -left right - right it's pretty dramatic.

20 days off

Feeling really down tonight as my eyes look really sunk in. I think the initial improvement i saw was mostly just that the redness and irritation went away. but was just looking at pictures from right before I started latisse and then just one month after I started last summer and its such a huge difference. Just feeling really down and can't believe I did this to myself for stupid eyelashes. Really really hoping like several of the people on here said that my eyes will go back to normal within 2-4 months (of feeling hideous). There were two or three people who said they're fat never returned, which really freaks me out and makes me feel scared that mine won't. Just praying that one of the lucky ones on this.

Just about 1 month out

Hard to tell if there is improvement w the sunkenness. If so, then just a little. Actually, if you guys could look and give me an objective (but honest) opinion as to improvement, that would be great. I've lost all perspective!

More 1 month out pics

so hard to get the exact same angle & lighting

Another pic of the L eye

hopefully this one the angle is more like my 1st pics

8 Month Mark

Ok, been a good long time now and really had a chance to see progress over time. After 8 VERY LONG months, my eyes have pretty much returned to normal. See pics below. I think the change is pretty dramatic and actually sort of amazing. For anyone who doubts this junk causes orbital fat loss-- enough said. For those who've experienced it and are wigging out, rest assured, I've talked to many, many people who've experienced this awful side effect. It almost always comes back fine, some people (like me) just take longer than others. I would say give it a minimum of 6 months, but 9-12 is probably more realistic. I know that sounds crazy long, but at least don't panic because it will all be fine eventually and you HAVEN'T permanently ruined your eyes.


Ok, trying to upload...


for whatever reason can't upload pics- so creating a new post under my name to try that way

Pics 8th try later...

8 month pics. These are all of my left eye, which was the worst.
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