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Hi all, I am new to this forum, but I have been...

Hi all, I am new to this forum, but I have been reading the stories on here and it has really motivated me to take this step.

I am 26 years old, weigh around 58kg and have always been so self conscious of my, large, saggy, out of proportion boobs! I am short, have skinny legs, small bum, but I feel like my DD breasts take up most of my upper body, to the point that it makes me look fatter than I am. Buying bras and bikini tops has always been a nightmare for me- and I have always dreamed of being able to wear those little triangle shaped bikini tops without my boobs falling out- or fit into a normal bra without all the extra support!

I realise that I am not a drastic case, as I often see people with larger breasts than me. I hide mine pretty well though- in fact many people probably wouldnt even notice how large and out of proportion my breasts are because I wear tops to hide them. However it has always been something that has bugged me and has made me dislike my body.

A few years ago I looked into having the surgery but I was dissapointed to learn how expensive it is and my medical aid wont cover it. My parents understood (my mom had the surgery at 18) but they couldnt afford to pay for it and neither could I, as I was a student.
However, I am now an independent working lady, earning my own money and I have decided to FINALLY have this op that I have always dreamed of!

I cant begin to describe how excited I am. Its going to be a big expense (I am paying it off over 2 years with a finance company who caters for these types of procedures) but I am sure that it will be the best money I ever spent.

I am going to a surgeon who is well known in my town and I know people who have gone to him. I havn't actually had a consult yet- I am having it in June and then I will most probably book a date for surgery. I have heard great things about him.

I'm not sure if I should go down to a C cup or a B cup though. I would think C but I am short so B might be more fitting with the rest of my body- and also I have heard stories of them growing back abit..?

Anyway, I am really excited, even though I am terrified of hospitals and will probably be a wreck on the day haha.

I will post again when I go for the consult on 24 June :)

So excited!

Last night I ran into an old friend of mine who had the op years ago. She said it was the best thing she ever did. Her boobs have gone bigger due to weight gain but she says they are still nothing like they were before she had it done.
I really want to be in the best shape possible when i go for a consult which is in 1 month from now. Therefore, I'm off to the gym now! :)


Hi girls,

Here is my before photo. I hate them so much :(
Cant wait to look back on these and think how much better I look.

Feeling impatient

Hey ladies,

2 weeks until my consult and I'm feeling like I just want to get this done already! In the past few weeks iv really been realising how self conscious my boobs make me feel.

Last night I went on a date with a guy who I think I might actually like and I realised that I avoid hugs hello and goodbye because I don't like ppl feeling my huge boobs against them lol. I think its the reason that I'm not a very touchy feely person.

Anyway, it could be abit strange if things progress btw this guy and I, and then do I tell him about my upcoming surgery? Something I forgot to mention is that I live in south africa and my family lives in a different city to me (cape town). I moved to joburg a year ago but I am going back to ct for the surgery so I will be there for 2 weeks.
I'm really not secretive about the surgery at all- I have told many people but a new guy on the scene may be abit awkward haha.

Anyway, can't wait til the consult so I can get the ball rolling on this! Xx

Its happening- 13 August!!

So yesterday I went for my consult and it went great!
I'd heard a lot about my surgeon but I had never actually met him. He looked quite different to what I expected. Kinda like a mad scientist lol.
Anyway, he took a look at my 'twins' and made a few comments about how the one is abit bigger than the other and that my nipples are quite a bit lower than they should be. As I've always thought, its more the shape and droopyness that bugs me than the actual size. He definitely seemed to agree. He told me that he would take me down to a C cup- definitely not a B because he says that if you go too small for your body type, it can end up actually making the rest of your body look bigger! I said ok then I want it to be a small C and he agreed. So a C it is! :)

He showed me a few before and after pics of patients with similar breasts to me and the results looked so great! I was 90% sure I was going to use him before I even met him, so a few weeks ago i went ahead and booked a surgery date as I thought i can always cancel it if by some off chance I dont want to use him. I'm so glad I did because now I am officially having my surgery on 13 August! If I had waited to book a date at the consult, I would have to wait until September. I really just want to get it over with so 13 August is perfect- it is exactly 7 weeks from today!!! eek.

The ladies at reception are actually family friends of mine so they were really nice and helpful! They even told me that I could pay for my consult the day after via EFT!

Anyway, cant believe its really happening. So soon! Also, this doc is based in a well known hospital but he has his own private operating theatre so it wont be as scary as a public hospital. The surgery is going to be done under 'local anaesthetic with sedation' which is basicly like a general without the side effects. I still wont remember anything.

So excited!

Local Anaesthetic with Sedation

I'm quite nervous about having a local anaesthetic with sedation for my op. I read that the sedation calms you and then you are given a local anaesthetic and after the op u dont remember much. Was just wondering has anyone reading had a local anaesthetic with sedation for their surgery and if so, how was it? I'm scared that I will be able to feel when I am given the local anaesthetic injections and I'm terrified of needles!

3 weeks to go!!

Hi Ladies, I cant believe that my surgery is in 3 weeks time! It seems so soon, considering I have lived with my boobs for 12 years or so. The time has gone quickly as the past few weeks have been quite hectic. My dog died last weekend so was quite a hard time for my family- he was like our baby! Good news is we are getting a new puppy a week before my surgery so I will get to cuddle with her while I am recovering lol :) Good timing!

Someone tagged me in some pics on Facebook now and even though I wasnt wearing anything revealing, I could see how much bigger my boobs make me look! It made me even more excited to get the surgery when I saw these pics. I just want it to happen already!

I am feeling quite nervous at the thought of anaesthetic etc. I really really am terrified of needles and hospitals, but I am going to have to suck it up and not act like a big baby! I'm trying not to think about that part of it. Also, I feel like maybe I should speak to my PS more. I just went for 1 consult and to be honest i didnt really ask THAT many questions because I have done so much research on it that I feel like I already know everything. I know how the scars will be, and the siz etc, so I suppose what more do i really need to ask him? My surgery is on a Tuesday and he said I can come in on the Monday if I want, incase I want to speak to him or calm my nerves or whatever. I just hope they come out the way I want them to!

I know he is a really good surgeon as I know ppl who have gone to him and also I have seen photos of his work and it all looks great. I almost feel like maybe I am being too casual about this after reading some of your stories on here lol.

Anyway, cant believe the time is creeping up so soon. Will update again soon! xx


Its 5am and I'm awakw because reality is setting in that the big day is tomorrow! I can't believe it. I'm excited for it to be over so I can begin the healing process. I'm trying not to think of the actual surgery because everytime I do, I feel so anxious I could cry :( I know how life changing this is going to be so I keep reminding myself of that. Bought some button up pj's yestedayt and my prescriptions are all filled out! They have given me pain killers, sleeping pills and anti nausia medication.

Wow- this is really happening!

its done!

Just got home and feel no pain whatsoever. Could be coz I'm stil drugged up lol. Will give proper update later

It went so smoothly!

So I'm one day out and I'm amazed at how smoothly it has all gone. Here are the details of yesterday:

I got to the the PS's rooms with my mom at 8-15 am and was feeling really nervous as you can imagine. I was immedietly met by the young, CUTE looking anesthetic guy who was so sweet and nice! He asked how I was feeling and I said I'm scared and he said that's normal but everything will be fine. He then called me into the same room where I had my consult and asked me a few questions about if I'd had surgery before etc. I questioned him about how exactly this whole sedation thing works and he said that it just means that I would be very calm and sleepy and wouldn't feel a thing. After that, I was told to wash my upper body with some disinfectant stuff that they had there and then change into my hospital gown. Once I'd done that, I waited in the room quite nervously until my PS came in to mark me up. He was very sweet and said its totally normal to feel nervous but they will look after me and keep me warm. Just before he started marking me up he confirmed if we were aiming for a C cup and I said yes but I don't want it to be borderline D.. it must be a small C. He told me that my one breast was a DD and the other was nearly an E cup! I didn't know that.

Anyway, I then went into the operating room which was right next door (As I said in my previous post, these are private medical chambers). The cute anaesthetist guy introduced me to the nurse who was also a sweet young lady. At this point i felt so scared because I knew I'd be getting the IV soon and I hate needles! She told me to lay down on the bed and then the anaesthetic guy told me he was going to give me the IV in my hand which is less painful and that made me feel much better about it. He put the IV in and it really wasn't bad at all- it just stung and once it was in, I felt like it was still stinging and he said that once he gets some fluids going it will stop stinging. He said that he was going to sedate a little at a time- not all in one go and this made me feel better because I don't like the thought of suddenly being drugged up and being totally out of it.

The next thing I remember, is being really sleepy but I was still aware of things around me. I then must have dozed off completely because the next thing I remember, is being half awake, although still in a relaxed, sleepy state and I was aware of them operating on me!! I know some of you may be thinking that this is terrifying but it really wasnt! There was a barrier so I couldnt see what they were doing and I couldnt feel anything either, but I was aware that they were busy with me. At one point, I even asked the nurse how it was going and she said "theyr looking great". haha :)
I must have dozed off again and when I woke up I heard them say "tell her mom to come at 12-45". Next thing I knew, they were done and my mom was in the room.
I felt NO pain or nausia whatsoever. It was equivalent to waking up after a good night's sleep. At this point, my boobs weren't completely bandaged up like I thought they would be. They just had small bandages going along the incision lines and of course one over the nipple. So this meant I was able to see what they looked like. Lying down, I thought they still looked big but when I sat up and looked in mirror, I could see the perkiness and smallness! Wow!

The PS then put a surgical bra on me (The one I'm wearing in my pics) and helped dress me and then away I went in a wheel chair to the car! I didn't even feel like I needed a wheel chair but everyone insisted. Once home I got into bed and the whole day I felt no pain at all!! The only annoying thing are these drains that get removed on Thursday. My first ounce of pain was in the evening when i stood up- I felt like a sharp pulling pain in my cleavage (at least that's how it felt) but if I lay down it went away.

I took a sleeping pill before bed like they told me to and woke up at 7am in a bit of pain so I took pain killers and feel alright now- although I do feel some discomfort. A lot more than yesterday. It just feels tight and slightly more sore where the drains are. I think once the drains come out tomorrow it'll feel a lot better. Also, my PS told me that he managed to avoid making a long cut along the bottom of my breasts, so basically I just have a scar around the nipple, down and then a SMALL one towards the side of the underneath of the breast- not a long one that goes all along the underneath as they usually would do it. yay!

Day 3 pics

Got drains removed today so the 'pups' are feeling a lot better! Still can't believe how little pain iv felt. Here is a pic from today. Look at the perkines!!

Day 4 update- itchy and perky!

Today the pain is a lot less but they are really itchy! I had a bath (just sat in the bath) and washed my hair. My bandages are water-proof but still trying not to wet them too much.

Iv posted a pic of my wearing a top from my little sisters wardrobe! Would usually never wear anything like this! :)

I love my little boobies!! :)

Hi Ladies,
Its only been 5 days since my surgery but I already feel so back to normal. Today I even found myself lying on my stomach without me realising it!

Every day they are feeling better and better, and are hardly itching anymore. I still have the bandages on- they get removed on Wednesday and then I will see what the nipples and incisions look like. I hope its not too gruesome!

I have been going out with friends a little- nothing too hectic, just went for dinner etc and everytime I get dressed, I'm amazed by how different my clothes look on me. My body looks longer and leaner because my boobs don't take up half of it anymore! It's winter here so I cant show them off in skimpy little tops quite yet, but even in my winter coats and tops you can see a huge difference! :) The swelling has gone down a lot so now they are looking even smaller than in the pics I posted. They really just look so in proportion to the rest of my body.

My friends and I were looking around the shops the other day and I took a 34 C cup bra and put it loosely over my boob- when I did this, not only did it fit but it actually seemed a little big!!! It was so strange and great to be able to look at the 'normal' bras without having to search for one with extra support and underwires etc. I cannot wait to go bra shopping when I'm healed! :)

Anyway, will post more pics when the bandages come off.

Bandages off!

So yesterday I went to get my bandages taken off and replaced with steri strips (still kinda look like bandages). On my right breast, there is NO cut/scar on the bottom and because the left breast was abit bigger, there is just a tiny cut on the bottom. As expected, the scars were quite gross to look at but my PS said they will form a scab and then fall off, and eventually fade into probably hardly anything! I have stitches that are being removed tomorrow.

Uploaded some new pics. Cant believe how little and perky they are :)

First Sterri Strip Change- WARNING: Pics might make you queezy :)

Hi All,

It's been 3 weeks since my op! On Friday I changed my steri strips at home as I was instructed to and since then I've been applying tissue oil to the scars twice a day!

Now as I said in my last post, when I saw my scars for the first time with the nurse- they were really raw and hard to look at, but now they appear much much better. The only thing that I am a little concerned about is the scar at the bottom of each breast. I was lucky enough not to get any scars going accross the bottom, but I have these scars at the bottom (not going accross)- I assume these were points of incision- and they are still really gross and almost appear to be open compared to the others. I think this could just be because the scab came off so now they are really soft and mushy. When I took the bandages and steri strips off they had left fluidy blood marks so it made me abit queezy lol (I'm bad with this stuff). I sent pics to my surgeon so I'll see what he says. I've attached pics- sorry if this makes any of you ill! :)

Other than that- the actual boobies look amazing! They have relaxed a little so they feel more like mine now, as opposed to these rock hard foreign objects on my chest haha. I'm so used to them now- I cant really remember what it was like to have my old saggy ones. It's made me more motivated to diet and exercise as I want the rest of my body to look as great as my boobs do now! Also, I have a fear of them getting bigger if I put on weight! I haven't been to gym yet- I've just been eating healthy, but I plan to start going this week and will just do light cardio so I don't effect the healing.

I'm really glad I did this!

Scars looking better!

My PS saw the pics of those gruesome 'under boob' scars and told me to put Bactroban on every day. Looks like its really made a difference! Those scars are still quite hard to look at but I can see that they are starting to come together and close up compared to last week!

Other than that- they're looking great. It was my birthday yesterday and I wore a dress which I would usually have to squish my boobs into and look all cleavagy, but I wore it with no bra and it looked great! I'm meant to wear the surgical bra 24/7 but it was just one night and that dress was probabaly just as supportive as the bra haha. It was the first time since the op that i really felt like I look very different now- because dresses like that are usually very hard for me to wear.

I'm going to start going to gym today and just do light cardio- It's summer here soon and I need the rest of me to look great like my boobies!! :P

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