CT, 27 Years Old, 5'7" 133lbs, Silicone Round Smooth Unders

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This is my first post, I'm a little nervous. I'm...

This is my first post, I'm a little nervous. I'm 27 years old, I've wanted big juicy boobs since my first bra in 4th grade, in 6th grade is really when I started to get boob obsessed. I would always joke with my mother that I turn 30 going to get boobs and Botox. Well, my best friend hooked me up with botox last summer, now it's just time for boobs!!

Realself helped me do my research and feel comfortable and confident to finally pull the trigger. In two weeks I have an appointment with Dr. Richard Restifo and Dr. Deborah Pan.

I'm so excited, I can burst! I'm a small 32B, sometimes 34A. My boobs are great, they're round, firm, perky... I want what I have just about 4 times bigger. Sometimes I get a pit in my stomach thinking oh my goodness what am I doing, because there's nothing actually "wrong" with my boobs. Did anyone feel this way before surgery? Thankful for what you have but have this overwhelming boob greed?

I will post before pictures later, for now some wish boobs...

Before pictures 32B getting 400CC Silicone

Showing my before pictures...

More before photos: 28 yrs 32B getting 400CC silicone smooth unders

More before photo. I decided to go with 400CC but will confirm at my pre op on June 24th for my July 25th surgery!!! I got all my paperwork in the mail, I need to schedule a physical with my primary first. I finaly told my mom over a glass of wine, she told me I was crazy and was in complete denial, but I think she will eventually get over it, after all, I HAVE been talking about this for like 18 years haha! I'm nervous how to handle the work situation. My surgery is on a Monday and I took the entire week off... but I don't want people to talk. In May last year I got lip injections and I felt like people were staring and sure enough my boss asked me to my face, which I appreciated amd just answered her honestly. But I hate when people ask WHY... like why do ypu think??? Because I like it and I wanted it and I felt like experimenting and I liked it!! Not that I'm experimenting with a breast augmentation, haha but ya know... I want it!! So anyway, I have been wearing the VS bombshell to work everyday and sometimes two bras... how do you girls, or have you, handled this? Help! Any advice helps!!

Preop done! 400cc round silicone smooth!


I had my pre-op June 24 at 10 am. I brought my boyfriend with me this time to help and confirm my size. Payment is done! Jackie, the prettiest front desk girl I have ever seen, took me to get measured and confirm size - 400 CC silicone smooth round under the muscle. This whole process was really cool is; this big 3D machine takes a picture and then builds my body on the computer. I was able to see what 350cc looks like and 400cc. And it did this thing where it would overlay the CC over my natural breast and I can see the growth. And we could talk between the 350 and the 400 which was really helpful, when I went for my first consultation with Dr. Restifo he said that if I liked the look of the sizers that he would probably do a 425 CC because the muscle pretty much squishes the implant. When we did the comparison toggle between the 400 and 425 it was such a small difference and just made me feel like my breast would hang a little bit lower because all of my volume is at the bottom.
I met with Amanda Dr. Restifo PA, she went over all the medical stuff, I'll be making a trip to the pharmacy sometime this week to pick up my prescriptions and the over-the-counter stuff. I am concerned about stopping birth control for 4 weeks because it took me a while to mentally stabilize when I first started it 9 years ago. I told her about my concern and she told me to talk to my OBGYN about it and basically I didn't have to stop but it was highly recommended because of blood clots and since I sit at a computer all day I will need to get up every hour for some calf muscle pumping. How did everyone else do stopping birth control for 4 weeks? And what are your overall thoughts I know you're not doctors but we are women.

3 and 6 weeks post op. 400CC silicone unders

Hi!! I don't really have time to write too much, I recently acquired some extra freelance work... I want you guys to know that I'm taking pictures and I feel great!!!

This was an excellent decision and Dr. Restifo and his team are incredible! !
Dr. Richard Restifo

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