36, 2 Csections, Diastasis Recti - Full Tummy Tuck

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I am so exited for my tummy tuck. Based on the...

I am so exited for my tummy tuck. Based on the reviews I guess it's a hard recovery but I've had 2 csections and I'm hoping it's somewhat similar without having to care for an infant nonstop. Today I'm posting my before photos bcs I don't want them on my phone anymore. Lol! I met with on plastic surgeon a year ago and didn't feel comfortable after consult. So I tried Mutu system, personal trainer, and some exercised from midwife. Nothing was fixing this tummy. The Dr I am doing surgery with said only surgical intervention can fix this tummy. A big complaint is when I do a plank I have a fat hanging in the middle. Dr said those are your innards falling out. WHAT??? Gross. I decided to get this done right away. So I'm looking forward to this. I'll keep you posted bcs forum is amazing.

17 days away TT

I'm 17 days away from my TT! I havent filled my prescriptions and haven't ordered my tegaderm. Which I will do soon. I am still very excited. Yesterday I was doing my workouts and did a plank. I looked down my body and saw the log of loose skin/fat hanging where my abs are deprecated and literally grossed my self out again. I even said "gross" and my 3 year old heard me and said what, what's gross? Of course I didn't say my body but it's what I was thinking. I really want this surgery!!!

Cant wait for this ugly to be gone

Flat side here I come! Getting excited for my big day. I have everything ready. Woo hoo.

Tomorrow tomorrow - flat side

Tomorrow is my day! Yay!!!!! I'll post as soon as I can.

4 days PO

Today my flat tummy was rrvealed to me! I can't believe how Great I look. So backup to surgery day, got thre at 630 as was told. Dr came late so they wheeled me into OR at 830. Dr came out and told hubs everything went well at 11:00. He didn't get to see me till 1 so he was frreakingbout. After I stopp d being so groggy they discharged me At 3. And off we went. Walking was definitely a snails pace but I did it. The first 48 hours were the worst with pain and having to get so often. And the muscle spasms are the worst! I couldn't go a minute past 3 hours without another Valium. I'm thank you for hubs walking me to bathroom eveytime and placing me back in lazy boy with all my pillows. My mom is here too since I have little kids. Thank goodness for help. Till the next pick....

Worth it

I am still groggy and typing is hard from pain meds but I'm so happy I did this What's a few pains for a Life time of a falt tummy?the rubber bands were an excellent idea of showering. The Lazy boy is my bed. Mom and husband are key. He holds me my while I hover to pee. My dresses me and gives my leg massages. My dr office said they would call me at home later after surgery and they didn't so I let me know that when when I called on call Saturday morning. Other than that so far so good!!

some lipo

Yes I had some tummy lipo done, no flank

Huge setback

So on day 8, I still hadnt popped and the cramping started. It was real bad, crying and yelling like I was in labor. Threw up once from pain. Called dr who said milf of magnesia. Couple hours later it worked but it was real bad. My stomach has been upset all day, it's either I'm hungry or I'm going to throw up. It's prolly just my body needing food and nutrition but I've had ginger ale, crackers, and a banana today. And my body is still confused, food or no food. Plus I stopped all pain meds so it's just Tylenol. Ugh last 2 days a huge setback. Anyone else have this problem???

Day 12 update

Ok so like other reviewers day 12 seems to be a great day. I feel more normal. I still don't have a lot of energy so I'm thankful my mom is here to get the kids ready for school in the morning. I went back to work yesterday for a half a day and today for a little longer. I am tired. I'm not really sore but I'm not super comfy either. I still haven't been able to sleep in bed, its just not comfortable. I miss my husband even tho he is 2 feet away while I sleep in the lazy boy chair. My kids are dealing with mommies big boo boo very well, but I can see confused looks or worry and I hate it. They are only 3 and 6. My husband and mom pretty much do everything around the house- they are the best! I feel like when I read these that everyone is up and moving around a lot more than I was. So maybe that was my downfall. I didn't push myself to get up every hour like the instructions said. It's hard when you feel like crap and are on pain meds that literally wipe your memory away. Apparently, I gave a reference over the phone last week to another mother about my babysitter. I had no memory of it! Luckily, she still go the job so I must have said some good things. But back to TT. I'm super happy with my new belly button and tummy. Someone used the term "phantom belly" and I hear ya sister! I do feel like my old jelly belly is still there sometimes. I can't wait till I feel better and can go shopping. I'm sure that will help me feel better. But this is a big surgery and a big deal, so if you are considering it. Research the heck out of it and the doctor. I'm glad I did and this website helped me than anything. All of the prep list items were spot on! The feelings everyone goes through. It sure is nice to have this community. I'll post pretty pix soon.

14 days PO

Feeling pretty awesome on this day. Going to dr today and hopefully getting this last drain out. Plus I'm going to try and go inside a store and walk more than normal. Here is latest pic still wearing my big granny underwear

21 days and today is my birthday

I feel great! Sleeping is getting better and I'm less tired all day. Where the drain holes are - is a little pink but everything else looks good. So I tried on an old bathing suit and love my new body! I can't wait to go to the beach!

8 wks and feeling amazing

So I started working out at 6-7 weeks. I had to go slow and I still am. I haven't started running yet which is my favorite but it will be soon. I think taking the first 4 weeks as very limited house work and life helped me heal. Everything seems to be found very well. I am so happy I chose this surgery! So happy!!

Deciding to have a full tummy tuck was a big decision for me. I researched for almost 2 years and met with several surgeons. I was very impressed with Dr. Restifo and his staff. His office is beautiful and they make you feel very comfortable and even pampered for coming to their office. Dr. Restifo is very professional and really cares about his patients. You can tell he is perfectionist. The several prep appointments before surgery were comfortable and easy. And after surgery, both the Dr and staff were very helpful in recovery. I loved my new body day 1 post op and continue to love it at 8 months post op. I am now more confident and wearing clothes that fit my small size. No more size large clothes to hide my post pregnancy tummy.

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