Waited 29 Years for Perky Boobs - Middletown, NY

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I have wanted smaller boobs since I was 15 years...

I have wanted smaller boobs since I was 15 years old. At that age I had no idea there was such a thing as a breast reduction.

Time went on and I had children... so I didn't want to risk any damage at all to my breasts since I was breastfeeding... I nursed my 3 children a total of 9 years... 6 months out of those years was tandem nursing. My breasts have served me well. Now it's time to make them look good and finally relieve the back pain I've had since I was 17!!

I am currently a 34DD. Bra straps KILL me. I avoid wearing a bra as much as I possibly can. I get horrible headaches that start in my shoulders and the tension runs up into my neck (I have arthritis in my neck and upper spine) and then it turns into the killer headaches I have dealt with most of my life.

It's difficult to exercise on a regular basis because they are just so heavy and flop around and make me feel even worse. I was always petite but since I had emergency intestinal surgery I haven't been able to get these 30 lbs off me that just weigh me down and wear me out. I am so ready to have small boobs so I can exercise and have this pain relief and feel good again. I really miss feeling good. It's been so long.

At my last pain management appointment, I asked if my breast size could possibly be contributing to the amount of pain I have. He referred me to the PS, and she said DEFINITELY yes. She put in for approval for the surgery, and the insurance company said yes, it's medically necessary! So I schedule the surgery next week and I couldn't be happier.

I have been doing some research on my surgeon and have found nothing but good and positive things said about her. She said this is her favourite surgery to do. She said she's had patients who report INSTANT pain relief, even with post operative swelling.

I'm hoping that I am a B when all is said and done. I'm so excited. I've waited so long for this.

I have awful fear of surgery and anesthesia but knowing what the results are going to be is what is keeping me on this path. I will post more when I take some "before" pictures and when I know more after having my next appointment with my PS.

I got a date!

The nurse from the PS office called today to confirm I got the information that my insurance company approved the breast reduction. She asked if I'd like to reserve the date for the surgery now, instead of waiting until I see the doctor again, and I said YES!

There was ONE day left that was available in September so I grabbed it.

My surgery is scheduled for September 18th. I am going to sit tight until then and hope that nothing happens to change that date!

I'm still keeping the appointment next week to bring in my questions, along with my boyfriend and his questions. I swear I think he's just as excited as I am about this. :)

Getting Closer!

Had my pre-op appointment today with the surgeon. They scheduled my surgery clearance with my primary doctor and told me I'd be getting bloodwork done when the date got closer.

The nurse who supervises the surgery stuff came in and gave me the instructions, such as, no shirts that go over the head, use shirts that open up in front for the first few weeks because I won't be able to lift my arms above my head. No eating after midnight the night before the surgery. She told me the doctor advises eating a high protein diet the day before with lots of yogurt. She said to make sure I eat really really well the day before and make sure I'm very hydrated.

The hospital will call to let me know what time I should arrive. They said most likely it would be morning. I will be staying overnight. My surgeon has a 23 hour policy. She doesn't like to send patients home right away. I am competely ok with that, since I had a ton of complications from an emergency surgery I had a few years ago... I know, not the same, but still, it will make me feel tons better to be in their care that first night.

We talked about the surgery itself. She doesn't want me to watch any videos of the surgery like online or whatever, to avoid freaking myself out. I'm not like that, I can stomach almost anything, but I just haven't had any interest in watching one yet anyway. Perhaps I will, perhaps I won't... I know I will be intubated and have a catheter. I tried to get her to agree to no catheter, but she wouldn't go for it. I am prone to UTIs way too often and having a catheter scares me for that reason... I would really HATE to be recovering from major surgery and have a UTI on top of that. Sigh. Nothing I can do to fight that one, tho. I will just have to see if that happens or maybe I'll be lucky and not have an infection after.

I'm so excited about getting this over and done with. I can't wait for the results. The surgery itself makes me pretty anxious, but I've been pretty good at not freaking myself out about it so far.

I'll be recovering for the first 2 weeks away from my kids, which will be hard because I will miss them like mad. They'll be with their dad while i recuperate with my boyfriend. I've talked to the kids about my absence, so hopefully they'll be ok. They can come visit if their dad thinks they need to, anyway. It's just difficult to arrange something like that since I'll be 2 hours drive away from them and school schedules, etc. I just know that having this break from them will be better overall for the healing. I also know that it will be awesome when I get to see them again!!

So my surgery is less than a month away. Surgeon told me not to get sick. Any upper respiratory infection is an issue. No runny nose or phelgm, she said. I don't want anything to put off the surgery, so I will be washing my hands like mad and staying away from people as much as I can beforehand. lol

I know; I still haven't uploaded my "before" pics... I will get around to it, I promise! :)

My boobs are smaller! And firmer!

I know it's been forever since I updated. I have just been so caught up in life and enjoying myself.

I had my surgery on Sept 18th, stayed overnight in the hospital, then went home the next day (right before lunchtime), stayed at home for a solid week recuperating, and I feel great now. I have started walking again and it feels really good to get some exercise. I was walking a little bit here & there right after the surgery, because the nurses at the hospital told me it was good to do to avoid blood clots, but I was still pretty careful with myself and scared to really walk far, and was tired for about a good 5 days after the surgery.

So much to say I don't even know where to start, lol.

First off, I guess I'll say I had my surgery at Orange Regional Hospital in Middletown, New York. The surgical staff there, the triage nurses, the recovery room nurses, my surgeon, and the nurses on the floor (all except one) were just utterly FANTASTIC. I can't say enough good things about them. And the one I had a problem with had nothing to do with the surgery, and I'll go into it later because it has nothing to do with what I'm talking about here.

My surgeon, Dr. Sacks, was WONDERFUL, before, during, and after. She took the time to answer ALL my questions and always tried to make me feel comfortable with what was going on. She has a great bedside manner. I would HIGHLY recommend her for so many reasons. I never heard any negative reports about her work, I heard many really good things about her. Nurses who took care of patients after she did surgery on them said her scars looked awesome, some of the best work they'd ever seen. Seriously, not one person had a bad word about her.

I wasn't thrilled about the anesthesia part. Apparently I'd had an awful panic attack while coming out of anesthesia that was so bad they had to knock me out again (I don't remember this at all, this is what I was told) so that I didn't fall off the gurney and hurt myself. I'm really grateful they took really good care of me after the surgery, especially because of how badly I panicked. They got my boyfriend and had him come in as well, I guess they were thinking that me seeing his face as I came out of it would help make me feel better. (My boyfriend was great too, but he's mine, lol.)

The nurses on the floor were fantastic with me overnight, putting up with me pulling that cord so many times. I was so surprised at how much pain I was in, and how weak I was for a good day after the surgery. I couldn't even get to the bathroom by myself. The anesthesia made it feel like someone turned up the gravity. I was really really really glad I agreed to stay overnight. I can't imagine going home like that!

I got a peek at my breasts the day after, when Dr. Sacks came in to change my dressings and make sure all looked ok... I was just shocked at how small and perky they were! Even with the post surgical swelling, I was thinking how PRETTY they are now!!

I went home with two drains, one on each side. Dr. Sacks took the drains out a few days after in an office visit. It didn't hurt at all, not one bit. While I had the drains, she had me keep a log about how often I emptied them, how much was in them, etc. Everything progressed the way it was supposed to, thank goodness.

I am now 15 days post-op and am healing very nicely. It does seem like one is healing faster than the other, but everything does look normal. The surgical glue is starting to peel and the skin underneath looks great. The glue is a bit itchy, but nothing that will drive me crazy. Certainly not even as itchy as a mosquito bite.

I have a bit of nerve pain now, I guess the nerves are waking up again, and clothing rubbing on my breasts is annoying. I find it's a lot more comfortable to wear a very supportive and tight sports bra right now, rather than a low impact one. I am wearing a bra all the time except for showers (it was great to be able to shower again! I was allowed to the day the drains came out.).

I am SO HAPPY I did this, and my ONLY regret is that I didn't do it sooner. I would have loved to have had these breasts throughout my 20s and 30s... but better late than never. My bra strap pain is completely gone. GONE. I used to not be able to wear a bra for more than 8 hours, and that was really pushing it. I would CRY taking it off, it hurt so badly. Now I'm sleeping in one and wearing one 24/7, and no bra strap pain at all. It's marvelous!

I got to go sports bra shopping and it was great. I went from being too big for everything in the store, to now being a medium! I have never been a size medium on top my entire life! I found it really hard to believe a medium was going to fit, but when I tried them on, the larges were definitely way too big. Amazing.

No underwires for at least 6 months, which I'm fine with. I am just amazed that I can even wear a sports bra, I've never been able to before.

I am just so happy!!

4 Weeks Post Op

I had a small skin separation under the right breast, which surprised me. One day it had a dry, small scab on it, the next night I noticed it looked raw. Ironically I had a post op appt the very next day so I didn't freak out. The surgeon told me it was skin separation but that it doesn't look bad and she'd like to follow up on that at the next appointment.

I'm wearing sports bras exclusively right now. I have only gone braless when showering and immediately after. My breasts feel GREAT. I was cleared to be able to walk the dogs again (YAY!) and lift a little more weight and allow myself more range of motion with my arms. I can't believe that I can sleep in a bra without the bra strap pain... I have never been able to do that... I do mean never... my whole entire life I couldn't wear a bra for more than 8 hours during the day and that was pushing it.

I'm able to sleep on my sides now comfortably. The surgical pain is completely gone. I have a BIT of nerve pain on the outsides of my breasts which I find very annoying when clothing brushes against it, but when it's really bothering me, I just wear a more supportive bra and that solves it.

Still it appears that the right is healing faster than the left, but oh well. They are both healing and that's the important part!

I have been wearing so many tank tops and shirts that I would never wear before and when my boyfriend commented on that (meaning, he liked it), I just said hey, I can finally wear clothes that fit me! haha

I was always aware that I was unhappy about clothing choices before, but it's so obvious now about the difference in what I can wear now, and it makes me so happy I get the chills. I did manage to buy a few new shirts too, and they are all tank tops or sleeveless, and I LOVE them. I know winter is coming, but I don't care, ha ha... I will wear them when I can, and if I have to, I'll wait until it gets warm again. At least I have a great amount of choices when summer comes back! And maybe I'll sneak a new shirt in here & there while I'm waiting for summertime to come back. ;)

Also, I've been cleared to do abdominal exercises and basically anything low impact that doesn't cause bouncing, lol.... so I am getting determined to lose the belly weight before summer comes too. I want to wear a two piece next year!

And.. I tried on a camisole someone had given me so many years ago that I never had the nerve to wear before ... and it looked GREAT. I can't wait to wear lingerie!

I can't even guess what size I might be now... and I kinda don't even want to know, since I understand I could still go through more changes over the next few months... after all, it's only been one month! I just know I can now wear a size medium sports bra, something I have never experienced before, and that amazes me.

Regarding: the pain

I did forget to mention one thing, and it was something that really truly surprised me. First off, I'll tell you that I am a chronic pain patient to begin with. I have arthritis in my spine, which is what motivated me to look into this surgery in the first place, looking for some relief from my daily pain. I had read tons of reviews and kept seeing comments from women about how the pain wasn't bad at all, they felt much better after surgery than they expected, etc.

So I took that information and combined it with my own pain experiences, and told myself, I can handle this no problem. I'm no stranger pain and everyone keeps saying it was easier than they expected, so I will have no problems. It'll be a breeze.

Boy, was I wrong. I can't believe the amount of pain I was in the first 11 days post op! It was crazy! The morphine drip in the hospital did not TOUCH the pain. I had to sleep sitting up until the 11th day. The whole experience was excruciating.

I'm not sure why this was different and more painful for me than it seemed to be for others. Perhaps my old doctor is right when she said because of my daily chronic pain I have developed an over sensitivity to pain? Or maybe my body didn't handle the trauma well? Who knows? I just know I was in a world of hurt for those 11 days.

I knew the morning I woke up on Day 12 that things were FINALLY different. Like when you have the flu, and you are sick for several days in a row, but then finally that day comes when you know you're on the mend and it's over and you will start feeling better again... it was like that moment, but obviously not the flu, it was the surgical pain. But WOW, I was so relieved when that moment came!

Considering this, and considering how I feel now, only a few weeks later, and how much better I look, and how much happier I am with my WHOLE body now, I would do it all over again, even if I *knew* beforehand just how much pain I would have to endure. There is no way I would not do this. My happiness outweighs ANY negative I experienced with this. And actually, I don't even think of the pain as negative... because it was a stepping stone to being a much improved "me".

I am so incredibly happy with my breasts. I am so happy I did this. No regrets at all.

One Month Post Op

Just out of curiosity, I tried on my old DDs and some of them still fit. I'm shocked. How could this be? My breasts definitely look so much smaller than they were. I get it that I still might have some swelling at this point, but I totally expected them to be huge.

Still, I'm not unhappy. My new boobs look good on me and they are PERKY. I'll gladly take still being in the neighborhood of D if they look how they look now. :)

I had a skin separation under the right breast, and it looks like I had another one right next to it. Is a hematoma a pool of blood under the skin? It looks like I have that under the skin separation. I have a surgeon appt coming up in 5 days. Is that too long to wait? It's not really bothering me. It feels kinda pinchy, but that's the skin itself. I feel nothing under the surface. No pain.

Healing is proceeding normally...

So I saw my surgeon and I do not have a hematoma (I began to suspect I was wrong on that call right after I posted since the spot was very small, there was no pain or swelling). I just have two small skin separations and she says they are healing normally and that I am taking good care of them. Whew!

I am still shocked when I pass a mirror and I am no longer following these huge boobs around... now it's me, it's really me! This is the me that I've envisioned for my entire adult life... this is how I always thought I should look. I am so grateful for this surgery. I feel like the real me was finally allowed to show herself.

I call myself "flat" now, but I'm really not, not even close, lol... but compared to what I was before the surgery, it is a huge change for me. An ALL POSITIVE change!!! :)

I'm still amazed to say "good bye" to the bra strap pain... I am in shock that I can actually wear a sports bra all night long and not wake up in horrible pain. I can't believe I can wear a bra all day long now and not end up with a migraine.

I still have arthritis pain in my spine, but it's not anything caused by my breasts anymore. I have more good days now with less pain. It's so exciting. I guess I'll never say "good bye" to ALL my pain, but hey, I'll take the increased amount of good days I have now! :)

I'm really trying hard to have patience and wait to be measured to see what size I am now... sports bras are easy to figure out, since they come in "small, medium, large" etc... but with regular bras I have no clue still... I would guess my cup size is probably a small D at this point, but I can't tell if I still have swelling that will go down more over the next few months. It's only been a month and half since the surgery, so it's still very new. My 6 month mark is in March, and you can bet I'll be getting measured and get a couple of really PRETTY new bras at that point!! :)

Another issue I had that is now resolved is the ability to wear pretty lingerie! I pulled out a few pieces I had that I've been saving literally for years... I always had hope that one day I'd get this surgery, so I never wanted to give these away (they were never worn). The other day I tried them on... and WOWZA!!! My breasts look so freaking sexy in these things!!! I can't even say how excited I am... my brain just gets all lighted up and happy when I see in the mirror I don't look ridiculous trying to wear these things anymore!!

And I posted a picture a few days back on facebook of my head and upper torso... a friend who knew I got the surgery and also had one herself 6 months before I had mine (and has been a giant source of emotional support for me through this whole process) made a comment that I had nice cleavage... it is so great to have the confidence to wear and post pictures even of me with tank tops on! I no longer feel like I'm obscene with these huge knockers bouncing all over the place in tiny little tops. (I have no idea if that's what I actually looked like, but it sure is how I felt!)

This is an overwhelmingly positive experience for me and I've absolutely zero regrets. Not only did it reduce my pain levels (the whole reason I looked into the surgery in the first place) but it has had the effect of major improvements on my self-esteem and confidence levels. It is absolutely so exciting to me to be able to wear clothes that actually fit me, instead of hiding in big, baggy tops to try to avoid the negative attention those big boobs always got. It has also improved my posture, which I'm sure will be a good thing in the long run with my arthritic spine! :)

Yay for plastic surgery!!! :)

Just my update for today.. November 16th, almost 2 months later

I had done the "ask a doctor" thing and have no idea how to update it, so I guess I'll talk about it here. How disappointing that there is no easy way to actually respond to doctors who took the time to comment on your question.

My rib pain is gone. The one doctor said it was pretty common for this to happen. Sometimes when doing surgery in this area (breasts) you just inadvertently bruise the area around it. I am assuming that's what happened with me. I was pretty sore for quite a while, but I feel completely normal once again.

I had been hoping for more pain relief after the surgery (I have arthritis in my spine). The bra strap pain is pretty much gone, but I still have spinal pain. Oh well... at least it's less, and I do have more "good days" now. It's definitely an improvement... plus I got beautiful breasts now, instead of those saggy, flappy, big, heavy things hanging off me. I'm so incredibly happy for my firm, perky, beautiful breasts. I do wonder if I had had the surgery earlier in life if I could have prevented some of the worst of the pain I experience now... just wondering.

Healing is progressing wonderfully! I had two skin separations on the right side, underneath the breast, but they were not severe and they are healing so great. One of them you can't even tell anymore... the other one is coming along very nicely.

I hadn't taken photos for a while because I wanted to wait a bit for a more dramatic effect as far as how much progress is taking place. The vertical scars are getting lighter already (the ones under the nipple that extend to the horizontal one underneath). I'm really pleased at how quickly the healing is taking place. And now that the scabs and all are finally gone, I will be using my Bio Oil. That stuff helped a LOT after my abdominal surgery, so I am hoping it works well on these too.

Again, I want to repeat how wonderful my surgeon has been. Dr Sacks deserves all the positive things that are said about her. I had a really difficult time finding anyone who said ANYTHING negative about her at all.. for months I grilled anyone that knew her in a professional sense... and not one person said anything that could be interpreted as negative. I talked to several nurses who are in the same practice as Dr Sacks, many of them work for other doctors, but see the same patients for different reasons, and these nurses of course have seen these patitents with clothing, and I hear over and over again about how beautiful Dr Sacks' scars are, how small and inconspicuous they are. Other doctors have praised her work as well. I know for sure she took her time with me during and after the surgery. And like I said before, she tends to be very protective of her patients... while I was in the hospital (I stayed overnight) she really made sure I was treated the way I should have been and got the care I should have gotten (not that I can complain about the nurses at Orange Regional... I only had a problem with one of them... the rest of them were just absolutely WONDERFUL).

Also, I am amazed at how even my nipples are. That was something that bothered me A LOT before the surgery... I would always take the time to make sure my nipples lined up after I got dressed... my boyfriend would laugh at my process, ha ha... but I didn't want to be that woman that got a nipple hard on and one was pointing in a different direction than the other one, lol. Well, I don't even have to do the straightening out process anymore... and I have tried out the braless thing too, to see how they lined up... they are just perfect! I truly feel like I can wear lingerie now and not feel ridiculous about how my breasts look... now I really think they look SEXY finally!

This surgery has done wonders for my self-esteem!

And I find that my posture is improving as well. No more slumping over to hide my ridiculous breasts... I feel like I finally look "normal" (whatever normal is... I just mean I feel what I consider to be normal for me) and am no longer self-conscious about someone noticing my breasts. Which brings me to another aspect... I no longer feel like I'm wearing a neon sign pointing to them, that screams, "LOOK AT THESE RIDICULOUS BREASTS!" ... now I feel like they no longer draw that negative attention... whether it's the kind that makes certain men leer at me, or makes people think they just aren't attractive, they were just obscene, they were big and ... yeah, I'm going to say it again... RIDICULOUS.


I don't know how to edit prior entries so I will state that my last entry (also today) I made a typo that I didn't catch before I posted it.

I meant to say the nurses in the practice see people WITHOUT their clothes on.

Almost 5 Months Post Op


I can't say it enough... I LOVE MY NEW BOOBS!!!

That sentence must go through my head at least a thousand times a day. Especially when I'm getting dressed or about to take a shower or while I'm in the shower or when I'm getting intimate with the boyfriend or when I catch a glimpse of my reflection or... yeah, just about anytime, LOL!

I am absolutely THRILLED that I went through with this surgery. I am amazed that this surgery exists and that my nipples are now where they should be and I don't have droopy ugly breasts anymore that caused me incredible amounts of pain to wear a bra (I still have bra strap pain but it's much reduced). I am also amazed at the body's ability to heal. Watching this healing process going on for the past few months has been really interesting! I have taken LOADS of photos along the way... I know, I haven't uploaded any here, but it's because I am really unsure if I want to share so publicly...

My ONLY regret is that I don't think I stressed enough that I understood what it was that I was asking for when I told my surgeon I wanted to be as small as possible without going into the area of causing complications. I think that she thought maybe I didn't realize what I was asking for? Because at my last follow up I commented "I can't believe how big they still are!" and she looked at me with genuine shock and said, "Did you really want to be smaller?" And there I was thinking she didn't take everything off that I wanted because of circulation issues or something, but it turns out she was afraid to make me "flat" ... I had said before the surgery I wanted to be a B cup... to me that's not "flat". From how it looks right now, I will probably end up a full C or small D, which is definitely bigger than I envisioned. I haven't been professionally measured yet, though, as I was waiting for the 6 month mark to do that. I can't imagine there is much swelling left at this point, tho I know there could be some.

I do need to stress here, though, that I am not unhappy at all! I absolutely LOVE my new breasts. I really, truly do! So they are a bit bigger than I wanted... they still look and feel amazing. And I feel so fortunate that I was able to have this done after so many years of suffering.

This surgery has done wonders for my self esteem as far as when physical appearance counts (such as when I need to get dressed up, etc).

And I can now wear clothing I've never been able to pull off before. I have always loved tank tops but always felt obscene when I tried to wear them before. Now I don't even think twice about how I look in them and worry that it's showing off too much.

And pretty lingerie! Oh my goodness, the things I can wear now! Those cute little tops that my breasts now fit IN, instead of falling out of.

I've gone to the thrift store and found a bunch of really cute tank tops. I don't care that it's below freezing right now... summer is right around the corner and I'm going to live in tank tops this year!


Well after some debating inside my own head, I've decided to post before & after shots. The surgery was Sept 18th, 2014. There is one picture from the hospital with the markings from the surgeon, and then I have "after" shots that are recent. I'm now 5 months post-op.

After Photos

Here I am "after" the surgery.


I am still walking on clouds with how happy I am with my new breasts! I love my surgeon, I love the job she did on mine, I love being able to wear clothes I never could before, I love having perky boobs now, I LOVE IT ALL, everything about it!!!

I really don't have anything to say as far as an update... just wanted to express how wonderful I feel and how grateful I am that I was able to get this done, and just how full of joy I am that I went through with it!

6 Months Post Op

In 3 days I'll have hit my 6 month post-op milestone. I was told by several people my new breasts would go through many changes in these 6 months, and boy they weren't kidding. They look so different now than immediately after surgery. They are rounder now and softer and sort of "fell" into place.

I still feel like pinching myself sometimes... the reality of having done this really hasn't sunk in completely. I love my new breasts so much. Sometimes when I'm in the bathroom I'll sneak a quick look... again. lol

I was SO MISERABLE with large boobs. Not only the physical weight of them, but the emotional weight was just too heavy for me to bear. The way they used to be literally made me cry. There were many nights I would lie awake in bed just trying to imagine what it would be like if they were so much smaller. I never thought I'd actually ever have the opportunity to really get the surgery. Perhaps that's why I'm still a little in shock over it... I really had myself convinced that there would be too many obstacles to try to get past to have it done. In reality it was one of the easiest things to get approval for. I'm guessing it's thanks to my very long history of upper back & neck pain.

I am so crazy in love with them now. And I still would have been happy if they were even smaller. The weight of carrying them around was so overwhelming... now they bring me joy.

The 3 things I hated about myself (physical traits): 1. my front teeth, 2. my big boobs, and 3. my belly fat. The first two things have been addressed and fixed. I can't imagine how over the top happy I'll be once I finally get my belly done too. I just really hope that happens while I'm still young enough to enjoy it. But even with only the first two things done right now... it has affected me so deeply and in such positive ways. I really am so happy with those 2 first things that I *cry* happy tears now. The burden of carrying those first 2 things around with me a majority of my life really became such a heavy burden. It's hard to describe to someone who doesn't really have anything like this that makes them so DEEPLY unhappy how amazing it is when you finally get it fixed. I am so grateful for the technology and knowledge we have that these things are even possible, and I am definitely grateful I ended up with a talented and skilled doctor such as Dr. Sacks when it was time to have my breasts done. The gift that woman gave me isn't measurable... the happiness I now have in myself, the confidence to wear clothes that fit me now... the self-esteem improvement I experience now... I am just.so.happy.

I'll be going for my first official professional fitting sometime in the next few weeks to find out what bra size I am now. I'm guessing I'll be a 34C. I'm excited to find out if my guess is accurate. Just in time for summer, too!

I just wish I could have had my belly done at the same time as my boobs... too bad. Sigh... but it is so nice to finally not feel like a prisoner in my own body anymore!
Newburgh Plastic Surgeon

I found Dr Sacks through Crystal Run Healthcare System in Middletown, NY. I was referred to her by my doctor. She has privileges in Orange Regional Medical Center, where I had my surgery. I love Dr Sacks' bedside manner. She takes her time, answers my questions, and encourages my research. She remained consistent through the entire procedure, pre- and post-op. She is intelligent and explains her answers. She is protective of her patients. She has never made me feel like ANY of my questions were silly. The ONLY downside is the wait time when I have an appointment... apparently everyone else loves her too, because she is one busy woman. That said, she is worth the wait. The wait time is the only reason I didn't give 5 stars. I would highly recommend her and the hospital I had it done in.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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