29 Year Old No Kids, 32 C, Just Wanting More Proportion and Fullness! - Newport Beach, CA

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So I'm 5'3 and 122 lbs. I work out a lot and have...

So I'm 5'3 and 122 lbs. I work out a lot and have always had a flat stomach and already have great boobs. My legs have always been my problem area, and even though I'm already full on top, I have a large chest area and I feel my legs are disproportionate to the top part of my body. I'm getting my BA with Dr. Joseph Cruise in Newport Beach this Friday! So nervous and scared and ready to get to over with! I'm hoping I look more proportionate and don't look so much at the bottom half of my body. It's going to be hard not to work out for God knows how long but I think it will be worth it. I chose Dr. Cruise because of his completely under the muscle technique and his before and afters were phenomenal. The consultation process was incredible start to finish. The office is immaculate, are staff are incredibly friendly and not stuck up as you'd expect for Newport. Cristin was my consultant through out the process and I feel she was almost as knowledgable and gave as good as advice as the doctor. I was also considering Lipo of my inner thighs with my procedure, and Dr. Cruise was very honest with his opinion that there was a possibility I wouldn't be happy with the results. I appreciated that as some doctors would just want the extra money, and he actually recommended I not do it. He only likes to do a procedure he KNOWS is gonna be a slam dunk! Cristin my consultant agreed and I ultimately decided they were both right. I'm going 475 high profile natrelle silicon implants. People keep telling me I'm going too big, but I already have big boobs. Why would I not want to go bigger?!? What would be the point?! The doctor and the ladies on staff all say I have a lot of "real estate" to hold the boobs AKA my chest space can tolerate a lot of boob. Can't believe this is in 3 days! So scared of the pain and recovery time too, never had surgery or been put under!!!

Day of surgery!!

So I got to the surgery center around 9:30, I was scheduled to be there at 9:45. I think the nurse actually called me back around 9:55. I wasn't feeling as nervous as I thought I'd be. I took a Xanax that I was prescribed by Dr. Cruise the night before since I knew I wouldn't sleep well because of the anticipation. Maybe that was still in my system a little. The day of I was only instructed to take 2 Celebrex 2 hours before surgery. I was called back and given my hospital gown and hair net and booties to put on and give my ur

Day of surgery continued

Sorry I accidentally pressed the update button and I don't know how to go back and edit it. Anyhow I have a urine sample then sat in my chair which was also my table they performed my surgery on. It was like a convertible gourney hair turned into operating table. Kinda cool. Stacy my pre-op and recovery room nurse got my IV set up and then about 20 minutes later Dr. Cruise came in and made his final marks on my breasts and made me feel comfortable about surgery. Dr. Choan my anesthesiologist came in and introduced himself shortly after and explained what he does and made it seem like it would be a breeze. I liked him a lot. Anne was my OR nurse and she came in to give me my first dose of "sleepy medication." She said it would be like the best cocktail I ever had. She said "call it a Mai tai!" Lol. I have a high alcohol tolerance so this didn't do much to me by the time I got wheeled straight into the OR. They had some sweet 80s music playing in there which made me stoked. And nice that they enjoy what they're doing while there doing it. To me there's no better bedside manner than hearing depeche mode right before I fall asleep. I laughed about it with Dr Choan and shortly after he gave me the anesthesia and the next thing I know I was waking up after surgery. I wasn't in major pain and I was having coherent conversations within the first 5 minutes. It was nothing like I'd expect. I was able to walk on my own easily. It didn't and still doesn't feel like an elephant is on my chest. Don't get me wrong I feel pressure. But not like I can't breath. It does hurt to deeply breath a little but it's not stopping me from doing it. So far I've only taken one pain pill today and it's now 7:30 at night. My surgery was done around 11. I'm wrapped up so tight like a mummy so I can't even begin to tell what I look like or how big they are. Post op appointment is tomorrow at 9 AM so I'll update you then. What little of my boob I can see or touch just feels really hard and I'm sure that's totally normal. I know I will probably feel worse tomorrow after ALL the anesthesia wears off. Pray for me lol.

My before picture...2 weeks before surgery.

Sorry this is kind of out of order but here's my before pic. I'm 5'3 120 lbs and work out usually 5 days a week.

Day 2 after surgery...Ouch!!!!

Woke up around 4 AM in excruciating pain. Took a pain pill and tried falling back asleep. Woke up again at 6AM in a ton of pain. Finally woke back up again around 7:30 and said screw it and just woke up. My post op appointment was at 9 this morning so I just hung out until then. When I got there Jennifer one of the staff nurses unwrapped me and asked me about my pain. I told her I was on a level of 5 out of 10 and that the hydrocodone and Xanax weren't doing as much as I hoped. I asked for Percocet instead but she really didn't recommend it. I told her I'd try to give it til Monday and see if I can last on just more hydrocodone and if not, she'd call in the RX for Percocet. Today it feels way more sore, burning sensations, and lightning tinges of pain on my right boob. Tightness of skin is ridiculous and there's liquid bubbles under my skin near the top of my breasts and neck, which she said I could kind of massage back down towards my breasts. Jennifer also said I could kind of massage the very top of my breasts and into my arm pits a little, but the real massaging will start when I go to my appointment this upcoming Friday. Need to really take it easy been moving around too much and moving my arms. She said to keep my arms almost at my side as much as possible. I've been icing my boobs on and off and just trying to take it easy. Was able to take a nap today which was nice. Hope tomorrow is somewhat better not worse. The doctor and nurse said I already look amazing. I was given a support bra but told I don't really need to wear it. So I'm not. Hoping they drop and pop faster! I think I'm going to love the results! Looks like I'm going to be that perfect double D I asked for! Already got a few comments that my waist looks so small!!

Surgery was Friday, now it's Sunday night.co

The pain keeps traveling to different places. I woke up with a really stiff and sore neck from sleeping at the 45 degree angle. This was about 6 AM and I couldn't get back to sleep. I popped another hydrocodone and a few milliliters of liquid melatonin and was able to fall asleep for another 3 hours. Also put an icy hot patch on my neck. That helped a lot. Sleeping is the hardest part. I finally had a few BM's through out the course of the night too- been incredibly constipated from the anesthesia and all the pain meds. Been drinking tons and tons of water and herbal teas with no caffeine and keeping up with the other meds I've been prescribed. (Celebrex, antibiotics etc) today I didn't need any pain meds after the ones I took at 6AM until about 3:30 this afternoon which is good for me. My chest started feeling incredibly tight, like an elephant was sitting on my chest and I had 2 basketballs under my skin wanting to pop out. It gave me anxiety. The pain meds loosened me up again and eventually relieved my stress and tension. I've been rubbing Palmers cocoa butter for stretch marks twice a day. Today a lot of my pain came from the heavy bruising I have below my armpits on my rib cage. I iced under my arms a little and on top of my chest for this. The ice under the arms really made me feel better. It's almost 10 PM and aesthetically, it almost looks like the left breast is starting to drop a little faster than the right. Which I know can be completely normal. This whole process is literally going to be a day by day thing. I know it will be worth it but plastic surgery is definitely no joke. It's emotionally and physically draining and thank Goodness I have had my boyfriend with me 24/7 through out this process.

9.5 mos post op

Well they are fully dropped. Wish I would have gone a little bigger. I am wearing a 32 DD bra at Victoria's Secret but I still feel like without a bra in person I look more just like a D. Also wish I would have gone a little bigger on the right side I was smaller on. Doctor said with the size I was going it would become unnoticeable but it's definitely just as assymetrical as before. Over all I'm satisfied. Sorry I took so long to post more results!

Just had my BA yesterday so too early to tell final results but I think it seems I got exactly what I asked for! Looks amazing even on day after surgery and will keep posting pics and results! He's amazing and so are the nurses and Cristin my consultant through out the process and Dr. Choan the anesthesiologist! So happy!

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