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Double chin removal. It has bothered me got the...

Double chin removal. It has bothered me got the last 20 years despite being relatively slim. Never expected to do anything about it until I shocked my self by going ahead.

So far so good. No pain. Bandage feels ok. Feel sleepy bit that's probably the Anesthetic still working. Some slight bruising on my cheeks. Non on my neck below the bandages. Will check it all out tomorrow morning when I take of the head strap for a shower and put some arnica cream on.

?Neck Lipo. Day 1 I had the op today. No drama. I...

Neck Lipo. 

Day 1
I had the op today. No drama. I had a sedative as well as local anesthetic . Not painful. I chatted all the way through it!

Some slight bruising on cheeks and lower neck but I imagine most will be under the neck strap that I cant see.

Lots of swelling on cheeks. I look like a chip munk. It reminds me if when I had 4 wisdom teeth extracted all at the same time. Similar amount of swelling.

However the op only finished 4 hours ago, do to be expected.

Starting to need panadol forte as aching sets in.

Looking forward to taking of head strap off tomorrow morning before having a shower to see what it looks like under there.

Day 2 am

Very swollen.

Day 2 pm

Feeling much better. Less/ no pain. Neck strap uncomfortable though. Going to see Dr, just to check how it's all going. Will report back once she has given me her view.

Day 3

Pictures not pretty. I know there are ridges but I'm way too numb and tender (at the same time) to be able to massage. Best I can do is put Arnica cream on the area and then put strap back on.

Day 4

Day 4

Photos definitely look better today. Getting less numb/swollen. Bruising is mixed, some red/purple still and some yellow. And some area don't look bruised at all just a bit red.

Day 4

I just went outside for a walk and lunch, for the first time with out chin strap. It was fun!

I put loads of make up on to cover bruises and to stop small children screaming and running in the opposite direction!! Lol! Think I got away with it. Home now with strap back on.

Day 5

Definitely the bruising is going and it's not really bothering me. Still have swelling and chin is tender.

My biggest concern is the lumps under my chin and that my chin is sagging.

I visited an aunt today. Used some make up to cover up bruises which was effective. But the lumps were still there. She didn't notice. No questions which I was anticipating. Very relieved. Not sure work colleagues will be so easy in a few days time. Trying to think of an excuse for the lumps.

Here's an update photo.

Day 6

Bruising a non issue for me now. It's there but less everyday and easily covered up. Incision holes going or already gone.

Real issue for me is lumps/retraction of skin.

Day 7

Saw my surgeon today and she agreed I was still quite swollen so she prescribed me a steroid to take for 5 days, which should help. she also took some photos of my progress and we compared them to the ones she had taken before the op.. And WOW what an improvement! Really pleased about the difference.

Regarding my lumps ( which as more like ridges and are soft) she recommended massage. So I'm doing 20 minutes twice a day. Even after the first go I could see an improvement in the look and also it helped reduce the numbness. So I will definitely keep that up.

Finished the antibiotics today (great there was no infection). Stopped the pain killers 4 days ago. And the insertion holes have nearly healed completely.

8 weeks - progress so far

It's been abit of an emotional roller coaster.. But overall I'm happy I did it!

The lumps and bumps have gone.. A relief. Lots if massage I'm sure helped. Skin a bit wavy still and not sure that's going to improve much now. Incision marks not an issue.

Definitely still feel abit stiff in the neck so I guess it's still healing and abit of numbness. But I think the look is fairly final.

The platysma muscles show abit which they didn't before (covered in fat before!) but I can live with that. I do have a small area of skin which is abit did coloured/pink still not sure if that will change.

Profile and jaw line a lot better. Seeing Dr next week so will ask if she thinks this is the final result. Happy if this it but if there is more improvement I will be even happier.

I have had a few compliments abit being slimmer but no one has been able to pin point what is different.. Even though my profile is dramatically improved. Maybe they didn't notice how bad it was before (hope so). Even close relatives (who didn't know I was having it done) have said anything, and they would if they had realised.. So I'm delighted about that.

Before and after

2 months post check in with PS

I had a consultation with my PS today and discovered I had it all wrong! Lol!

What I thought were platysma muscles showing a bit are apparently lumps still! Oops. Delighted really as this means they will probably go with a bit more time and massage. And she thinks the wave was will also improve. I would have been happy as is. Even happier it may still improve. Also apparently I still have some swelling and the tightness around the lumps (that I thought were muscles) can be expected to soften. Next check in March at 5 mths. That definitely should be the near final result.

The process of healing is much longer than I expected.. I thought once the bruises had gone that would be it. Clearly that isn't the case.. But I would do it all again in a heart beat. I looked at the pre photos taken by my PS and wow weren't they awful and wow how much better my chin/neck is now.

I would never have had a neck lift (way too much of a chicken, too invasive.. I didn't want ANY stitches) so it really was lipo or nothing. And I have been amazed at my skin retraction. For all the people 40+ considering a neck lift or lipo, who are realistic about outcomes (with reasonable skin for their age.. Doesn't have to be like a 30 year old) I definitely think lipo is the way to go and a lot less scary/costly/less risk. I know a lot of PSs say that over 40 you are too old for chin lipo and the outcome won't be great.. But at 2 months that hasn't been my experience at all, as long as you go to someone with lots of experience with a good reputation and speak to recent patients of theirs. I have seen results of neck lipo by my PS of people in their 60s with great results!

4 1/2 months

Think this is the final result. Profile much better. But I do have some loose skin under my chin that I don't think is going to go away on it's own. Which is abit of a shame. Now considering if there are any non invasive treatments like laser to help improve it. Love to see your photos Texaschinadoll.
Dr Meaghan Heckenberg

Procedure occurred 5 hours ago. Meaghan and her staff were lovely and were very reassuring. Obviously can't tell about results yet, that will take some time.

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