38 Years Old, 3 Vaginal Deliveries, Feel I've Wasted Money (And Hope) - Crowley, LA

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I am 38 years old and a mother of 3. I have experienced some vaginal laxity since the birth of my first child when I was 20 years old. I had to have an episiotomy in order to deliver him vaginally. No matter how many kegels I tried I could just never seem to regain tone or strength. It didn't bother me too much until after the birth of my third child, at which point it became difficult to climax due to lack of friction. Even though sex was pleasurable, I became increasingly self-conscience of how I felt to my spouse (even though he never outright complained he made small comments at times which I took personal).

I began really desiring to have vaginal rejuvenation surgery, but was scared by how invasive it was, along with the recovery and cost. While researching I came across an article about Thermiva. Wow!! I was so excited and relieved that there was something to address this issue without having to have surgery. I did more research and read all the reviews I could find. It seemed that it was really benefiting most women. As a matter of fact, I couldn't find any reviews from actual patients that were not pleased with their treatment. So I found a dr that offered Thermiva and went for my consultation.

After the consultation I was certain it would work well for me too. I did not tell my husband I was going to do this, mainly because I didn't want him to know this issue had been causing me to feel less sexual than normal, but also because I wanted an honest assessment. I figured if he didn't know beforehand, I could see if he had any reaction if it felt any differently. So anyway, I paid $3000 for a series of 3 treatments. The procedure/treatment took maybe 35 minutes and it was very tolerable. I did have some slight discomfort once the "wand" moved internally, but that may have just been me. As soon as the treatment is finished, you are free to have sex.... so I was looking forward to making in home to my husband. However, I didn't notice any difference between the first and second treatment. And I'm judging by his lack of reaction, he didn't either. But I knew I was still scheduled for the second treatment so I remained optimistic. Yet nothing even after the second treatment. Nothing. At. All.

It is time for my third treatment and I honestly could care less if I go or not. However I will go because I've already paid for it. And maybe, just maybe, there will be some results after the third treatment. But unless it is significant, I continue to say this was a huge waste of money for me. I am back to considering the vaginal rejuvenation surgery that I should have put my money towards in the first place. I would've been healed within a few weeks anyway. And here I am 3 months out from my first Thermiva treatment, minus my $3,000, and I have no change.

I'm sorry to sound so negative for those of you who are feeling encouraged by this treatment. But if I had read more reviews like mine, I would not have had this treatment. I would like to know if I am the only one that has had this experience, or lack thereof, because all I keep seeing are great reviews. I'm starting to wonder if these aren't Drs or assistants that are posting these reviews?!
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