32 year old female looking for her "real" figure - Creve Coeur, MO

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Hello RealSelf Dolls! I am a 32 year old, black...

Hello RealSelf Dolls! I am a 32 year old, black female with 2 children, 12 years and 4 years old. I love my babies with all my heart but when I had my children, I lost a piece of me... my beloved figure. The end of last year I decided to go through with Smart "Laser" Lipo. I've contemplated this for several years. I'm tired of squeezing into girdles to wear that "dress" without a bulge in the tummy area, just to still look and feel uncomfortable. I am getting smart lipo performed on my upper and lower abdomen and flanks on 2/25/2016 with Dr. Gerald Lionelli at SonoBello, St. Louis. I am SOOOOO excited to start 2016 off with doing something for me! This is year is MINE baby. Follow my journey. Let's get it!


Wish pics

The countdown begins!

Who's gonna be slimmer in the waist in 3 days? Me! That's who?

Tomorrow is my BIG DAY!!!!

So tmrrw is my big day! BYE BYE TUMMY!!! Its been a struggle. My healthier lifestyle journey starts tmrrw as well! I'm looking forward to becoming a healthier and sexier me! :)

Well, surgery is completed! :) It was easy breezy! Maybe because I'm a nurse I thought that way.

Okay so... everything went smoothly this morning. The procedure took about 3 hours to complete. Dr. Lionelli took his time and removed mostly fat from me which I am very happy with! The lidocaine they fill you up with is insane! I didn't realize it would be that much but I definitely didn't feel anything except a tad bit around my rib area on the sides. Minor though, not pain just a little discomfort but very tolerable. I will take pictures of my tummy for you guys when I am able to remove the garment and binde. A little sore and a lot swollen right now.

Sbelt, binder, and cmpression garment on. I live for these garments, only relief right now. Keep them on ladies.. as your Dr. an

had to fight myself to get u n take a pic for yall,, too swollen and sore to take it off right now.

2 days Post Op and loving the results already!

Hey there RealSelf Dolls! It's been 2 days since my smart Lipo procedure and I must say, I'm loving the results! You ladies MUST wear the garments because when I took them off to wash them, shower, and snap these pics for y'all it was soooo tender to the touch! Also it will swell more, so just wanted to stress the importance of following directions to maximize results! I'm still swollen and a little sore although today is MUCH better than yesterday. Just gotta take it one day at a time. Dr. Lionelli rocks! Great personality and very skilled in what he does! God is good!

New pics 10 days post-op

I'm 10 days post-op today. Still swollen per my nurse at Sono Bello. Still improving slowly. A bit sore and lumpy. Told to massage the lumps myself and they will dissipitate over time. The lumps are damaged fat tissue. I can't complain. I look much better than I did pre-op, lol. Excited to see my body change over the next few months.

15 days post op! With Sbelt on

Whelp! It's been 15 days since My smart Lipo procedure. I'm healing slowly but surely. I've developed some lumps in my abdomen.

15 days post op! With Sbelt on

Whelp! It's been 15 days since My smart Lipo procedure. I'm healing slowly but surely. I've developed some lumps in my abdomen.

4 weeks and 4 days post op!

Hey dolls! Thought I'd drop in to update you all! My tummy is definitely progressing. It still is sore and swells without compression. But, I'm still happy with my results! Dr. Lionelli did a great job!

4 days shy of 2 months post op!

Hello dolls! I'm 4 days shy of 2 months post op and my shape is really starting to form. Here's a few pics of me "feeling myself". Stay tuned. ????

Sexy Sexy! Summer where are you darling?!????????????????

2 months post opt and shaping on up.

2.5 months post op and killing it in Houston, TX ????????????????????

Hey ya'll! Thought I would post an update for you guys! I hvnt forgotten what it's like to wait on those pics from your favorite results! Happy healing ladies and good luck to those still awaiting their turns! Best decision I've ever made in my life was to have the surgery! Mwahhh ??????????????????????????


Houston Shananigans!
Saint Louis Plastic Surgeon

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