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Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Cassileth was worth every penny. She is the creme-de-la-creme at what she does. I had a very unique problem with my breasts. I went on half a dozen consultations with other "breast specialists" and everyone gave me the same answer: "There's nothing I can do to help you because there isn't a surgery or technique that currently exists to accomplish what you're looking for. There are some things I could try but at best it would be very experimental and is going to involve high risk with little chance of improvement." When I finally saw Dr. Cassileth she said that the same that my case is unique and technically there's no technique in the medical books to fix it BUT she knew exactly what to do and she was confident we would get great results. She had to create a new surgery for me using a combination of techniques from several types of standard breast surgeries. Instead of turning me away, Dr. Cassileth was excited to take on a unique case and the only person who was able to give me hope. 1.5 months post surgery, my only regret is that I didn't go to her sooner!!! Procedures done: - Lift and reshape breast tissue - Liposuction surrounding area: underarm, flanks, stomach, etc. - Fat graft to undereye bags, scars, nose, breasts - Revision of scars from prior rhinoplasty - Face peel 1. OFFICE - The office is very modern and conveniently located in the same building as the surgery center, pharmacy, blood testing facility, mammogram center so it's a one stop shop. There's tons of parking nearby with 2 free hours and electric car charging. 2. CONSULTATION - Fees applied toward surgery so worth the price. Having been traumatized by botched plastic surgery and quake surgeons in the past, I now come extremely prepared and grill the doctor with lots of questions. She didn't rush me through my questions, was very effective at communicating in lamen terms, and was patient in being thorough with me. 3. RECOVERY - Considering the fact that my surgery was far more invasive than most standard surgeries, the recovery was incredibly easy breezy. The pain was shockingly minimal compared to how bad all my friends with boob jobs told me it was going to be. I avoided heavy lifting and strenuous activities but other than that, I didn't need bed rest and was resuming my normal activities immediately. I went back to work right away and was off pain meds pretty quickly. I've had other plastic surgery in the past and this was the least painful even though it was the most intensive. That has everything to do with good technique; Dr. Cassileth invested in good anesthesia meds which stays in your system for 3 days and gets you through the hardest part of recovery. 4. FOLLOW UP CARE - Unlike other doctors I have had in the past, there is A LOT of personalized follow up care to track your progress. The nurse Carolee is absolutely amazing and makes me feel like I have a mother taking care of me. She made house calls and came to my apartment twice, the day after surgery and a few days later to change my bandages. In between appointments with Dr. Cassileth, I've even seen Carolee at her home on a weekend. Carolee makes herself easily accessible anytime so I constantly text her with questions and send her photos. I love the close monitoring because it gives me a peace of mind and Carolee is incredibly caring. 5. RESULTS - It'll be 9 months -1 year before my breasts reach their full results but so far I'm ecstatic with the changes. It completely transformed my body and the improvements were multi-fold. My breasts sit 2.5 inches higher and have better shape, my torso appears longer and leaner, my stomach appears tighter and skinnier. I'm 4'11" with large D cup boobs that used to be wide and sit low down to my elbow. Making these changes made my body look proportional to my height and I finally fit into clothes properly. Aside from the breasts, the liposuctioned areas looks slim and smooth, the areas that had fat grafted also look natural and so far the fat has stayed. 6. MANNERS - Dr. Cassileth has great bedside manners. I love that she has the confidence of the Type A/in charge/knows exactly what to do kind of person but at the same time is the uber caring/empathetic/down to earth/friendly doctor. Every time I've seen her, even at 7am she is high energy, sharp, and optimistic. She is candid and direct in setting expectations. Having had several botched surgeries in the past, I'm highly cynical of doctors but my confidence and trust in Dr. Cassileth was unwavering. She has exceeded my expectations and continues to deliver. 7. REPUTATION - Dr. Cassileth's credentials, reviews, and experience proves she is a leader in her field but I was especially convinced when another plastic surgeon who turned me down told me Dr. Cassileth is an excellent choice and is highly regarded among her peers.

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