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Started my first trays today, feeling them work...

Started my first trays today, feeling them work already and excited that they showed me the end result on the computer!
I have heard the reviews on the sharp edges and what-not... either they already filed mine down or they don't hurt me like they do others'. I don't have much for a review as of now, but the "buttons" they put on to help movement are gritty and like sandpaper on my tongue! I also heard that goes away after a couple days...
I will keep this updated as I go along in my treatment! Let me know if you have any questions.

sore on day 2!

Day two was more soreness that I don't think I was prepared for... maybe I was a little naive. I took Advil and that helped, but my two front teeth are sore to the touch. Even biting into food was touchy!
Anyways, I'm getting good at taking them out and putting them back in! The buttons still feel like there is something in my teeth that I need to get out.. but overall this is a good thing!
People don't notice them, I told a couple people today... and actually sent someone to my Dr! Haha I'm sure he will appreciate that!
Heading to bed for tonight but hopefully I am less sore tomorrow (day 3 technically)

day 3

Less sore today, but still hard to bite into anything. My two front teeth are very sensitive. Talking has been easier and more natural. Taking them out to eat is getting old haha but I guess I need to get used to it since I'll be at it for over a year... otherwise everything is great! Can't wait to start seeing movement!

day 5

Getting to the point where I can't not have clean teeth! I love the way the trays are changing my oral health for the good! Pain has subsided for the most part.. but chewing still is sensitive.
I really want to see movement, but I'm sure it's all in my head. I'm wearing them all time, probably 22-23 hours a day. Doing everything on my part for these bad boys to work and work well! ?

2nd trays...

The 2nd week of my first trays was comfortable and they just slipped on my teeth... it was easy to eat and clean them. Really liking my treatment so far.

My second trays are tight!! The two front teeth hurt again, but not to the point where I can't bite into food haha like the last trays! So I am happy.
3 days into the new trays and it already feels looser!
Getting impatient waiting to see movement, but I know it will be a while! Hopefully by Christmas my family will be able to see a difference!
Thanks for reading!


After about seven days into each tray, they get loose. I can take them out one handed. Is this normal, or is my treatment going too slowly?? Just curious. Any help is appreciated.



4th trays...

Went into the dentist for my 6week check up. He says everything is on track and I should start seeing changes in the next 3 trays! That is so exciting to me!

These trays feel fine so far, no extra sensitivity or anything.

Im going to keep taking pictures though, to see what is moving :)

tray 11

Oh, man! These ones hurt! It hasn't been this bad since the first trays!
Happy (almost) new year haha I just keep telling myself its going to be soooo worth it!
I haven't had anyone tell me that my teeth look different but I also haven't told anyone that I'm wearing invisalign.... So it's understandable.
I will upload pictures from the first to now. I am on 11 of 33 so just a 3rd of the way done!

pictures.... sept, oct, december

Another picture.... Hard to see but this angle is tough haha

All done!

Just have retainers now. Wearing them on the weekends mostly...
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