33yrs Old...4 Kids....CONSIDERING Bariatric Surgery (Sleeve) - Covington, LA

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Hello you guys. I am 33yo 4 kids (11..5 ..4.....

Hello you guys. I am 33yo 4 kids (11..5
..4...& 2....) all c-sections...i have gained lots of weight after my last two pregnancies... After my last pregnancy I had the mirena iud inserted and with that the lbs kept coming...so I am considering bariatric surgery. I spoke with my doctor today to get a referral. Any valuable info would b greatly appreciated...THANKS

Sooooo Aggravated...

I am sooooo aggravated....Friday I found out the surgeon that I want to do my sleeve WILL NOT take payments from my insurance. He stated that he has done surgeries under that insurance company and has not got a payment. My consult was approved but its him that won't take my insurance. So I had to go talk to my PCP so that she could gather paperwork to send to my insurance to change my insurance provider. Sleep apnea morbidly obese (bmi over 40) bone and joint pain in my back and knee pain should get my request to switch approved....well I am hoping it does...FINGERS CROSSED....????

Im Back

December 1st my new insurance became effective....i got my bariatric surgery checklist in the mail. ive already had my bloodwork and psych consult done and he has approved my decision to have weight loss surgery....i will go see the heart doc and my first nutrition visit this week.....i have joined the gym and will start on the 21Day Fix plan to aid in dropping some pounds prior to surgery....I AM SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO EXCITED.......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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