My Tummy Tuck Journey - Covington, LA

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A little about myself. I am one day away from...

A little about myself. I am one day away from being 31yrs old. Jan 11th will make 11 years of being married ONLY marriage for both and last I! from being married for almost 11 years we have 5 kids 4 girls and finally a boy as our last child. we are complete. I am a stay home mom. I always wanted a tummy tuck but wasnt finished having kids, so now that im finished im so ready. almost every night im on youtube looking at journeys. it helped out. Today is my pre-op and Oct 17th 2013 is my surgery date. im excited not to much nervous because im super confident in my decision. it may change the closer i get to the day but as of now im just excited. when i decided to get it i didnt feel much support from friends, because it was like they made an issue on how their husbands are satisfy with them but its not just about your husband what about your feelings and how YOU want to look. My husband never complain but i know he wouldn't mind seeing me extra sexy what man wouldn't. He is all for it especially knowing that i am totally happy with what i decided to do. Right now i am the smallest i have ever been since my first child. I am 134lbs and 5"1. I planned on documenting everything from the pre op to my one year mark for myself. Thanks everybody thats willing to share their experience it helps.


I have 4 days left, kept myself very busy with planning and giving my best friend's baby shower which just past Oct. 12th. my surgery is oct 17th and i have evrything i need BUT dont know what to do for sleeping arrangements. I have 5 kids but my 2 youngest will be by my mother in law for the weekend and by my aunt the following week and than back by my mother in law. my 3 oldest , 10yrs 5 yrs and 4 years will be home with me for school, im braiding their hair and mom will iron uniforms for the week, but we have upstairs and i will be the only one home with them in the morning, should we all sleep down stairs or upstair...............

Getting kids ready for school after surgery

I need help on making a decision? I have 3 kids that's in school that will be home with me and all of their rooms are up stairs, i will be home alone in the morning time and have to get them ready for school and to the bus stop, should i stay down stairs, will i be able to walk 4 days after surgery UUUGGHHH any advice

before pics

2 more days

OMG! the date is so near. I can't wait and I pray that I could endure the pain.

very swollen

2 days after surgery

5 days after surgery still swollen uugghhh

the swollen feels like i have gotten a tummy tuck and now im 5 months pregnant super tight smh...........

1 week post ob

today I accomplished a lot. My husband been a really good and supportive person, he hired a maid service to clean the house a few days after my surgery and they did an awesome job. a few days passed by and things that normally wouldn't accumulated did, and its because im always cleaning up, so today i cleaned 3 rooms and the kitchen. I don't recommend it but it was driving me nuts. yesterday i went to my first post ob visit and the nurse told me that i have a lot of dried up blood so twice a day i need to clean it out with a q tip in a circular motion, i didnt know that the hole was deep and i wasnt aware of cleaning direction after the 48hr post ob. so to those who didnt get a tt yet after 48 hrs you get to remove the dressing from your navel make sure to clean it with peroxide. im satisfied with my navel and hope every thing work out.

1 week post ob (2)

im still a bit uncomfortable and feel a little pain so im still on my med. im still swollen. I can use the bathroom by myself, take a shower by myself and get 3 kids ready for school. i still can't cough and laugh it hurts so badly. i cant stand up straight yet, cant wait to stand up straight.

Navel Care?

a little concern about caring for your navel. I have a narrow navel and it looks like it could close. Im 1 week post ob and it filled with hard blood. i was told to put peroxide 2x a day.

Push my body to the limits

today was a home going celebration for my husband's grandmother, im 9 days po and really didnt want to miss it. I had to ride 2 hrs to get there, i think i've gotten out of the car like 10 times at least it felt like it, I really enjoyed being with family but right now i am drained. my belly button is leaking fluid, it doesnt have a foul smell but i really believe that its caused by a suture being left in there. Im going to call monday to state my concerns. I hope my navel didnt detach from the skin that she sewn it to as of now i dont know. I may be a little paranoid. One of the biggest thing about getting this tt was to have a some what normal looking navel as possible.

very swollen

today my husband took all 5 kids to church so i decided to clean the house 4 bdrms 3 bathrms kitchen den and hallway. OMG i am so swollen and sore. I cant wait to call my ps about my navel i thinks its infected because of the stitches that's still in there because she couldnt get to them because of the dried up blood. i hope its a easy fix.

Belly button looking better

Today i spoke with the asst. that works with my ps. she advice me to cont. to clean it out with peroxide and she will see me wed. i am comfortable with that just so anxious to see the should i say product.LOL but its looking a bit better i am guesting that i had a small innie type navel. i haven't seen my navel in 10 1/2 years after having my first child my belly fat covered my belly button This swollen is soooooooo annoying.


getting a bit discourage. I am so swollen all the time, Do any body know of a cream or anything to reduce swelling, did any body had to deal wit it if so, how long? is there anything i could do. I need some advice

2 weeks post op

I am getting around better now. Today is my first full day with ALL 5 kids. I miss them sooooo much. Im cont. taking protein, vit c and multi vitamin and Zinc. my bruises are fading still swollen. Today I went shopping for a comfortable outfit(the Limited store) and i slipped on a size 6 easily. In 7 months i went from a size 12 to 6

2 weeks post op

swelling going down

I thank my husband everyday. I love him more for it, after having ONLY his 5 kids i didnt have to work hard to get rid of what pregnancy caused. It's a dream come true to wake up with a flat stomach

loving my stomach

I am loving my stomach, my Doctor is the best. I am using the silicone stripes and its been a week and my scar is a fine line, my doctor did an awesome job! i planned on using the silicone stripes for 6 months im looking into the best oil to lighting around the scar because its dark. ANY SUGGESTIONS?

Highly recommend Mepiform silicone tape

I used mepiform tape for no longer than 3 wks and i see a major change. Planned on using it the first 6 months

5 weeks PO

Last night was the first night i slept on my stomach since the operation. its a little uncomfortable, but much better than before. I feel so sexy. I see most of the swelling going away. Im not sure if im wearing my CG enough I barely wear it only when i feel bloated or swollen. My flank area looks a bit the same(to me, but not others) i will ask her about it at my next appt which is DEC.2nd can't wait. I weigh myself and it still says 133lbs that's how much i weigh b4 the tt so i hope i didnt gain weigh. Im in a size 4 now from a size 8. Im starting the gym next week at 6 wks post op. but overall Im happy with my body

enjoying my new body

now in a size 4 really enjoying my body, feels good to get whatever you try on. hoping to lose 5lbs and 3 more inches around stomach area and 5 inches around legs. Body still under construction

just posting random pics

right now im not wearing my compression garment because im hurting from a car accident i was in only 5 weeks post op. cant wait to feel better.....

first day in the gym

my doctor released me to do any exercise, so today i tried a body combat class, seems like they were focusing on abs. OMG my body isnt ready for that yet. I am soooo swollen. After the class i did 45 min on the elliptical. That wasnt to bad, but i will stick to ONLY cardio and squats for at least 3 more months.

recognized new stretch marks uuuggghhh

my stomach is always feeling dry everytime i get out of the shower i put coco butter on it, at least twice a day, since day 2 of my surgery. i notice my skin feeling like its stretching and thats when i notice i have new stretch marks, loving my flat tummy, so my advice is to keep your tummy moisturized. here is photos of my new stretch marks

trying another scar treatment

i am thinking about trying another scar treatment. Since the 3rd week i believed, i've been using mepiform and seen great results but now its like at a stand still, its flat for the most part butu is very red. I am thinking of using biocernium. Any suggestions and if so are there pictures of your scar. I lean more on recommendations and seeing results, Thanks in advance

Need motivation

It's been almost 4 months I'm not where I want to be physically. I through to would be in the gym hard. I wanted to get tone since my stomach was the only problem. I need motivation real self. 5 kids, now a full time student and wife, homework. Uuuugghhhh. Is there anybody out there in realselfville lol. My goal is to tone my waist back shoulders arms n some leg work.

More pictures

Looking forward to getting tone

Best decision

I am still enjoying and loving my body more. I thank God that I haven't had any complications. I am now 130lbs I'm going to try to get down to 125lbs.

More pictures

Thinking of a beautiful soft tattoo

Comfortable cg

I stopped tracking my post op progress. I do know that I am still happy with my results. Today I decided to put on my cg it's a body magic by Ardyss. I have not started the gym I'm thinking maybe April. I'm more flexible now thank God, I feel numb most of the time in my stomach area recently gotten a Brazilian wax didn't bothered the scar. Went back to wearing silicone tape


Today I was very busy running errands at the end of the day I notice some swelling.

My cg

Last night I decided to put my cg I bought from Ardyss. I took it off in the middle of the night, sooooo uncomfortable but early this morning and all day I had it on and my stomach is super flat. I no longer feels bloated and fat. I will put it on everyday got at least 5 hours.

A little over a year

More Lipo and revision

I have loose skin and still box shape from behind. I requested and made it clear that I wanted the area above my but Lipo. She only did love handles which no I have loose skin


I need more skin remove.

Just an update

Just a few updates pics

Almost 4 yrs

I'm still on the flat side. I must admit I didn't do much scar therapy at all and I didn't do much exercise at all in the last 3 months. Right now I'm still holding on to hopes of getting a breast lift with reduction or reduction lift and implants.

Still enjoying being on the flat side

Just a few update pictures. Encouraging ppl that you can stay in the flat side. I have no regrets and am very happy that I did it and have a very supporting husband.

Maintaining with low carb

Where have this idea of eating been all of these years. I came across this way of eating and training your body to burn fat for energy Omg! It's call ketosis. You will see results. Since moving to another state away from everybody I know I gained 10lbs once I realized it I quickly started on getting my weight back down to 130. I was 141lbs and now I'm 125lbs and now I'm working on toning.

Years after

Just a few pictures to keep my journey up to date
Covington Plastic Surgeon

so far. I love my doctor's confidence. She has a great reputation and is very known in the surrounding ares. She is very detail something i love. and im comfortable with her totally. She has high expectations such as I do.

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