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I just had my permalip implants put in 4 days ago,...

I just had my permalip implants put in 4 days ago, and I'm having such mixed feelings about it! I've wanted fuller lips for years now, and finally decided to do it on a whim. I've never had fillers or even any other surgery, so I wasn't sure what to expect, and I still feel extremely unsure whether or not I made the right decision. As the days have passed I've notice more and more changes and my lips are dramatically less swollen by now. However, I'm so concerned because they feel so numb and tingly. I'm an absolutely slob when I try to eat soft foods because I can't feel where my lips are. Does anybody know how long this will last? Also, I've read numerous reviews where people seem to be having an easier time with lip movement by now, and mine still feel stiff and sore. I haven't seen my front teeth in days, and I really hope that my front teeth aren't hidden behind these lips forever.

On the day of the procedure I was so afraid I couldn't stop shaking. Thankfully my surgeon was so sweet and comforting my nerves calmed down enough to go through with the procedure. Everyone says the shots are the worst part, but I have to disagree. They didn't bother me at all. Overall the procedure wasn't bad, the tugging and hearing her clip my skin open was a little uncomfortable, but I couldn't feel anything painful.
Since I've never had fillers, I have to say it was extremely strange seeing my new self in the mirror afterwards. Granted, I was swollen, but I got a pretty good idea of what to expect.
Immediately leaving the office I felt my lips inflate. My husband couldn't stop staring and I knew exactly what was going through his little head. Duck lips. My lips swelled up and out, they looks somewhat like a beak, and then they started turning blotchy and white. Of course, being a bit of a health freak I worried that maybe proper blood flow wasn't getting to them and that's why they were turning white, so I called the surgeon and she simply told me to keep ice on them, and immediately the color returned to them.

Day Two
My whole face swelled up though I slept sitting up as instructed. I jumped back when I saw myself in the mirror. It was God awful, but I kept ice on my face and the swelling went down by the next day. Something I didn't read about in any review were HOW the lips peeled. I'd been keeping Carmex on them since the moment I stepped out of the office, and I figured I would probably be able to dodge the peeling part, but apparently that's not how it works. The peeling isn't like chapped lips, it's more like when a snake sheds it's skin.

Day Three and Four
The results have stayed about the same, dramatically less swelling than on the first couple of days. I've kept my lips iced at all times because I don't like the sensation of how they feel when I don't have ice on them. It feels a bit tight and tingly, which I'm hoping will subside REALLY soon.

I will post pictures and keep you guys updated!

6 Days Later

My lips feel dramatically better today compared to yesterday! I don't feel the strange tingling as intensely as I did yesterday which has come as a surprise. It was driving me absolutely crazy! I had to keep ice on them for days to distract me from that tingling numbness. I haven't had to take any pain medication at all. They still feel tight, and I'm not able to smile yet, but I am able to open my mouth wider. I'm feeling MUCH more optimistic about the procedure. I chose the largest size, 5 mm, but the change, even with the swelling, has been subtle. I can understand why everyone wishes they had gone bigger. Even the biggest is pretty discrete. My husband had been in doubt about the procedure, of course he didn't want me to do it, but I can tell he's finally at ease because they look so much better.

I can feel the implant pushed up against the inside of my lip, but it doesn't bother me at all. I read a lot of reviews where people complained about them being hard, but it actually doesn't feel uncomfortable or strange.

I think at this point the worst part is waiting for my lips to feel loosened up enough to smile! I'm eager to see what my new lips will look like with a smile!

A week and a half later

Well, my lips look fabulous! My husband even complimented them, though as I said before he was completely against me doing the procedure. I still ice them before I go to bed, which is unnecessary and probably doesn't do anything, but for some reason they still feel a little tighter at night than they do during the day.

I'm a little concerned about my ability to speak and smile. My lips still feel so tight I have limited movement. I've never gone this long without smiling! I have laughed many times, but it feels so tight that I can't break out a full smile and feel the need to instantaneously cover my mouth in case I look goofy. I haven't regained full movement of my lips and have completely lost the ability to properly say any words with a 'V' or 'F' sound. I was put in a social situation today, so in order to cover up my new speech impediment, I popped in an old chunky retainer to blame my awkward speech on. Of course it made my pronunciation much worse, but served as a believable excuse.
I read about these lip exercises they tell you to do 2 and a half weeks after the surgery, since my stitches are long gone and I've healed wonderfully I'm hoping I'll be allowed to start those soon!

It occurred to me that maybe it is suggested to try fillers before doing Permalip because maybe it stretches out the inside of the lip a little bit as well as serving as a general idea of what you will look like with fuller lips. Does anybody know if the first reason this is part of it?
I read about others here on RealSelf having an easier time with lip movement by now, but they had fillers before. I just dove right into the implants and I'm still having a hard time with the tightness. Wondering if that has anything to do with why!

I have my follow up appointment tomorrow and I'm eager to hear what my Dr has to say!

Follow up appointment

I had my follow up yesterday and my PS was pleased with how my lips look after just a week. The swelling has subsided a lot, but she said I won't see full results for at least 2 more months. My movement is still very restricted. I tried to bite into a sandwich yesterday and was instantly reminded that even though I feel fairly normal, I'm not back to normal just yet. I felt like I had a little baby mouth and it felt nearly impossible to open my mouth wide enough for a decent bite. I couldn't help but wonder if maybe the stitches on the corners of my mouth had healed my lips together and made my mouth a little smaller. However, my PS assured me that was not the case. She said I can start my stretching since the stitches have devolved and the incisions have healed.

The stretching consists of smiling broadly, and opening your mouth as wide as possible for a cycle of 10 times, 3 times a day. It might sound like a breeze, but with this tightness it's undoubtably going to be a little difficult at first.

Apparently the tightness is quite evident in my face! I ran into a co worker yesterday who knows nothing about the procedure and he told me I looked a little strange. I knew it was because of how stiff my facial movement is when I talk and I blamed the swelling on something else. He just causally laughed and said that it looks like I got Botox. I'm still in my early 20s, so that is clearly not the case, but I recommend that everyone who is considering the procedure keep in mind that your mouth is a very prominent facial feature. It does the most movement, with smiling, talking and eating, and the skin around it is also going to look a little funny afterwards until the swelling subsides completely.
I read about a few people who were back at work 3 days after the insertion, and I could not even begin to imagine doing that! I don't want anybody to know I had this done, and even though I won't be back to work for 2 weeks after the surgery, I'm afraid it'll be pointed out right away once I get back. If you plan on being discrete about this, make sure to plan and schedule for a GOOD amount of healing time. Everyone is going to have a different experience, but it's better to give yourself more than enough time to heal, than to feel helplessly rushed at the end.

I have attached a before photo. I have to apologize about the poor quality! I didn't take proper before photos, but hopefully this one gives you all a general idea. I don't understand how taking a photo could've slipped my mind. Must have been the excitement! =D

Two and a half weeks in

I have to keep reminding myself that I'm only two and a half weeks in, and the healing process is about 2 to 3 months, otherwise I would probably be feeling a little down right about now.

I love the way my lips look, they look completely natural and I'm able to rock lipstick better than ever. However, for the past couple of days my lips have felt more tight than ever. It's painful to smile and laugh, and it's more than likely because of the tightness, but it feels like a spring is pulling my lips shut when I smile. I've been doing my lip stretches as instructed, but when I do them it's a lot more painful than usual. It feels as if the inside of my lips are ripping. I called my Dr to ask if that's normal and she assured me that they're just tight right now and to continue the stretches. I haven't read anywhere about anybody feeling the same way, so I certainly hope this is normal.

When I smile it looks a little funky because I still can't open my mouth to a normal extent. At this point, when I open my mouth it's about the diameter of a quarter, so as you can imagine I'm still not able to bite into food.

I really hope the stretching starts working soon enough. It's getting a little frustrating being in pain when I smile!

In love

It's been over a month now, and I am THRILLED with the results. I absolutely love how my lips have turned out. I had so many doubts along the way and I remember feeling some (serious) regret various times. I felt self conscious for weeks because I couldn't open my mouth wide enough to speak or eat properly. However, after doing the lip stretches for about a week, the tightness and pain completely faded from one day to the next. I feel like I'm completely back to normal now, aside from my apparent loss of the ability to whistle, which was well worth it.
I read a few people say that they can feel the implant and it's bothersome. To me, it feels just fine.
Yes, I can feel the implant, but it has already become a part of me. It no longer feels unusual. My husband said my lips feel a little firm when we kiss, but he has also complimented how they look several times.

My advice to anyone who is thinking about doing this, go for it. The every day fear of not knowing what to expect next is normal. I was afraid going into the surgery, and I was afraid coming out. I was filled with fear and regret that I had made a horrible mistake for about three weeks. I was afraid of having to go back and get the implants removed, and I began to understand why some people go back and get them removed. BE PATIENT. Everybody heals at a different rate and everybody will have a different experience. The best thing you can do is give yourself time, be patient and stay optimistic. I truly believe that anybody that may have had a negative experience probably didn't give themselves enough time. As you can read from my story, there was a lot of doubt from the beginning and continued doubt for quite a while, but the end result has me absolutely ecstatic.
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