Breast Lift and Tummy Tuck - Cottonwood heights, Utah

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I have 3 children and went from a natural D to an...

I have 3 children and went from a natural D to an E when pregnant/nursing and now am an A cup, also, even though I am very fit and workout a minimum of 7 hrs per week my tummy just won't bounce back. I'm 5'4" weigh 141 lbs and am a size 4/6 I'm hoping since I'm in very good shape I will have a good result, I can't wait for this mommy makeover!

2 week pre-op! It just got real!

Yesterday I had my 2 week pre-op and I'm do excited! I was ready to jump on the or table right then. I got my rx and another brief overview of what to expect, it feels real now (not as real as it will when I'm in pain I'm sure) and I'm counting down the days, talk about a New Year :)

Pain in the butt!

Well, on New Years day I slipped and caught done air landing on my tailbone, I either bruised it really badly or broke it. It's very frustrating since I wanted to make the most of these last couple weeks in the workout department. I can barely sit and stand let alone roll over in bed, the dr said rest is all you can do and ibuprofen. Which I can't take. Anyway, just feeling bummed, ill try some slow walking on the treadmill and see how it feels since once I'm up and moving it's tolerable it's actually sitting and the movement of standing that cause the most pain.

Post Op day 1

I had my surgery yesterday morning so it has been just over 24 hrs. I went in to get a tummy tuck, breast lift and implants. The tummy tuck and breast lift are fabulous. However, he decided against putting the implants right away. Because after going from a C cup to E cup to A cup throughout pregnancies the skin was very thin and there wasn't enought breast tissue to give a good blood supply to the nipples. So now I have cute perky AA cups but in 10-12 weeks when things have healed he'll put the implants in. (No extra charges of course) my tummy tuck scar is super low which is great!!! I can post a pic of my newly lifted baby boobs but not my tummy tuck incision until tomorrow when we change the dressing. Keep in mind my lifted boobs are swollen to more rhan twice their size right now and will be an AA cup if left like this.


Surgery day and day one post op were great! Days 3,4 and now part of Friday are horrible. Terrible nausea, and puking, dry heaving. I have very little appetite but when my blood sugars drop I get more nauseous, when I try to make myself eat I get nauseous. Mad I'm sure you can imagine throwing up with all those stitches it hurts. Anyone else experience this?

Day 7 not much pain.

So I was expecting serious pain but really haven't had any. Mainly discomfort and pain at the drainage tube site. Swelling which is itchy and uncomfortable, but the closest thing to pain is back pain. I feel like I seriously threw my back out and can't quite figure out why that's the pain I do have. Around the actual incision site doesn't really hurt, but my back is killing me, but not needing lots of pain Meds bad. I've already doubled my time between doses for several days and am considering stopping all together. I'm on day 7 post op now. Does any of this sound normal?

Worried about my TT scar

I've read that sometimes with swelling your scar may seem higher than what it will finally be. Is this true? I'm getting nervous (I'm 9 days post op) but my scar seems too high. It's right above my hipster panties. Is it too early to start stressing?

Updated TT post op pics, 6 weeks post up

Some pictures to show results of my TT, I'm 6 weeks post op right now and have started working out again. I still get a sharp pain in the upper right part of my abs just under the ribs when I run and while I'm weigt lifting but besides that I'm feeling good.

8 months post TT almost 6 months post BA

I'm so excited to have that skin gone! No more tucking in the tummy, no more tummy "clapping" while doing jumping jacks, running etc. No more tearing of the skin during exercise and it lifted my "nonni" several inches which with all the loose skin I had has improved mine and my husbands sex life! I didn't know we could have sex without pain, tearing, bleeding after kids so that was an added bonus. My TT scar is a little high and there are some small "dog ears" that my surgeon will be revising in October. My scar is a little hard to cover in the middle, it raised quite a bit in the middle during the healing but even with that the results are great.

Now, the breasts. At first I was terrified I had gone too big because they were sitting so high! But just like my surgeon said, they just needed to drop. I'm 5'3.5" 145 lbs (with the implants) and a size 4-6. I'm Hispanic and have HIPS so going from a natural D to an E when pregnant and then an A after kids I was desperate for breasts again. I also have a large and wide rib cage and my ribs stuck out more than my breasts. After my breasts settled I was so happy, they are perfect for the width of my chest and my hips (450cc). Being Hispanic I tend to scar dark, I knew this but my surgeon wasn't thrilled with the color of my scars after surgery so he's lasering them to help (no additional cost) which is above and beyond plus the revisions he has planned on my tummy. So happy I did this!
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