Finally Getting the Boobs I've Always Wanted! 32AA to Full C - Costa Rica, CR

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My surgery is in 1month and I can't stop thinking...

My surgery is in 1month and I can't stop thinking about the size im fairly positive 350ccnunder muscle silicone will be fine, but im scared they'll look too small. I have a tiny figure though I'm 5'6 115lbs and pretty skinny. I'm hoping to be able to wear a full C. And also hide my pectus carinatum a bit...right now I'm an incomplete 32AA. There's nothing there! LOL anyone think I've chosen too big or small based on my body size? I want to look proportioned but also have enough to hide my chest deformity.

Nervous about size! Advice please

I forgot to mention my doctor suggested 400cc high profile silicone under the muscle but I'm scared they'll look too big on my frame. I've been doing a lot of research and decided I want 350cc instead but I'm still scared they won't look good, I want to achieve a full C cup and look "natural" but I also want to be able to hide my chest deformity a bit. (my sternum sticks out its called pectus carinatum) I know 50cc isn't a big difference. But I'm just super nervous and confused about which one to choose! I posted two more photos of my chest. Help!

3 weeks to go! What do I need to buy before surgery??

I'm counting down the days, cannot wait I'm so excited!!!! Anything I should buy before surgery that might come in handy?? :)

BA is so soon! My flight is in 2weeks

I can't wait its all I can think about!! Fortunetly I have a friends place to stay at while I am in Costa Rica. My appointment with the surgeon is August 4th where we'll meet and discuss my implants! And then my surgery is Aug 6 at 8am!! also forgot to share a little info I'm 5'6, and weight 115pounds. I am 22 years old and never had kids. I'll update you all soon !!! :) xo

My flight is in 9days!

I'm so excited and my surgery will be 4 days after I arrive! I'm having second thoughts about size I don't know if I want 350cc, I've been thinking about 325! I know it's only a small difference but I guess I'll wait to discuss it with my doctor when I see him! Almost there ladies!! Xo

12 days post op!! 350cc

Im finally home in Canada and can explain a bit about my surgery! So the day before my surgery i had an appointment with my doctor, he was so informative and immediatly made me feel comfortable, we discussed the type of implant best suited for me and I got to look and try different sizes. We decided on 350cc round high profile gel mentor cohesive II implants I had dinner that day at 6:30 and water at 7pm. The following following day wassen surgery day!!!so I wake up very thirsty and hungry but whatever I dealed lol. I arrive at the hospital at 7am, and sign a few papers. A nurse walks me to a hospital bedroom where I have to change into just a gown and lay in bed, they let me watch tv for an hour in my room while I wait for the doctor then shows up at 9am and he draws on my chest and discuss one final time how my right breast will be 350cc and my left 375cc due to some asymmetry. At 9:20 my bed is wheeled in to the surgery room and my doctor reassures me it will all be okay and he jokes around about how he had 600cc ready for me, i remember laughing , they helped me onto a different table and put blankets on my legs, the last thing I remember was it was 9:30 and my eyes just got sleepy. I woke up at 11:30 and a nurse was with me and said it was over, I couldn't believe how fast it was!! I looked down and saw I had boobs!! I was so happy I almost cried lol. They had put on thisugly special bra on me before ihad even woken up, I guess. I looked underneath and saw bandages over my nipples. And the skin was super tight. But I was soooooo happy!They kept me in the hospital for two hours and then finally let my mom come in to see me, she helped me get dressed in my leggings and a zipup hoodie and a nurse helped me onto a wheelchair because I was dizzy. They gave me a bag with 3 different painkillers, sleeping pills and a cream for my nipple incisions. We took a cab home to my grandmother's where we were staying for a week and a half. I laid down infront of the tv and my mom spoon fed me soup and jello for lunch and dinner and took my pain killers, I fell asleep at 9pm and my mom woke me up shortly after to give me my second dose. The pain was really really bad! Moving my arms hurtso much, second day was the same thing. My mom had to constantly help me get up out of bed and to get dressed. I noticed one of my breasts sitting higher than the other but I knew it would be okay.. A week later in met with my doctor het took my stitches out and now im feeling awesome..i have zero pain and finally got to bra shop:) I went from a 32AA (nothing) to a 32C!

9days post op :)

Photos 12days post-op 350cc!!

Feeling so good about myself!!:)


Another pic

Dr. Luis Da Cruz

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