Consultation review - This is a Horrible Journey. Costa Rica, CR

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So I got in contact with Dr Cohen and Dr Rashi...

So I got in contact with Dr Cohen and Dr Rashi from the rosenstockcenter and sent them a broken down email telling them exactly what I have had done, what I dont like and what I think could be changed and also sent photo's as requested. In fact just for clarity this is what I sent>>>

I am 26 years old,

I have no pre-existing medical conditions

And I am not on any medication

My nose surgery was in 2009, it was closed rhinoplasty my alar bases were slightly pulled in.

I dislike the height of my nose towards the tip as my bridge and tip almost all look on the plane/angle. So my nose looks very square and boxy, also my tip needs refinement and my columella since the first surgery is more on show as my alar bases were moved up. My breathing is perfect in fact better than before the first surgery.

I have attached photographs.

If you need any more from any other angles please let me know. I Hope to have had the surgery by late July, so if you could get back to me at your earliest possible convenience it would be much appreciated
Thank you

( That was literally copy and pasted from the email I sent)

Now understandably the clinic may be a busy on ect but if you ask a prospective patient for their information and photos then it means you are willing to speak with the patient about what can or cannot be done and why. (just for the sake of patients peace of mind, or just to be a nice human!!)

So today opening my email this was the response I received >>>>


Thank you for your info and photos.

Unfortunately at this this time we cannot do your nose surgery.

Dr Cohen

Like that was literally it!!! Am I taking things badly here or was that bad communication. like ok so I understand that maybe they cannot in fact do anything for me but the WHY would be nice, like WHY they cant help me or some type of feedback. SO I AM JUST GOING TO PUT IT DOWN TO THEM CLEARLY NOT BEING SKILLED ENOUGH.
Dr cohen, Dr Rashi

From the way I was treated I would say that these people are underskilled and also not very personable. I would say if you want anything done go to their competitors

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