Do I Really Look As Bad As my Pics -Cancun, MX

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I am almost ready to pull the trigger and really...

i am almost ready to pull the trigger and really want the face to face (so to speak) consult because I had my friend's daughter take the worst pix ever to send to Costa Rica and I don't look as bad in reality!!! I wanted the eyes but everyone is shocked when I say they are all recommending the whole thing! including the neck....should i just go for it!!! When i first came on the site was a little difficult to find some real meat but recent posts are very helpful so I will put m journey up so as to help more people readily make decisions....

start gathering money and before pix

i am now on a mission!!! As one in the helping profession, is time to somethIng for MOI...and the support from this community helps..woman empowering woman and some men kindly post too!

now is meditation time

with the beautiful pema chodron in a webinar...she is a beautiful buddhist nun with short hair and untouched face and inner beauty which shines through... wow will i change my goals?...we shall see at the end of the class tomorrow!!...but I d...oubt it lol

glasses to cover the eyes will have to go lol

the progressive lenses were a very temporary solution to hiding the eyes!!!

i kinda like this pic

i am putting all recent ones to compare them side by side..i am an obsessed fiend!

sick with stomach thing

omg so helpless yesterday with the stomach bug....and what can the guy do for ya??? nada!! So i could barely walk or crawl and say it was GOD telling me i will need pampering at it is so hard to pick the recovery inn....!! and also the divorce hearing is set for july 17th..yay finally it will all be over. I was actually divorced two years ago but the ex found an attorney who is raking me over the coals to try to wring more money out of me...the long, hard penalty for the worst decision of my life will soon be over and then treat myself time... but losing two days of work makes it harder to save up....whaaaaa!!!

eyes only!! thanks all for helping me decide

i want to see em close up on my picture line


another consult today

yay finally a doc (here) who said eyes only needed for now and i do not need canthropexy...he said maybe a mini lift if i really want to.....but man o man..the prices are out of this world...!!! The thing that struck me about his pix were that the people looked great with hardly any swelling or even any bruising on day three??? He said back to work in 10 days and no general anesthesia needed even for the mini!!...ok care credit can i extend my line? lolol

is artifull (sp?) an option

i just met someone in my town who had artifill and looks great...she rec it as an alternative to the mini while i do ps only on the much info many options...any comments???

i may be able to go on 7/31

i have a window to jump...just gotta see if too soon for the doc......if not well more delays....

I am off July 31 to CANCUN!!!! Upper and lower eyelids to be done!

Changed doc, got the flight, got the rooms and all hooked up with the very nice Danny to pick me up and accompany me to the clinic!! I am only doing the eyes this time and will return for the rest in a few years. Thanks to all who went before me and who have encouraged me and esp the ones who have been real and dependable on here!!! Muchas Gracias!!!!

sorry gotta add more befores...

tips tips tips??????

great experience!!!

I cannot rave enough about the doc, nurses, super nice anesthesiologist Franny nd everyone at the hospital. Doc played a great English speaking CD which I have and love..haha.. I fell asleep at one point and the worst pain was the local shot and after no pain just a weird feeling when he was doing something to the lowers. Danny the assistant wasn't going to pick me up and I was gonna walk or get a cab but doc, his wife and new baby came and took me back to my cool room I rented from a great guy on airbnb. Tramadol and cephalexin r my meds. Glad I brought some ativan. But the best part was when they stuck the oxygen in my nose and my cold was gone instantly! I look good but cant fig out how to post pic from my kindle (didn't bring laptop so as not to check a bag on spirit.. I'll post em all when I get back..but wanted you to know it was a fantastic experience!!!!

just like doc said day three worst so far

More swelling..I think less bruising, can't see as pain!!,,I'm marking ice in gauze compresses...hard to see..hope not making typos..I'll keep taking pic for u mujeres!!!!

soon the photos

Tomorrow out come the stitches and I look much better with llotsa itching which I think is a good 4 seems kinda soon but I'm ready and have developed a squinting maneuver which serves as scratching!!! Sorry about the pic but when u see them u will really see the progression. I'm so glad eyes r not stuck open too which was one of my fears. I'm a bad patient..traipsed all over today but walked slowly...cancun centro is so much better than the beach...I took wrong bus back from beach and discovered a real cool safe and beautiful. When u walk by some of the houses a barking dog will scare you!!! I don't understand why anyone would pay vacation money to come to cancun beach...I'm spoiled by my Bahamatude Eleuthera where the sand is pink and your footprints are the only ones!!..but I am sinking into this place (downtown part) and love it so much and am so glad I picked it to come to...let's hope the healing continues and results are good.

promised pix!!!!!

the two hour drive back from the airport was grueling..kept having to take long blinks but here are the uglies!!!!! for you who are getting ready....but keep in mind not as bad as they look.....and no pain...i lost a few pix like wed when the stitches came out..that was worst day couldn't read...

the blind kitty

mila the kitty kept me company along with her sister who is also blind but without the messed up eyes. they were so sweet to hang with me along with the birds and iguanas!

before and day nine after

feeling lots better today as far as the dry, gritty feeling...the bruises are faint and way down on my cheeks so i covered them a bit since not close to the eyes. I'm happy for day nine! My friend gave me a tip to use tea bags to help! heat them and then freeze them she sez!

one eye feels tighter than other but both feel tight and i still look "stoned"!!!

i guess this is normal at day 11???? I like hearing the positive comments and seeing the wow on people's faces when i went back to work yesterday but felt like i was only smiling with my mouth not my eyes...but i guess i was working the eyes somehow because all i wanted to do was close them when i got home! Itching is better and less dry, gritty feeling...only bruises left are way down on the cheeks so i can cover them (kinda not really but the glasses do!!).

13 days and need to compared

figured out how to do the side by side by accident....but now can't fig out how to get on here..this is a practice

glad i don't need the bod yet as much

don't want the whole face to surpass the bod haha....cant wait till the ban on cardio and exercise opens up so i can get back to the brazillian buttlift exercises!!! it the hard way without the knife...

what did you post blepharoplasty peo use after week two? today is day 16!! I am so happy!

I am trying to follow what he said to cream and just use antibacterial soap, but i feel ready to spruce up now and was wondering what everyone did. I feel like I should be using vit e or something on the eyes and want to go back to putting good stuff on my face... any suggestions?

day 20

movin right along and trying to really enjoy the people's mouths flying open when they see me!!! I am a blabbermouth though so I havent come up against anyone who didnt know what i did...haha...not really changing much so will take a day 30 pic for ya'll.. waves are coming and i want to find out if i can go surfing.....

day 28

not much change from day 16 and this is a selfie which is always bad.... I wish the right had less hood

found 7 year ago pic.

.hoods too. 7 years ago...sorry gotta put on my timeline

well i can 38

i can go in the sun, squint, let the sunscreen go in the eyes...and still keep the tightness..yay

Day 50 after surfing with same pic to compare to before

I had my goddaughter try to take the same picture as my very first before pic. That was the one where I said "try to make me look ugly" and was after suntan lotion, salt, sea and squints. So i had the same conditions today and the same headband to pull back the hair. The only thing different apart from the improved after the sore arms from surfing....and the phone is different so the pic is different. Thanks to all those who said to just do the eyes because I think that pulled the face too!!!

no change so no pix

i forgot to take my camera to Eleuthera for the promised pix but really no changes. Still holding up great and when I catch a glimpse am happy. I don't even wear makeup any more! I will be on here following the recents who post their pix for us all to help us but was gone for ten days....

almost exactly five months and still happy!

i don't even wear makeup or look at myself critically any more and it was well worth it treating myself in 2015!!! I hope you all have a great 2016

ten months already post upper and owers

the right eye is falling but I am still way better than before the procedure. I am not sure if it is normal but I gather it is since all say relaxing is to be had...

approaching one year taken by a teenage selfie queen!

for those following and considering a bleph...eyes still feel tight and I cant put on mascara because cant feel it (numb to the touch). I don't care tho because my new eyes are so improved. The bumps are gone. Right eye is falling a bit I think because it was fattier on top whereas left had saggier skin but I dont really know. When I end up going back doc sez will revise!

almost one year

my client took this with the instagram caption "will you still love me when i am not young" lol

hi guys an update

i am still over the moon about my bleph...i look the same now as i did at 2 months....still tight and feels weird to try mascara so i don't. sorry ill put pic soon...just got hijacked by a malware

the pic in aug

Dr. Marco Carmona

I am so glad I went to Dr. Carmona and can't believe how quickly I am healing and looking much faster than I had anticipated. He was no-nonsense and confident. You just know he will do right so there is no need to ask a lot of questions. I will not hesitate to return when i am next ready. The solo sojourn I took to his area was safe and fun. Danny, his assistant, is cool, helpful and nice. The hospital is close, clean and beautiful. The doctor even took me home and would have come to visit if I had needed him. The el centro area is very upbeat and easy to navigate. So, in a way, it didn't matter that my surgery was delayed by one day. Do your homework before you go. Gracias Dr. Carmona, Alex and Danny!!! Te amo

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