Facelift in Costa Rica

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Tomorrow is the big day! I am having some real...

Tomorrow is the big day! I am having some real nerves about this! When I had Lasik 14 years ago, I thought...I could be blind after today. Well I didn't end up blind. I did however have a not so great tummy tuck which really brought home the risk of surgery. So here I am... getting a total overhaul. Some might say I am too young to have a face lift. We will let the pictures speak for themselves.

3 days post op

sorry so delayed in replying/responding. Thank you sooooo much for the well wishes. I am posing the facelift and body work in different places on the site. God bless you sweet and wonderful ladies. I had a REALLY had night after surgery. Dr. Rosenstock and Cohen did the surgery. I actually waffled about the facelift up until 5 minutes before. I almost changed my mind! But I didn't. It was a lot of surgery and I was very nauseated at one point in the night. Stayed overnight in the clinic and had excellent nursing care. Went home next day and have had excellent nursing care and delicious food. Will post photos now


I should also mention that I had a TCA chemical peel and a little bit of filler in my upper lip, blepharoplasty, upper and lower. Super swollen and bruised :(


Bruising and swelling on the left is pretty big. Dr. R aspirated a few cc's of blood from a hematoma. Injection of steroids for the swelling. It actually looked pretty good and then I got some bad news from home so I did some crying today. Afterward, my face got more swollen and my eyes feel so dry like there is sand in them. Putting ice packs, trying to stay upright and stop crying. Eye drops like crazy. I stopped the blood thinner they had me taking. I am super low risk and a complicated hematoma and a re-operation would be devastating and is a real possibility. Cross fingers and praying.

Extreme eye dryness

Lower eyelids out day 4, upper out day 5. Had some sad news from home and I cried a little. Holy cow! afterwards, my eyes were so irritated and dry that I could barely stand it.Spent an entire night putting in eye drops every 30 min. We switched to an antibiotic ointment the next day, and using drops a lot. Also, I found that the goop I am putting on my face for the peel is getting on my eyelashes and irritating everything. Better now on day 7 than it was on night of 4

Extreme peeling from TCA

Started peeling day 5 and sloughed like a snake for a day. Slowed down a bit and is picking up again on day 7. Aside from people looking at me like I am a leper, it doesn't hurt or anything. Itched a lot the night before the peeling started

hematoma improving.

Much less swelling. Still very bruised. Incision looks good. A little discoloration but nothing to worry about.

9 days post facelift

Swelling almost gone on right. Still moderately swollen on left. Incisions seem to be healing well. They said sutures out on POD 15, so I will have this done in the US.

9 days post blepharoplasty

So turns out my eyes don't close completely when I am sleeping and my eyes are drying out. It is very subtle, but enough so that the air gets to the eye while I am sleeping. Trying to lube up before sleeping. He says that this should relax soon. Any experience with this? Did anyone else have this same issue of eyes not closing completely?

15 days post op

Hematoma - improving slowly. Had to go to a local facial plastics person to get some more aspirated. It is going down pretty quickly now. Still crazy bruising.
Eye dryness - improving a little every day. Not needing the drops as frequently. Still supersensitive to light and air on my face as it makes my eyes feel really dry
Stitches - they took the rest of my stitches out when the drained my hematoma. They were buried under the skin in some places. Gross wound on top of my ear as a result. They wanted 15 days, but 10 or 11 would have been better. Also, they didn't recommend it, but should have used an ointment or something after the first 7 days to keep it from crusting. They really had to work to get out about 12 stitches.
Jury is still out on whether I am glad I did it or not...

3 week pics

Eyes still very dry. :( everything else healing pretty well. Scar behind right ear is raised. Started using a tiny strip of silicone tape.

4 week update

Eyes still dry darn it!!!! Tiny bits better than last week though. Trying to stay positive. At least now I can work and drive. Still using steroid drops in my eyes. Bruising almost totally gone. Just a hint of yellow in the wrong lighting. Some swelling still but now that it is less, I am starting to see some of the wrinkles back. Being patient though. I never wear makeup so all these pics are without makeup.

6 weeks +/-

Yea still dry but better than last time I posted.

10 weeks

Still numb around the ears. Scars are healing well. Eyes are almost totally back to normal. Just a teeny bit of dryness. It was worth it!!

4 month update

Feeling good :) scars barely noticeable. Eyes are fine now. (thank God!) still happy!

Worth it!!!!!

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