26 Year Old, Mother of 3, 5'7, 153 Lbs - Costa Mesa, CA

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Over the course of 8 years I have had 3 children,...

Over the course of 8 years I have had 3 children, ages 6, 4, and 2 and have breastfed each of them for well over a year. My breasts pre pregnancy were maybe a 36 B and during breastfeeding a 36B.... My weight has fluctuated from 165 pre pregnancy, to 203 and now I've gone down to 153! However with weight loss and the discontinuation of breastfeeding my boobs have completely disappeared. My 34b push ups are pretty empty! Lol

So my decision to do a BA was made a long time ago but delayed due to having babies. Now that I'm done having kids I am sooo ready.

I had my consult on Monday 2/8 and I've already set my surgery date for 3/17.
I've decided to do 500 cc Silicone implants under the muscle with a tranaxillary incision and lowering of the breast pocket. So excited!

Lifting my 2 year old post augmentation?

Sooo for the past couple nights since I scheduled my surgery I've been having anxiety about the recovery. I have a 6 year old, 4 year old, and a 2 year old. My 6 year old and 4 year old I'm not worried about, they're pretty self sufficient, however my 2 year old Is the one I'm having anxiety about. He's really attached to me, and I'm worried about being able to lift him after surgery. How did you mommies deal with recovery with your toddler? I'll have my sister here for 10 days after my surgery but after that I'm on my own ????Hubby works late and is home pretty much at 7 during the week and on weekends he's off. My surgery date is March 17 and my oldest daughter goes back to school April 1 (spring break) sooo I will most likely need to lift for car seats and when they fall asleep in the car after April 1. Is that enough recovery time? ????

21 days away, so anxious!

My surgery is exactly 3 weeks away now. I'm so excited and anxious at the same time, trying to keep busy and keep my mind off of it lol I've been exercising more and have finally dropped my plateau, I'm now at 149 lbs hoping to make it to 145 before surgery.

I've been obsessed with reading reviews on here and reading about people's recoveries. I'm so nervous about how recovery will be for me since it seems to be quite different for everyone. I'm not looking forward to the anxiety of a messy house from me not being able to clean during recovery time lol. Agh I obsess about everything.
Also I have bought some essentials that I see a lot of you ladies recommend for after surgery, so far I have:
Arnica tablets
Arnica gel
Scar away strips
Tylenol pm
Tylenol for muscle aches and pains (600mg)
gel ice packs
Coconut oil for massaging

Anything else I should add to the list?

Change of date

Sooo I got a call on Thursday, unfortunately my doctors surgery center will have to be getting their re- certification the day that my surgery was scheduled for thursday March 17. So they pushed me back a day, Friday March 18! So anxious!

Today's the day!!

Couldn't fall asleep last night, I've been so anxious! Mom and sis came over this morning to help watch my boys (2 and 4) and hubby and I dropped off my oldest (6) at school on the way in to the surgery center. Appt is 20 mins away! I want it to be over already lol I can't tell if I'm more nervous or excited. Wish me luck!

On the other side!

So surgery went good I had a hard time waking up, don't like the feeling of not being in control, but the staff was amazing, the surgery coordinater, nurses, and dr were so comforting. So my dr didn't do numbing and doesn't provide pain med for the ride home so I had a 45 min drive home, ate some soup and then 15 mins later took my hydrocodone. Not gonna lie the drive home was a little intense, extreme pressure! Now that the pain pill has kicked in I feel sooooo much better laying in bed propped up now watching a movie with the hubby. So happy to now have my boobies.! I have my post op tomorrow and they will take off the two bands that they put on me, strap across my chest and strap on my ribs to hold them in place. So will take a better picture then :)


I just want to say I am so happy I did this! My boobs are tight and I can't really even see them much due to the straps and pads dr put in but I am just so happy. Completely happy with my treatment by the OR staff, and ecstatic at the fact that from the moment I took my first pain pill til now midway through the night I have been very comfortable with my pain/pressure tolerance. My kids have been home most of the day (ages 2, 4, and 6) and my hubby and sister have been keeping them entertained for the most part but they've even been watching tv in the room with me and are totally understanding about mommas owwies! I honestly was so worried about them being very needy as they always are but I feel so comforted to see that we are all getting through this fairly easily! So happy with the support from them! I'm hoping tomorrow is just as easy with pain tolerance as today was! I literally feel so much better than what I was expecting, and sleeping has been comfy too! (I woke up because of my alarm just to take pain meds lol).
Just to recap I had axillary incision with lowering of the breast crease with 500 ccs memory gel silicon hp implants! Hoping they get bigger with time as they look high and tight right now. And the meds I've been taking are just hydrocodone and arnica Montana every 4 hours :)

Boob greed?

So I'm 5 days post op, and I haven't posted any nudes because well I guess im just not comfortable lol. Anywho I feel like the first day they were really square and tight. They've loosened up a bit since then but they still don't really project too much. I kind of feel like I look semi similar as I did with a padded bra, just with cleavage, if that makes any sense. Here are some of my post op pics. Do you guys think they'll get any bigger? Or at least round out at the bottom? I don't like the squarish look on top.

6 days post op

6 days post op and I'm feeling really well. I forgot to mention in my update that the pain has been super minimal for me, I was off pain killers by 2 days post op. Lol I literally went to a birthday party the following day after surgery. And at 3 days post op I was walking around olvera street in LA lol. My family was super impressed with my recovery and how easy it's been. I've been walking around well, just not lifting anything or overdoing it. I really like my boobs I just kind of feel like I wish I had gone bigger I feel like no one has really noticed them and like I look like I did before with my padded bra. :( I hope they get bigger as they drop and fluff. I will admit I do see a difference from day 1 definitely. Here are some of my post op day 6 pics. I get my sutures out tomorrow :) ps do high profile implants ever really drop?

For all the worried mommies! :)

This is specially for all the moms that are stressing about their babies post surgery! I was one of you not long ago! Lol So my best advice have help for at least 2 days with kids ages 4 and up. And if you have smaller ones (like I do) get help for at least 4 days.

I honestly was expecting the worst especially because my youngest (age 2) is such a mommas boy! He loves cuddling, gets jealous when anyone else is too close to me, wants mommy for everything, refuses to have daddy/grandma/aunty help with anything that he knows mommy can do (getting bottles, showering, diaper changing etc) so I was really stressing it with him. HOWEVER... He did really really well! Thank god! He was really understanding when I got home from surgery. We sat them all down and told them mommy had surgery in her armpits (lol I refused to tell them about my boobs and they still haven't said anything about it, even my 6 year old daughter who is really observant lol maybe she just doesn't want to ask the awkward question) and they all saw that mommy had owwies and wasn't going to be able to do much and that I wouldn't be able to carry them or have them get too close to me.

The following day I wasn't in much pain just sore and so I was able to do a lot still even went to a birthday party! :) lol granted I will say everyone's pain tolerance is different, but my surgeon uses the most minimally invasive technique where there is no cutting or damage to the muscle, axillary incision goes under the muscle without causing trauma so I didn't have any bruising and minimal swelling.
Anyway my kids adjusted and understood really well. I'm on day 10 post op and today was my first time having to lift them and it was just to get them out of their car seats and into the stroller. My little ones do sleep in toddler beds though so the lifting to cribs wasn't applicable to me. And they get in their own car seats in the car I just have to buckle them.

If you guys have any other questions let me know! :) good luck to all of you that have surgery coming up!

Booby blues have diminished :)

I was really depressed last week about my boobs looking too small and the fact that my t shirts and clothes looked the same as they did when I wore padded bras. :( but this weekend I took off my surgical bra for a bit and switched into a non underwire tshirt bra I got from Walmart, it's a sz large, and probably too small lol but it really helped me love my new boobs lol that ugly surgical bra from hell was really killing my vibe lol. I only wore it for a few hours while I went to a baby shower. And then again on Sunday to wear with a dress. But they looked so much better in a non surgical bra lol! I totally can't wait to see the final product and am so anxious to see what size bra I end up with.
If anyone has similar stars and is further along post op please lmk what size you ended up being! I'm anxious lol

Recap. I'm 5'7 150 lbs preop deflated 34b got 500 cc memory gels under the muscle axillary incision

Another at 8 days post op

The last two photos were also at 8 days post op :)

Bloating? Bleh

Still bloated 11 days post op is this normal? I'm usually really active, and I had gotten my waistline down pretty well prior to surgery, but now I feel so heavy and like my stomach is just super bloated...when will it go away? :(

Confidence <3

So I have to say I am totally loving my new boobs, I have cleavage with no bra on and even better cleavage with a bra on lol... They're getting softer, I can now squish them together. I finally have my appt to remove sutures!! It was supposed to be last Friday but dr was out so it was rescheduled for today, hope that doesn't affect scarring.
Overall I'm just so happy I did this. They're beautiful, recovery has been a breeze, and I can't wait to get back to working out!

2 weeks post op!

So overall I'm feeling great, had my stitches removed on Wednesday and dr said the girls look great! :) I was instructed to take 1000 mg of vitamin e, 1200 mg fish oil and 50 mg of coq10. And to massage my boobs for 2 mins twice a day, I have to physically move the implant around in a circle lol so that's fun, they get a little sore and I've notice sharp shooting pains that come and go in my right breast, which I think is the nerves regenerating. ALSO I've been cleared to wear whatever wireless bra I want starting at 3 weeks and to sleep on my side then too :)

Also huge news! I got sized at Victoria Secret and they measured me at 34DDD or 36DD:)

3 week boobie-versary

So it's been 3 weeks, sometimes I absolutely love them, other times I think they're too small. They're definitly a huge improvement from before, which I am happy about, but I really really think my dr should have let me go bigger. He did say 500 cc was the max he'd suggest for my body type, but honestly I'm tall, 5'7 and 152 lbs. (yes I've Been able to keep my pre-op weight, I think because I've lost some muscle in my legs and butt, because I'm totally not happy with how my stomach is looking these days :( )

So I honestly suggest to the girls that are my height and weight, go bigger! The only thing that's a little comforting is that I know I will be able to play them up once I can wear underwire bras, and if I can manage to lose a few lbs in my stomach I think it'll look bigger. All in all I am happy, it is a huge improvement, but I'm not gonna lie I will ask my ps if I can go bigger maybe a few years down the line lol

Also they are definitly dropping slowly but surely, and they're definitly a lot softer/squishier.

4 weeks post op

So it's been 4 weeks since my surgery. My breasts are getting softer I'm not in any pain at all. I've started sleeping on my side and have been overall pretty comfortable.

However I'm pretty sad about my boobs not being as big as I thought they would be. I thought 500 cc were big but apparently not big enough for my frame. I'm 5'7 150 lbs but I have pretty big hips and butt and I just feel like the boobs don't balance me out. Almost like I still look like I looked in a padded bra before. Obviously they're bigger when I take my clothes off but in clothes they don't look much different. :( nobody really hs notices except obviously the people I told about it. My next post op visit is 2 weeks away and I really want to talk to my surgeon about when and how much it would be to size up. Ugh this is so depressing I really wish I had gone bigger.

A little more of my boobie rant

Soo I wanted to share some post op pics from when I was just a mother of one, back then I would say my boobs were a full c, they were nice but I still always wanted bigger. And these pictures kind of look similar to how they look now. Which kind of explains why I'm not happy with the size right now.

Also I decided to finally talk to my hubby about how depressed and emotional I've been about the size and how I wish they were bigger etc. I explained that I felt they don't really balance out my body and that is what I wanted. I'm a bigger girl lol not big but I mean I have big hips and a booty so I've always longed for the boobs to match. I worked my butt off after my third child to get from 176 lbs to 155 (post op) and with all this depression I've worked my way down to 149... I sort of felt that maybe if I lose more weight in my tummy my boobs will appear bigger. And ill continue trying to lose til I hit 145. Anyways point being he understood my feelings and told me that he loved me with or without boobs but if I felt better doing a revision we would save the money and go for it. This was a huge relief to me because at least now I know if after some time I'm still not happy he will have my back. :)

One month post op

Not much to report... Other than I wish they were bigger lol I literally don't notice them in clothes. And wore a dress over the weekend that I didn't quite fill out still. Still awaiting the drop and fluff. But I doubt it will resolve itself, 6 week post op is coming up next week and I will definitly be asking about going bigger.

A change of heart

Sooo the last couple weeks I feel like I have been on an emotional roller coaster. Depressed, happy, sad, happy... A million emotions in the same day lol.

I am here today to say that I am so very grateful that I had an awesome surgeon, that my husband spent this big lump of money on me, that my breasts look nice and I have natural cleavage, that I have had virtually no pain since operation, that I've Been able to care for myself and my kids, and that I am healthy!

7 weeks post op!

Hey guys I've been super busy and haven't had a chance to check in! Boobs are doing good, I feel like they are projecting a little more lately, I don't have any pain whatsoever, morning boobs diminished maybe at week 4? And even then it wasn't bad at all. I'm sleeping really well now, I've been sleeping on my side since week 5, and these days I've sometimes caught myself sleeping on my tummy! Things that haven't changed much, my left dropped slightly towards the end of week 5, but it's still not as low as the right one, it's not a huge difference and no one else can see it except me, (and my dr after I pointed it out) but he says that they're both healing well and that it was the perfect size for me. I did mention I kind of wanted to go bigger and he said that for me it wouldn't have benefited me because it would make me really wide up top and would not change the projection much which is what I wanted. So all in all I am really happy with them, I have a new collection of bras now some of which I'm spilling out of slightly lol I range between a 34ddd and 36Dd. I'm really glad I trusted my Drs advice to stick with the 500 cc at first I thought they were small and was really depressed about it, but now I see that in different clothes sometimes I even look too big lol it was just a matter of adjusting. So now on another note, when will these things get soft? I've been doing my massages and taking vitamin e, fish oil, and coq10, but I haven't noticed much more softening since maybe week 5. I really want them to get soft and jiggly. Does anyone know when they soften more?

Axillary incisions

Forgot to update you guys on my incisions, I haven't had a problem with them at all. I got my sutures out 12 days post op, and started using scar away sheets at 2 weeks post op. They're kind of a hassle tho, I only wear them at night and take them off in the morning. If anyone would like to recommend a gel or cream to use id appreciate it:)

Waist training?

Hi ladies! I waist trained for about a year prior to surgery, it really helped me a lot throughout my weight loss journey and I'm really missing it now. Do any of you guys waist train? And how long did you wait post breast augmentation to resume? Any problems ?
Dr Sid Mirrafati

I researched for about 2/3 weeks before scheduling a consult and looked through many many reviews and different sites. The one that stood out a lot from the rest is Mira aesthetics because most of the reviews were for BAs which tells me that this is something Dr. Mirrafati specializes in. Honestly the only thing I was a little worried about was the wait and as some others said "attitude" of the staff. But I figured it was worth a shot. My appt was scheduled for Monday at 5 pm. I got there a few mins early, they took me in right away and gave me my paperwork to fill out. Once I finished my paperwork I was taken into the consultation room and watched a video on the procedure that the dr does for breast augmentation. Then the dr was in promptly took a visual exam where he told me I was a good candidate and that there would be sufficient breast tissue to do an under the muscle implant. He recommended I go anywhere from 300-500 cc at most. He gave me pricing which was very straight forward, no hidden costs etc outlined it on paperwork and then my husband and I decided to move forward and do the pre op which meant I was able to try on the sizers. We ended up deciding on 500 ccs.

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