Fat Neck! Vaser Treatment on a 26 Year Old Female - Australia

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I am a relatively healthy 26 year old female who,...

I am a relatively healthy 26 year old female who, for my entire life, has had an abnormally neck, chin and throat. None of which is hereditary. When I was 5 I was placed on strong steriods for approximately 5 years, increasing my levels of cortisol. I was on the steriods so that I could keep my sight. Whilst it was necessary, the side effect was weight gain and most annoyingly uneven distribution of fat. Now I am older and my body has sorted itself out, I have weird pockets of fat that just don't match the rest of my body. The most bothersome of all is my neck. I have what looks like a tyre around my lower throat and excess under the chin. Some people say that don't notice but it has definitely haunted me for years. I decided to do something about it when I walked into my usual doctors and there was a locum instead. Before I even sat down she gasped and said I had a goiter. That my neck is swollen to the size of a morbidly obese person. THANKS DOC. After many tests on my thyroid, and after finally looking at my medical history they realised that it was the cortisol which had caused it. So no amount of exercise or dieting would get rid of it. Even at my lightest weight, the neck remained.

I have now booked into Cosmos Clinic in North Adelaide to see Dr Rahbah. Ive had two consultations and I am feeling confident that he will do the best he possibly can. I am also nervous because what happens if I don't like what I see? I will just have to wait and see. Tomorrow is the day for surgery and I am now prepped with towels, mattress protectors and spare towels ready for when I come home tomorrow. Wish me luck.

All done! Few hours after...

That was one of the most painless and non-terrifying things I've ever experienced in a chair. I was made very relaxed with various drugs and the procedure was over in an hour or so. I think I even slept through some of it. I was made to feel very comfortable. However - now I look less than desirable. I am dripping blood more than the average person but I bruise quite easily so it's expected. Average removal of fat in a person for their neck is 20-30ml. Dr Rahbab removed 75ml. Amazing. I look horrible. No pain. Can't eat and can't wait for the result. Need to keep the same compression on for three days. My poor boyfriend.

Sore throat! UPS and downs.

I had a relatively good day the day after the surgery. The pain was only minimal. I would compare to doing a good workout at the gym and the muscles hurting afterwards. I did get s bit down emotionally but I think that's im from the concoction of panadeine forte, only being able to drink not eat and also too much happening around me. I have just woken up from a disturbed night sleep. I slept with two pillows propped up like I was told to but I apparently snored heavily all night and now have a very swollen and sore throat. Not ideal but I think I'll sleep sitting up from now on which doesn't really bother me. I am also going to change my garment. It's covered in dried up blood and not the most comfortable. Will post a photo update then!

Day 2 photos.

Here's some photos of my update. I'm on day three post op now but didn't take any photos. I spent a few hours with my garment off - long enough for Easter festivities and a bath. There's a few lumps which looks clearly like fluid so I am pretty confident they will go down. The base of neck / throat is swollen but that bothersome tyre is essentially gone. What a relief!


Here's some photo updates of where I am at wih recovery.

One week later!

So I've had my second post op appointment and lymph massage. I am in minimal pain and have quite a bit of numbness in my neck. It doesn't bother me because I was made fully aware that the healing process is quite lengthy, despite it being vaser. I've had a bit of hardness and scar tissue form. Hopefully massage will sort it out but Dr Rahbah has also given me the option of PRP injections to break up the scar tissue. So it can only continue to improve. Will post more photos soon!

Two weeks post

Still quite swollen. A little restricted for exercise. Massaging everyday has made a huge difference. I am getting massages from the clinics nurse weekly also.

2months out

Having prp therapy every 2 weeks and each time is a dramatic improvement.

6 months out - happy Chappy.

Now a lot of people wouldn't have thought I had an issue but when something that you can't do anything about through lifestyle changes and isn't normal by any means - it has made the biggest difference to my confidence. Each month my neck has improved - so much so that I've realised how much extra fat there was.
Dr Erfan Rahbah

I have only positive things to say about him so far.

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