Inner Thigh Vaser Lipo. Gold Coast, AU

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I had Vaser lip on the inner and back of my thighs...

I had Vaser lip on the inner and back of my thighs yesterday at the Cosmos Clinic Gold Coast. I arrived at 9am, went straight in to see Dr Kim and talk through and sign any documents. He gave me a relaxing tablet to take the edge off the nerves and then i tried on my suit. The suit comes just below the knees and right up to below your chest with zips and clips down the sides. It has a hole underneath to allow you to go to the toilet without taking it off.

After trying this on, he drew on my legs with a marker pen the areas to be treated. Then i was taken into the theatre room and had an IV put in and had a mix of sedation solution injected into it. Dr Kim talked me through the process and said he would advise me at every step what he was doing. After the IV he numbed the area for the incision and then injected the local anaesthetic throughout the area of each thigh to be treated- front and back.

I was given Gas to take as and when i wanted. Once the area was numb he started with the vaser part where he melts the fat- I literally just felt a prodding but no pain. At one point i felt a little heat, but i was able to tell him and he sorted it quickly. This process was really comfortable. After the melting he said he was going to start the sucking machine. I could hear the machine, but i was in such a comfortable state i really didn't care what was happening lol. I remember feeling really happy that my annoying fat that never went was being sucked away for good! I could see the fat moving up into the container through the tube- fascinating really! At this point i remembered thinking how vaser is quite different to normal lipo as it really does remove the fat and limited other areas - tissues etc and blood. You can see the pure fat being suctioned.

After doing my front i was asked to stand and he marked up any further areas that needed treating- as gravity of course affects how our bodies look. Then i was asked to turn to do the back. The process was repeated, and again, there really was no discomfort that i recall, and at any point when i felt more pressure i just sucked the happy gas. :-)

All in all i think it took approx 45mins... then the nurses put on my compression garment and i walked into the recovery room where they gave me time to snooze and some tea and biscuits. I was feeling fine. I think overall i was at the clinic 3 hours and went home wrapped in 2 blues to soak up all the leakage as they leave the incisions open to all for the excess fluid to be naturally removed. I still couldn't really feel any discomfort, just a tightness. I went home and into bed for a few hours. When i got up my bluey wraps were soaked in fluid. I was fully aware of this happening so i was prepared mentally, so make sure you prepare yourself otherwise it can be a shock to see that amount! There are no pads underneath the garment as it can affect the compression of the suit, therefore the leaking does go over the suit and then onto the bog bluies... which is a little uncomfortable but you et use to it.

I am on day 1 today, and i didn't sleep well i have to say... You are given anti sickness tablets, antibiotics and panadene forte to take when required and i felt fine until bed time last night then it felt sore and a slight burning sensation. I took panadene forte and it was fine. Its hard getting comfortable when you usually sleep on your side or front and this was a little uncomfortable. This morning i feel ok, just tight legs that feel like i have run a 20-50k marathon lol! But i can already see the nice curve he has created instead of the horrible bulge i had, so that exciting to see.

Apparently i had 375ml of fat- the same as a can of coke removed from each inner/back thigh area! Very exciting to know that horrible bulge is gone. I always had problems with trousers fitting me in this area and could never loose weight there- every where else but never there!

I will post my before pictures when i am able to get them off the doctor, as i stupidly didn't take any! so sorry... i will post some progress ones over the next few days though. I want to make sure i am informing anyone who is thinking of this as i was so reassured my members of the community on real self, and it really is great to have the real reviews.

My journey and lipo wisdom so far

Ok, it has been a while since any updates as i had my surgery on July 1st. I am now almost 4 weeks post op. I have to be honest, i didn't want to post anything earlier of my step by step journey because i didn't really know what was happening to my body, and by me broadcasting the day by day journey i felt it may increase my anxiety, and possibly give you a bad impression of lipo. However, i must say i am still alive and absolutely fine! I :-)

On reflection its a funny thing because as i was reading the pre op contract thingy i signed, it stated ' You may become depressed...' i remember thinking, how on earth can getting skinnier make someone depressed! lol ... now i am able to reflect on the process of 4 weeks in recovery, i can honestly say i think that first and second week was pretty hard for me mentally. I just wasn't prepared for the weirdness that having lipo presented. The strange jelly/ swollen/ hard/lumpy/stiff/sensations that were all part of the recovery process. Even though you are told about them, i just really wasn't prepared...Each day presented different elements, ups and downs for me and some people may feel hardly any, and be able to go back to work asap however i found each change incredibly unusual- especially when i had a massive wedge like pouch under one of my thighs! This truly freaked me out. I was informed that post op massage was a crucial part of the recovery and i went into overdrive with my wedge pocket thats for sure! ...So here are my pointers i have learned thus far:

Week One= Traumatic, weirdness! ... Hobbled around, longed to sit on my butt, of which i most certainly could NOT do under any circumstances. It felt like i had a rope of tight, sore, swolleness wrapped around. Transitioning from lying to standing was painful, i remember describing it to the doctor as a skin ripping sensation ( i can be dramatic) however i was still in one piece lol! So week one, plan on doing nothing and howling around the house! You may need an emotional support person too to cry to every now and then!

Week 2= Back to work week! Eeeew, How was i going to go back to school and sit down and pretend to be fine?.. luckily i stand most of the day, but i planned many instances to avoid those sitting/meeting situations or in fact any social situation where people would question me. Even on the first day someone commented on my walk and asked if i was ok, i had to say yes I'm fine just pulled a muscle! lol Thinking it was only one person that noticed, then the next day another and another commented! Again, pulled muscle excuse, except one person was in fact a pe teacher who then continued to inform me of stretches and thing i could do to loosen and help my leg! By this time i was waiting for him to expect me to start doing them! and it was then i realised, nope! home it is for another few days.

Week 3= Normal!! Starting to feel human again. I can sit down, move around without any weird pain or ripping sensation. And even starting to walk normal! thank goodness, i really didn't think i could pull off the pulled muscle routine for a second week. I have been having 3 plus massages a week- 3 machine ones and massaging myself daily for a good half an hour. The bruising is still quite apparent, and the hardness is really coming to the surface with a few lumps and bumps too. I started to get some weird tugging sensations from the hardness swell, but by now i am mentally prepared for any weirdness so I'm used to it. I can also start to see a slight change, so I'm starting to feel more positive in the outcome. Whereas before my legs felt like aliens attached to me that i couldn't get rid of.

Week 4= NORMAL!!! Oh the relief. How you take simple things for granted is my week four lesson. Im now almost running around, transitions from any form of chair comfortably and having the occasionally weird twang and nerve pain from all the sensations coming back. Oh the nerve pain is very weird, but a good weird! the aliens are going, and your own legs are returning.. or should i say better legs.

A few extra things i have learned too:

1- Hand Lymphatic Drainage massage is great!
2- Machine one supplied by the clinic and the wonderful nurse Elle- Fantastic, she has truly supported my anxiety and weirdness the last few weeks!
3- Im living in my suits! fully, I'm wearing full time for 6 weeks and then i may contemplate 12 hours a day, but currently cannot imagine yet, as i am a bit of a perfectionist and want all my lumps and bumps to be fully evened out. Oh i have two, which means i am watching daily....
4- Arnica cream! helped no end with week 3/4 bruising.. almost completely gone, and when i post pictures soon you will see my incredible bruising! lol
5- Started using scar cream for the minuscule incisions... again, I'm being a perfectionist.
6-Epsom Baths! a whole 375gm per bath, soak in for 30-40mins twice a week and rub/soak the area.. this helps aid with the swelling.
7- Have it done in WINTER!!! not summer, I'm surviving, but would never be able to wear this suit in summer.
8- BUY Nappy rash cream!! you will figure out why...
9-... hmmmm I'm sure il thin of more soon, :-)
Gold Coast Physician

Fantastic service leading up to the procedure yesterday. Dr Kim and the nurses made me feel completely at ease. Dr Kim was very professional.

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