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So I finally decided after years of hating my...

So I finally decided after years of hating my thighs to have lipo. I am 5"10 and weigh about 80 kilos. I have always hated my body, but it wasn't until after I had my son, that I looked back on my pics and was like - wow, I did look pretty good.
I'm very social, so while I can be good during week, it all turns to crap at the weekend. I also have had most of my right lung removed so I get out of breath really easy, so find it hard to exercise. Doesn't help also that I really hate it.
I have a lot of self confidence generally, but the minute I take off my clothes I hate the way I look. The pics I have attached are not done in a good light and several friends have said "you really don't look like that" but hey, bad pics can only mean the after ones look better right. You can see from my "fully dressed" pic that I look pretty ok with clothes on and have no shortage of self confidence. Clothes hide a multitude of sins as they say!
I originally wanted to go with Ashbury Clinic but was turned down for normal lipo due to my medical condition. Even though I had been cleared by my oncologist, they still said no. The appt was free with medicare and the doc was pretty good (even if he was running about 40 mins late). I left feeling happy enough. My mother wasn't too sure about the procedure given that it's twilight and he was administering it and observing me and doing the procedure but I was happy enough to go ahead - but was then told no...

So the hunt began for another doctor. I started looking at pics and after looking at pics from girls who had been to the Cosmos Clinic on the Gold Coast, to see Dr Mitchell Kim, I was pretty impressed by their pics so started making enquiries. I was up front about my medical condition and provided a letter from my oncologist. I sent pics to the doctor and before I knew it, I was "approved" and good to go. I was happy with the price and the details they provided to me. I hadn't met the Doctor in person but apparently this isn't such a big deal anyway. I have just had a Skype consult with the Doctor and feel so much more at ease. He has had this procedure himself which I thought was a really good advertisement for it. He had his procedure on the Friday and was back at work on the Monday. He ran through a whole lot of information and was very informative. He also answered my questions and really put my mind at ease. I'm really looking forward to the procedure now and can't wait for my "after" pics.

I am having my inner and outer thighs, my flanks, and lower and upper stomach done. I didn't really want to spend as much as it is costing (12,500 AUD) but I might as well do it properly, rather than regret it and have to go back and do the further areas.

I will update with pics etc once I have had the surgery!

2 days to go

I'm pretty nervous now I must say. I can't imagine having the body I've always wanted. I know there will be a bit of recovery ahead but I'm still pretty excited about the results. I have had a friend show my bf how to do lymphatic massage on me, and I am ready with everything else I need.

I just want it over and done with. The Dr told me he would be standing me up to do the thighs which make me nervous... I can handle any of the yuckiness, just don't want to feel major pain!

Watch this space!

1 day post op

So... yesterday was finally the big day. I slept ok the night before and we made our way down to the clinic for 8.30. Dr Kim was at reception when we got there and we went straight in. He got me to sign all the necessary documents before I stripped down so he could take pics and measurements. I also tried on my garment to made sure it fit, and had a lorazepam to chill me out a bit. From there my bf had to leave and I had to put my blue gown on and I was straight in. I had some oxygen and also some happy gas. I was pretty nervous and dreading the local but it wasn't that bad.
He then started numbing the areas. I feel like I remember the whole thing, but I was in there from 9 till 1, and it only felt like around 20 minutes. There were times I said ouch, but nothing I couldn't handle. That was my main fear, that it would be really painful, and it really wasn't. It was quite interesting to see stuff leaking out of me, and I could see the fat canisters filling up so that was cool. I think they took over 3 ltrs from me so that was good. I remember standing up while he did my thighs which was pretty cool.
Afterwards I went into recovery... but on sitting up I felt really sick (I always do with anaesthetic) so had to wait and see if I was going to spew. Thankfully I didn't and I made it to the recovery bed quite easily.
I chilled out in recovery for a few hours. My bf came in then and just sat with me. They gave me water and lemonade and biscuits and crackers which was nice. I didn't want to eat but made myself. They even gave my bf the same thing which I thought was nice. The nurses were lovely, making sure I was feeling ok, giving me some more meds through my cannula etc - I was v. impressed with how caring they were.
5pm it came and I realised I should probably go home. It was hard getting to the car as I felt sick, but once in the car we made it home fine. My bf helped me into bed. I remember my friend being there, telling me I looked pale, but all I wanted to do was sleep. My son kept asking what I had had done at the doctors but I was quite out of it and didn't really say much.
I slept till about 2am before I got up and had a wee and had a panadeine forte. I actually am not in much pain at all to be honest. Just feels like strong muscle ache. I slept really well considering I hate sleeping on my back.
I am wearing my garment plus a bluey from the clinic, plus my grey pjs, so I haven't even bothered to look at myself yet, and won't until I shower tomorrow before going back to see the doc. My friend and bf said I look slimmer so that's a good start.
Pics to come tomorrow when I have my first shower.
Overall, I feel much better than I thought I would at this point.

2 days post op

So today is Friday. I had the procedure on Wednesday. I'm actually feeling really good. I had my first shower today which was wonderful. I washed out my garment in the shower which was gross lol and then spun it in the washing machine before drying it with a hairdryer - easy. I then went to the clinic and met with the nurse and had my first lymphatic drainage massage - it was pretty quick but she said it was just to get used to it. I picked up my second set of garments also - that way I don't have to keep washing and drying my other one with great haste.
I am really happy with how my stomach and flanks look so far but my thighs still look pretty big - but, and this is where I am at least sensible... I can see all the swelling in my legs - there is huge amounts - so I'm not freaking out by any means. I was told today they took 3.5 litres out which I'm happy about. I also remember the Doc putting some fat back in and mentioned this to the nurse today who said "that's why we stand you up, to make sure it's even" which I really actually quite like. It means the Doc is a perfectionist and makes sure everything looks right.
After the clinic visit I went to the mall and had sushi, then wandered round for a bit before picking my son up from school. Basically I was out from 9.30 till 3.30pm and I feel absolutely fine.
My partner did a bit more light massage on me when we got home and now I'm about to do dinner.
I'm no longer on the panadene forte, only pandadol, and to be honest I don't know if I even need that now. I actually feel pretty ok (surprisingly).
More photos to come in the next few days.

A couple of cropped before and afters

Nearly 2 weeks post op

Sorry it's taken me a while to update... I kept meaning to do it then kept getting distracted.

So on Wednesday it will be two weeks. The pain has been fine. I stopped taking any form of pain killers on the Friday post op so on the pain front I'm all good.

I'm still really swollen. I can't work out how to do side by side comparison pics but I've attached what I hope is each pic next to each other of my latest pics and before. There is a HUGE difference in my stomach and flanks and I'm super happy with that. But my thighs are either still really swollen, or he didn't take enough out. They look bigger than before to me. I know they are still swollen but my thighs are the one thing I really wanted to get done (the rest was just a bonus) and I really wish I had the HUGE difference with my thighs before I had the difference with my stomach (if that makes sense).

I don't know what you guys see - but if you see something different, I'd love to hear it!

The people at the clinic told me they took out 3.4 litres. This broke down to 2 .2 litres off my stomach (upper and lower) and flanks. That means it was only 300ml outer and 300ml inner of each thigh, totalling 1.2 litres. I'm not sure if this was enough? I'm just not sure - maybe I'm just getting disheartened - which I told myself I wouldn't do... arrrrgghhhh - it's really annoying having to wait forever for results. I'm sure most of you are in the same position as me.

I feel a bit hard and a bit numb still in my stomach and flanks. They are the most sensitive as others have said and this is true. Sometimes I get a few stingy bits and I go "ouch" but mainly it's ok.

I had my first endermologie massage last week. I wore this super sexy white suit which made me laugh. It was really sore on my flanks but otherwise I didn't really feel a thing. Hopefully this week it will be better. I have some hard bits which we work on every night (my poor bf) and hopefully that will help.

Otherwise I'm all good. The binder is a pain in my ass, but when I'm in the car and I don't have it on, I feel quite vulnerable - good reason to wear it I guess. I don't mind the garment so much, it gives me nice lines lol.

That's about it for now I think :)

Tape update

I asked about the tape when I was having it removed last week (and boy did that hurt like a mother). They said they give it for extra support - not everyone has it - and that I was lucky to get it. I was like "oh, I'll be grateful then". I think it did help... maybe I had lots of extra saggy baggy skin to hold in lol. Anyway, it's gone now...

Updated pics

I have just had some more pics taken and was feeling pretty positive. I can see the swelling has gone down a bit more and I'm a bit happier tonight. Well I was... until someone who hasn't posted anything before on my review felt the need to be nice and negative. So that's put me back into a bad shitty mood about it all.
Honestly, if people want to be negative, this is not the site for it.
I hope others can see the difference (which I'm finally starting to see).

2 Weeks post op

I think I'm finally starting to see some difference in my thighs. I have attached some more pics. Looking pretty good so far, hopefully there will be more results to come.
I feel fine, a little slow at times but generally back to normal. I still feel hard and lumpy in parts, but having a massage every day so that is helping.

3 weeks post-op today

So it's been exactly 3 weeks since my surgery. And it feels every few days or so I get my ever so patient bf to take pics, then I screen shot them to get the previous one side by side and then scrutinise.

I'm happy to say that today I see a good difference - so it's a "good day".

My pain is nil now which is fantastic - I'm a little tender naturally if I get hit or bump into something but not in pain to move or sleep or anything like that. I must say the Doc wasn't lying when he said the recovery was not a big deal. it really has been way better than I thought.

I am quite hard and lumpy in places and am having massages everyday courtesy of my bf and I will be seeing the nurse tomorrow for my endermologie massage which I have weekly. I now get to wear the compression only part-time so that's great. I'm not sure exactly which "part" to wear it, so for now will continue to wear it constantly until I get clarified (tomorrow). I'm used to it now - but my binder has began to fold a bit, so rather over that.

Anyway, hope the pictures inspire!

6 weeks today...

So it's been six weeks today since I had the procedure. I am currently in the Maldives so will do some more pics when I get back. I didn't wear my garment at nearly 5 weeks for one day... boy did I pay the price. The next day my leg was mega sore and mega swollen, with hard scar tissue. When I spoke to the clinic, they knew I was off on holiday and asked me to send pics whereby the Doc said it wasn't a major issue but to come in for a massage before I go, which I did... he also popped in to see me which was reassuring. The swelling has gone down but the hardness remains. I have however been having massages every day while I've been away and today the lady started to shift some of the scar tissue which is great.

I am feeling good, my flanks are still somewhat numb and my stomach is still somewhat tender, but apart from that, I'm fine.

I have noticed a bit of lumpiness in my stomach, not sure what that's about, but will show the Dr on my next visit. I am still wearing my garment every other night as it's super hot here!

8 weeks today

Just took a sneaky pic. Feeling pretty good right now about myself! A little concerned at lumpy stomach but won't stress too much. Loving my thigh gap, and back exercising which will help even further!

4.5 months in

So it's been ages since my last update and I thought I better post a couple of pictures.
I have been really happy with my results bar a couple of things. My stomach is a bit uneven and I don't like the way it looks. It's made me being too critical but hey, it's my body and I paid a lot of money for this! And secondly, I can not really see much difference in my thighs. The whole reason I wanted lipo was because of my thighs - I've hated them since I was 18. The size difference is 4cm, whereas my waist is 15cms.
I can also not attribute everything to the surgery... after the 6 week mark, I have worked my butt off at the gym, and have eaten really healthy, so I know that has a lot to do with the results.
Anyway, have a look and let me know what you think!

Touch up day

So today was my touch up. I was very nervous because of feeling so sick afterwards last time... however, the Doc kindly kept the fentanyl away from me and I was given pethedene and gas instead. I always hate the cannulation, and it took 4 goes because of my terrible veins, but we got there in the end. It was nowhere near as bad as I thought it would be so I'm pleased about that. And going into recovery I felt fine - no nausea or anything. I had a few biscuits and cheese and was looked after by the nurses nicely and then sent on my way. Entire thing was about 3.5 hours from woe to go.
Really impressed - he took another 500ml of fat out of my stomach and put some back into my thighs where there was a bit of a dent. Fingers crossed it will all look fantastic.
See pics attached!

Day 4 post touch up

I'm feeling good. There's a little line on my tummy which I presume is from the garment, but apart from that, it's looking great. No real pain to be honest, just feels like i've done a heap of sit ups. I have a check up Monday - prob to remove stitches which I could no doubt do myself. Looking forward to final results!

Post touch up pic

Attached is a pic of my post touch up lipo. I have a dent from the garment I think but other than that, it's coming along nicely.
I have a massive lump in my leg where some as put back in as I had a dent and it's hard as anything but I'm having more anti biotics and massaging it every day - so hopefully it will go soon.
Gold Coast Physician

Really informative, put me at ease completely. I feel I'm in safe hands!

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