38 Year Old Mum with Fat Belly :) - Gold Coast, AU

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I have booked in with Dr Mitchell Kim at the...

I have booked in with Dr Mitchell Kim at the Cosmos Clinic on the Gold Coast. I'm getting vaser liposuction on my upper and lower stomach, love handles and inner thighs. I am hoping to be one of those amazing before and after examples! Sick of feeling uncomfortable and covering up my fat belly at the beach!

1st Day post op

Had my surgery yesterday. Not going to lie, I did find it quite painful! I thought I'd be more out of it, but can remember most of the surgery.
The nurse named Karen was so lovely, as was Dr Mitchell. I felt very nauseous for about an hour or so after surgery. It was very hard to get comfortable last night. When I woke up I was really nauseous, so had some pain killers and went back to sleep for a few hours. I decided to stay in a hotel for a few nights so I didn't have to deal with my kids. Great decision, as I have lay around watching movies as day. There was a lot of seepage. I didn't know it would be so much. I slept on some large pads and they were covered in blood. Its been about 24 hours and it seems to have stopped. I shall have a shower and change my compression garments tomorrow, so I'll take some photos then. Just walked to the chemist...about 20 minutes return walk and my ankles are so swollen.

Pic of pad last night.

Bit gross, but this is the front of the pad last night. So much blood and gunk. Apparently there is about 5 litres of fluid that should drain out!

Pics 2 days post op

Finally had a shower and changed my compression gear. I had a pretty good sleep last night and am feeling really good today. Still in a bit of pain, but not much! Very happy with my results so far. I'm fairly swollen and bruised, but the results are noticeable, which is what I wanted. :)

3 weeks 2 days

Feeling a bit blah with my results today. Thought I'd go down to the beach for an hour, as I am allowed to take my compression suit off occasionally now. My stomach is really lumpy and has some weird fat deposits. I really hope this improves!

4 weeks Post today.

I have been doing at least an hour a day massage for the last few days and my lumpiness is starting to get smaller. Thanks goodness!

Getting revision surgery in 2 weeks time.

I was unhappy with some lumpiness around my belly button and explained this to Dr Kim and he is doing revision sugery in 2 weeks at no extra charge. Obviously there is a great improvement, but it isn't perfect. Lucky Dr Kim is a perfectionist :)

Revision Update.

It's been a few a few months since my revision surgery. I am really happy with the results. There are a few soft lumpy bits, but nothing to complain about. Well worth the money! :)
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