30Yr Old, Mum of 2. Hoping Vaser Lipo Will Get Rid of Pouch and Tighten Skin

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After reading and seeing many reviews I've decided...

After reading and seeing many reviews I've decided to get Vaser Lipo in order to give me more shape to my body and help tighten skin on my tummy after 2 kids (my photos do not do justice on how badly stretched my skin is). I'm also considering getting a BBL as well but not sure if it will be worth it as my surgeon said he may only be able to get around 200cc on each cheek as I am quite petite and actually don't have much fat to Lipo out. (I'm 5'1 and 54kgs) any opinions and suggestions would be fantastic. Im feeling quite nervous but yet excited!! Exactly one more week til I get my new body!

That's it! All done..

So my op was booked for 12pm but the patient before me couldn't come in for her second round of the procedure she was doing so I was moved to 10am! Which was awesome cause I seriously couldn't wait any longer!
Everything went smoothly and the girls were super nice! Dr said I was really good which made his job million times so easy!
For me personally pain throughout the op was very minimal.. I just remember towards the end it did start to hurt just a tad but I think it was the anaesthetic wearing off. I didnt bother asking for more as I knew he was nearly done. Post op pain I would rate it a 5/10... it's not super painful but I'm just finding it hard to get up and feeling restricted as I can't really bend over because of the garment. Leakage wise it not too bad.. girls help me out the big people nappy on when we were putting on the bandages and garment. (It really does help!!)
I'm hoping to be able to resume minimal normal activities by Sunday. Will post picks soon.

Day 2 Post Op

Finally I was able to shower and take off all the bandages and drains! Had little to barely any leakage which was awesome. Was really nervous with unveiling to see what I looked like. So far I'm quite happy with my results.. I look like a wrinkled sheet but cannot remember the last time my lower tummy was that flat! Pain is not so bad just finding it hard to get up/sit or lay down. I actually prefer walking around..

Day 3

So it's been a full 3 days since my procedure. I'm starting to feel a lot better, less sore and finding it much easier to move around now. Tomorrow I'll be going to my post op check up! Looking forward to being able to get back to most of my normal routine.

Day 11

So far healing has been not too bad. I have had my days where I've felt worse than others physically and mentally! Went back to work on Friday and cause my job is really physical with a lot of moving around and carrying things by the end of my shift I was exhausted.. (10 hours straight of being on my feet)
Had a bit of s down day yesterday as trying to get dressed to go out for lunch with the family was just a nightmare as nothing fits since I'm still swollen and I have to still wear the compression garment. Just wanted to stay at home and be a hermit to heal. Plus I still had to work later as well.
Hoping that the puffiness will go down soon as I feel as though I have put on weight since most of my tighter clothes don't fit me at the moment.
The tingling sensation and tight feeling is almost non existent. Doing regular massages myself everyday to make sure there are no lumps and things heal evenly plus going in to get massages done by the nurses every few days. Still staying positive as I know each day things will get better. :)
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