51 Year Old Use to Getting Botox, Fillers, with Great Skin Care Regimen: Damaged by Laser? Frederick, MD

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It is from June 15 the to today, August 2, 2015,...

It is from June 15 the to today, August 2, 2015, that I am supposedly healing from the Mixto Laser. OMG, what have I allowed myself to get talked into! I was not at all prepared for the severity of the pain, regardless of chronic pain I suffer with from an accident. The aftercare regime did not include needing to call an ER and possibly end up at a burn center! My face was beyond swollen, and indeed my ability to see through the slits of my eyes was horrible! The oozing and redness of my skin was unreal; no one told me with clarity I was to endure any of this! As of tonight, my neck has recuperated, yet the lines are back. My face even with 2.5mg of topical steroid is red, with my eyes and around my mouth the worse! If I happen to have anything contact my face, it breaks into a prickly red rash of sorts! However, MY FACE has Laser SCRARS all over! It feels gritty to the touch! I'm in tears! I was returning to school for my Esthetics! I had never felt uneasiness with this office, the staff, and especially the well trained P. A., who did this procedure! I don't know what to do????? I see her tomorrow!

August 3, 2015

Sent to follow up today. I could hear the staff say I looked bad. HA! The P.A. listened to all my concerns. We had a thorough discussion on the severe redness with paticei, which she absolutely felt this was an allergic type reaction. She looked over my face, as I pointed to my laser marks. She said she is not concerned, as I am not even at three mos, and these should go away. I felt dissatisfaction with seeing furrow lines returning. Her explanation was this will never keep you from needing Botox again, and tried to show where other lines around my mouth had softened. She placed me on another note potent topical steroid, applying bid without putting any creams on top. I'm changing my moisturizer first, to see if this aggravates of is more calming. My cleanser is changing, however it will be done after I assess the cream. She asked me an interesting question: Am I allergic to gluten? Yes, I am, I've been eating mass quantities. So, we will see! I still feel I should of sent for certain lifts, and assured a long and necessary Rhinoplasty was done instead, a d together with the lifts.


It's now October 8, 2015, and I have not healed from the laser. I remain with flushing, Rosacea like symptoms, with milia/whiteheads' and my eyelids are raw, raised and the entire area around eyes are bright red, irritated and raised. I have little tear duc production, and their are signs of light scarring; one highly noted around nose. I was passed on from PA to the Dermatologist's, who did a three hour examination with detailed notations! I knew they were trying to put the blame on something somehow somewhere I could of had these results. Now, as much as he was trying to back their interests up, it is absolutely necessary to be thorough; the DO should of went back through my medical chart, and explained in precise detail all that this procedure is used for, how, the positive and side effects to damage that can happen! I know if I had this knowledge at that time I would not have gone through this 3,000k procedure. I've used basic cleansing and cream products. Tried two types of topical cortisone Cr, and I am no better. My eye area is actually worse. He thought he was bow going to be able to bill insurance for the new conditions. I assured him this is follow up. I'm a very caring and amenable person, who never had any issues with this office; confident in the Botox and fillers. Oh, did I mention lines were returning, so the DO did some Botox? It's sad when you feel you had the knowledge and its only now after the fact that I do! I'm so down, and don't know what is the beat things to do? I'm going to see another Dermatologist who is strictly medical. I fear I gave either a bacterial ir fungal infection around the eyes! I need a biopsy to get to pathology! Yes, folks, this can happen also! When your skins surface is stripped of irs protective layers, and this type if heat is restructuring tour layers of skin, you are up against a chance of serious DNA, infections, etc, where damage can happen. I wish I was the lucky one! Ant experts want to weigh in?

December 2, 15-5+mos post op.

Esthetician had to now leave school, eyes dry out; barely ant tear production, constant burning! Redness remains significant around eye areas, and scarring below brows. My face continues to have all types of inflammatory responses! I feel feverish too much, with redness all over, or comes raised in various spots! There is scarring all over, and sig in certain areas'! I've sought out other Dermatologists; she was appalled. She took samples to biopsy for infections; place on oral antibiotics, topical ones too; the original office placed me on same topical! I have milia breakouts. It breaks my heart! I was led in the wrong direction for the wrong procedure, and it was too intense by the hand that held the device!

I've had two follow ups thus far, and was sending pics to my P.A., all along, until the last month! We discussed steroids, and assuring my face was being washed properly. I've spoken to her about whether I will have further exfoliation, as the grittiness doesn't seem normal. She said I am done with this part; the procedure rep who I've spoken to by phone several times, just told me, I am still in this stage? Jessie talked to me about changing the steroids, however, this will do nothing for the laser scars that are appearing all over my skin!

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