Chinese Foot Tattoo Blue and Black - Cleveland, OH

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I went for my first picosure laser treatment today...

I went for my first picosure laser treatment today. I had one previous laser treatment about 4 years ago that barely faded it so I am hoping to see vast improvement.

It's hard to rate the pain from this laser from the last because I had numbing stuff injected into my foot last time. They assured me this time it is a lot less painful. So they used a cooling machine and did the laser and it wasn't too bad. It was about as painful as getting the tattoo.

They charged me $1000 for total removal no matter the number of times. Otherwise it is $300 per session.

24 hours later

Wow! No blistering and the blue looks almost gone. It itches like made but really happy with the results so far.

8 weeks after 1st treatment

It's pretty faded and the blue is almost gone but I am curious to see how much difference the second treatment will make

Second treatment

The second treatment hurt worse that the first. He went over the tattoo in more detail and over it twice. By the second time he went over it didn't hurt because it was so numb.

Wow. Blister peeled off after second treatment

The second treatment, I blistered a little and my tattoo looked super dark. It's been two weeks since that treatment and the blister went down and then started to flake offf. Man, Ira really looks lighter!!

Pic 2 weeks

See previous

Almost 4 months after 2nd Treatment; Before 3rd Treatment

Significant fading. Posting prior to the results of the 3rd treatment.

3rd treatment blistering

This is 3 days after my 3rd treatment. The blistering is definitely better than last time. It itches like crazy.

Month after 3rd Treatment

Hard to tell but it's fading fast. This one didn't blister as much as the second treatment. I have another treatment in April

Before 4th treatment

Fading nicely

One more before 4th


4th trwatment

I was a little nervous because the dr said he was going to "turbo" the process and asked how much I've been blistering. But, the session was even quicker and I spent awhile after the session with an ice pack on my foot - like two hours. It hurt really bad without ice after. During the night, it itched like crazy and I put some eucerin cream on it and more ice. Today it feels a lot better and I just keep cream on it and it doesn't really hurt at all and no blisters from what I can tell.

Two weeks after 4th treatment

Looking good. No blisters and fading nicely.

Before 5th treatment

Looking really faded. Hoping I only have two more of these treatments

A few weeks after 5th treatment

Fading really well. I was able to put a touch of makeup and it was completely covered!

After 5th treatment

After 5th

6th treatment

Not much ink left. Dr said maybe 2-3 more treatments left.

Before and after 7th treatment

5 months since my last treatment

2 weeks after 6th treatment

Probably one more or two and all gone!!!

After 7th Treatment

Healing well

After 7th treatment- up close

You can see that the ink is a really faded and there is some redness still but that should fade.

After 7th treatment - 1 month

I looked down at my foot while I was sitting and was shocked at how faded it seemed. I wanted to share. I hope I only need one more treatment.

Before 8th Treatment

No filter. 2 months since 7th treatment.

2 weeks after 8th treatment

Am I crazy or does it look darker?

After 8th treatment

Looking really faded

After 8th treatment 2 months after

3 months after 8th treatment

Cleveland Plastic Surgeon

It took about a minute so I barely spoke to the doctor.

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