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Went to a plastic surgeon in Boca Raton who...

Went to a plastic surgeon in Boca Raton who claimed he developed this cream and he has it under private label with a name that I won't mention but it sounds very much like Cosmelan. I then called Mesoestetic USA headquarters in Encino, California (who actually manufactures and imports the cream and they are the ones who developed it) and asked them what doctor in Boca Raton does Cosmelan and they said His name...and that they sell it to him under private label. If he had told me the truth I could have compared prices as it is very popular but I way oer paid at $1400.

This doctor also has his name on a "your name brand cream" that you can get anywhere from hair salons to inexpensive facial places...not what you expect at a plastic surgeon, the creams had high amounts of alcohol which burned my skin...he should have stuck to the excellent creams that Mesoestetic suggests to be used with their peeling creams. It was more important to this doctor that he has His name all over everything.

I am certain that this is a good quality peel if done by a reputable doctor that follows the manufacturers suggestion. I was very disappointed in the doctor as I do not like to be misled and deceived. Shop around and ask questions. Certain plastic surgeons are like used care salesmen, so, 'buyer beware'!!!
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Go to a doctor who follows manufactures suggested creams that are gentle and high quality and a doctor who tells you the truth about what product he is selling you.

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