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I've wanted and joked about having a boob job...

I've wanted and joked about having a boob job since i was about 17. I have never been 'unhappy' but would never turn down the opportunity to upgrade haha. My husband and I often joke about how small my boobs are, and how a lot of men have bigger boobs than me.
To have a BA in New Zealand would cost me around $12k, so i had come to terms with the fact it was way out of my price range and wouldn't happen. I stumbled across a company in Australia called CosMediTour, they make everything super easy, very helpful, great reviews, very friendly, and help with the planning of your overseas trip to a better body. After 3 weeks of intense research and reading everyones stories on here, i took the leap and booked my surgery!
2nd September, its only 9 weeks away!
We're heading over to Rarotonga with friends in Oct, so perfect time to show the new girls off :)

At this stage I'm not 100% sure how many cc's I want, somewhere around 400...
However I do know I'm going with, round silicon implants, under the muscle, with an inframammary incision.

I will upload before photos soon

Before photos

3 weeks

Holy crap, only 3 weeks to go!
This week I've been appreciating my small chest a bit more, not starting to regret my decision but just thinking about how sometimes it is nice to not worry about big boobs getting in the way. I can't believe it's really about to change.

Oops late update

So I arrived on the Gold Coast for my breast augmentation on the 28th Aug. Had my consult with my surgeon Dr Owen Yang at the Breast Academy on the 1st Sep. Not nervous at all, I've done more than enough research to know exactly what is evolved, and the complications that can happen.
I was allowed to go with 470cc mod profile, but Dr Owen suggested to drop to 375 as the bigger would stick out a lot at the sides and I would bump my arms on them all the time. So 375cc it is :)
Super excited but I do keep thinking if I should have gone with the 470...

Surgery day

Still not nervous, went into surgery, everyone was so lovely! When I came out I was very tight, sore and tired. I didn't vomit at all (a lot of people do)
And very hard to breath, can only take small breaths which makes talking very hard. I got home and went straight to sleep, sleeping elevated for the first week

Day 1 post op

I was expecting to be very sore and stiff today, but quite the opposite :) I woke twice in the night needing to get up and walk around because my bum was numb from sleeping upright Haha.
I had very little pain today only when moving (trying to get dressed etc) I had a shower and felt fine, and got a first look at my new goods :D
They're funny shaped at the moment but they'll drop down into their pocket soon enough. The implants are sitting very high, and I have some bruising around my incision on the left side. here are some photos

3D vectra images

I forgot to put photos of my 3D imaging on here, it was so weird seeing instant boobs on the screen Haha. Left to right is my natural breast, 420cc, and 375cc

Day 2 post op

Day 2
Pain wise feeling good. I get a pain in my left breast when I sit up but it goes away as soon as I'm up. I developed a weird acne kind of rash today. I already had some pimples on my chest the day or so before surgery which I put down to a nervous break out (even though I wasn't nervous)
More bruising has come out today, quite a lot more bbruising than I thought there would be. I have been taking Arnica tablets to help with bruising, twice a day for the last two weeks. I also had the Dr use a Keller funnel ( helps reduce bruising too) so I hate to see how I would have been without doing either of those things.
Dr Yang called me today to see how I'm doing :) he said I had 'blocks' in which are a series of pain relief needles put down each side of my body between each of my ribs, and that they may start to wear off from today so to be prepared for more pain.

Day 3 post op

More bruising has come out today. Far less pain, only took 2 pain killers today and that was after a long day out shopping. I have more movement and can shower by myself and dry myself, yay.
Boobs are still funny shaped and sitting very high, but I'm not worried :) they'll drop down when they're ready

Day 4 post op

Day 4
Even more movement, and less tightness.
The only exercise I have be told to do is to squeeze my shoulder blades together once an hour every day. Doing this has definitely helped me with more movement. The bruising is starting to disappear now.
It's so exciting looking down and seeing boobs, that are really mine :D even though they are still high and oddly shaped. We get to fly home to New Zealand tomorrow :)

Day 6 post op

Nothing exciting today. Oh I think I forgot to say I've been sleeping elevated and have to do so for the whole first week. I'm finding it quiet comfortable and easy which is good.
Each day come with less tightness and discomfort, and more mmovement.
My breast are still high but I think they may have dropped a tiny bit. I keep walking past bra shops, and can't wait to go bra shopping! Flew home last night, it was so good to be back in my own bed! Tonight I changed my tape over my incisions by myself for the first time, I rubbed a little isopropyl alcoholover the tape to soften it first, then pulled it off. I pulled a little bit of scab off :/ but everything's ok.
I'm happy with the incisions, the way they look, the placement etc. They look good, can't wait till they fully heal

reviews on the same day

Sorry guys, if you're wondering why the last 5 reviews have been entered all on the same day. Its because i didn't have everyday access to the internet while in Australia and couldn't update this every day :)

7 days post op

Yay 1 week. I have noticed a lot more definition between my bobs and on my upper chest today, looking through previous photos is quite crazy. A lot of swelling is gone :) I feel really good and I'm so happy with them, still oddly shaped from the side profile

8 days PO

My nipples have become very sensitive today! Not unbearable but noticeable. I'm having to wear padded sports bras to make it more comfortable. My acne rash is almost gone. My boobs have become slightly softer at the top :) I tried on a bikini top today, wowza they look amazing! Didn't get a photo though. Can't wait to take the girls swimming!
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