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Hi all. Been looking into getting an fue hair...

Hi all. Been looking into getting an fue hair transplant for a couple of years now. My hairlines been slowly receding since I was about 21 and I've been doing my upmost to cover this up with various hairstyles.

A lot of people will probably look at my photos and think I don't need a procedure but as most of you know, losing your hair sucks! I've seen many people have successful enough results for little expense so it's something I'm willing to try.

Decided to bite the bullet and go with Dr Acar at cosimedica, he seems to think between 1500 - 2000 grafts should be enough to fill my receding temples and lower my hairline slightly.

I fly tomorrow from London and land in instanbul at 5.30pm. A driver picks me up from the airport and takes me to the hotel. I had the choice of 2 hotels and I chose Gorrion hotel Istanbul which looks nice and has decent reviews on trip advisor. I am told I will be picked up from the hotel at 7.30am Friday and taken to the hospital for consultation followed by blood tests and then my transplant.

I have chose to keep my hair for the transplant and only have donor area shaved as I'd like to keep this as confidential as possible.

Slightly nervous now like Im sure most of you were 1 day before procedure. Will try and give you an update tomorrow or whenever is possible.


Arrived in Istanbul.

Hi all, arrived in Istanbul this afternoon. After going through passport control and collecting my bags i walked to the transfer office in the airport, told them I was here for dr acar and needed a transfer to the Gorrion hotel and everything went smoothly.
Some slight confusion with the driver when he took us to tempo suites hotel rather than Gorrion. Tempo suites was the other hotel offered to me to stay at but I chose Gorrion.
After the confusion, which was mainly down to the driver not talking English and me thinking he was trying to tell me ten minutes away and just agreeing with him. I got to Gorrion, and everything went smoothly. Hotels really nice, staff seem friendly enough. Food was better than I expected.

Breakfast at 7 which I've been advised to eat as normal by dr Acar and then I'm getting picked up at 7.45am to go to the hospital.

Will update you all tomorrow. Thanks

Day of surgery

This morning I received a phone call from my hotel room at 8.30an to tell me my driver was on his way. I had some breakfast and arrived at the hospital at 9am.

The hospital was nice, clean and modern. Made my way to the top floor and met the staff who were all very friendly and spoke fairly good English. There were already some other patients there waiting with the new hairlines drawn on. I was led into the reception room where I had my blood tests and agreed on my new natural looking hairline. I then made my payment before being taken into my surgery room.

Not sure where Dr Acar was but I had 2 females working on me. First they shaved my donor area and shaved my current hairline higher to overlap the new grafts with my current hair.

I received many anaesthetic injections probably about 20 in total. These stung a little more than I expected but once they were in the rest was painless.

A male doctor/staff did come in and help with my final hairline but I have no idea if it was dr acar or not. If it was then I did not get introduced to him.

None the less the procedure did seem very straight forward and not at 1 point did I feel like the 2 females did not know what they were doing. I get the impression they've done this hundreds of times.

I was al finished by 2.30pm where I received some lunch and chatted with the staff that worked on me.

Not 100% convinced with my hair line as 1 side seems a slightly different shape to the other but they told me this may just be down to swelling and they will have another look tomorrow when I go to have my bandages removed.

So far for the price I would definitely recommend cosimedica but until I see results it is too early to say.

2 week update

Hi everyone, thought I'd add some photos of the 2 week stage and a couple photos in between. Everything seems to me going well, haven't noticed shedding of the new grafts yet which I think happens between 2 and 4 weeks so I guess il start to notice that now. Back of my head is still a bit itchy and red but it's getting better each day.

Back of my head 15 days post op

1 month update

All seems to be going well so far, started shedding my transplanted grafts but still have about 25% I think. Some of the grafts that haven't shed yet seem to be growing, haven't read anything about that before.

Donor area is filling it but still seems a little bare and noticeable, hopefully this is just shock loss and will thicken up more over time.

I've noticed a little more hair loss in the shower than I had before the transplant. Nothing major but seem to notice 1 or 2 hairs on my hands everytime I put my hands through my hair in the shower. This may have something to do with the proscar I started after the procedure as it says you shed hair in the first few months of use.

Week 8

Hi, just a couple of photos from week 8. Can't really see much going on especially as my existing hair that they shaved back has grown back.

I'm at week 8 now and I still have some of my newly transplanted grafts hanging on. From what I've read, the new grafts tend to shed between 2 - 4 weeks. I wash my hair once a day and do all the circular rubbing on them to try and get rid of them but there not budging. Did anyone else experience this?

I've been shaving the back of my head with a grade 3 and the donor area is basically undetectable now. There was a couple of patches that I was worried about being over harvested but there filling in really well which I'm relieved about.

Week 12

Here's an update at week 12 for you guys. Hard to tell what's going on with my hair as where thwy shaved my hairline back a little to channel in with the new grafts have started to grow back. Some of my grafts that didn't fall out have grown in and my hairline does seem a little better already but it's hard to tell. Still early days for me but hopefully another 12 weeks from now and I should start seeing some real improvements.

I shaved the back of my head back down to a number 2 grade and the donor area is more visible again. When it was slightly longer it was basically undetectable.

4th month

Starting to have doubts now, I know 4 months is early but i don't seem to be seeing much going on. The only new hairs I seem to have are the 1s that didn't shed from the procedure. There are 1 or 2 tips of hairs I can see but literally no more than that.
I've been trying to compare it to other reviews on here and most people with successful procedures seem to have more density at this 4 month stage than myself.

Just over 5 months

Seem to of made significant improvement between month 4 and now. Was quite worried a month ago that i wasn't going to see good results and it had been a waste of time.
Can happily say now that hairs are thickening up and it's starting to look pretty natural. Hopefully it will keep thickening up and provide more density in the forth coming months :)

Comparison photo before and 5 months

1 year on..

Sorry for the lack of updates guys. Seeing as it's been a year now I thought it would only be fair to update you all on here seeing as if it wasn't for this site I wouldn't of gone ahead with it in first place.

Happy with my 1 year results and do not have a single regret about going through with it. 1 side is slightly thinner under direct light like in the photos I've added but in normal lighting it's not noticeable.

My only complaint would be the lack of replies I've had from Dr Acar since the transplant but I can live with that seeing as the Ht was a success in my eyes. Donar area is slightly visible if I go below a grade 3 on the clippers. Can't really notice anything in my photo as it's slightly longer than a 3.

Since the transplant I've been taking proscar and biotin pills daily and feel like my hair is thickening majorly. Still not experienced any sides from either.

Will do a final update in a few months time. All the best guys and good luck to anyone going ahead with Ht's

Coming up to 2 years..

Had a few messages asking for updates over the last 6 months so here's a couple photos I took today. 2 indoors with natural sunlight and 2 outdoors under direct sunlight.
1 side is a little thicker than the other in direct sunlight but have managed to keep the whole thing a complete secret apart from a couple people close to me. Nobody's ever questioned me so I guess it was a complete success. 95% satisfied with it and 100% no regrets. The daily struggle of styling my hair to cover a receding hairline and constantly worrying and feel down about it are gone. I still get hair envy over men with really thick hair and perfect hair lines though. They'll never understand how easy they've had it lol.
I've been taking minoxidil and propecia since a few months after my hair transplant. I still think I shed more hair than normal and get a little paranoid my hair is getting thinner and that'l il end up going bald eventually but I guess that's pretty normal for everyone on here.
If anyone has any questions then feel free to email me as I don't come on here very regularly any more.

Take care all.
Istanbul Physician

Quick responses via email that's all I know so far

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