31 Year Old Mother of 3 - Corpus Christi, TX

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I am so excited! I chose June 30 because of summer...

I am so excited! I chose June 30 because of summer break. I can't expect to walk the little ones to school right after surgery.
This surgery is something I've wanted for about 11 years now. I was 19 when I had my first daughter and gained 60 lbs. that never came off fully. The next two were 20lb. gains that were almost all baby and water weight. I've been 190-200lbs. for a long time now and I'm 4'11". I have PCOS and once the weight's on it's tough to get off. I'm not trying to make excuses either. I like cake! PCOS just makes it a bit harder.
I chose Dr. Herve Gentile for my surgery. I like his conservative style on his before and after pictures. I think he can best understand me when I ask for my new body.
I'll get some photos up hopefully today.
Good luck everyone!

Before 04/11/2016

These are my gross before pics.




Wearing jeans

To tell or the kids or not tell the kids

I decided I won't tell my youngest two anything other than mommy's having surgery. (4 and 5) I did tell my oldest (11) what I'm doing. She will realize I'm a different size after so I didn't really have a choice. I explained that after having kids your stomach stretches out and blah blah blah... She said she understands and I deserve to have a normal stomach again. I love that kid.


I had my pre-op today. Paid, signed papers, looked over blood work, and all that other good stuff. I'm very excited. I got all my meds ready too. I'm 100% ready. One more week.

Big day!

It's after midnight. My surgery is today. They want me there at 6:45 am. I can't sleep. I'm super excited and nervous. I'm nerv-cited!!!!!
I'm so not sleeping tonight...

One day post op

I'm doing good. The abs hurt more than the incision. That was surprising to me. I'm very loopy from the pills so sorry for any spelling mistakes.


I want a shower so bad! I put my head over the edge of the tub so my husband could wash my hair. I feel so greasy and dirty. I'm wiping myself down with baby wipes like crazy.

First look

I was told not to change the bandage but the pad on my drain was full of blood that had hardened to a point. It was stabbing my drain hole. So I changed the dressing and got a first look. It's hard to selfie your stomach when you can't move very well.


Last night I had a hard time sleeping. My entire abdomen had a tingling/burning odd sensation. Today my incision has the tingling/burning sensation. It's very annoying.


I just had the drain removed. OMG that felt so weird! I wouldn't say hurts, wrong is a better word. Also I didn't realize but it was inserted in my right side and went all the way to my left side. My muscles spasmed when she removed the drain. So strange. My husband watched it, he was so grossed out. Lol


I don't know if it because of the surgery or because I struggle with major depressive disorder but I am very down right now. Usually when I'm feeling down I go get redbull or coffee and I feel better. I think it's a combo of caffeine and getting out of the house. I hate that I have to act like I'm made of porcelain right now. I really don't want my incision opening up either so I'm having to snap myself back to reality. Back to sitting in my recliner doing NOTHING. I'm so bored. I can't go do my norm without feeling like I'm over doing it.


Well it looks like I'm opening up. I see the Dr. Wednesday. This pic it in the center of the incision. At least it's not dying.
Corpus Christi Plastic Surgeon

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