First Consultation Tomorrow for Breast Augmentation with Dr. Herve Gentile - Corpus Christi, TX

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Tomorrow I will be having my very first breast...

Tomorrow I will be having my very first breast augmentation consultation with Dr. Herve Gentile. His office is located here in Corpus Christi, TX and, even though I haven't seen any reviews on him on this site, I have seen good reviews on him so far on other sites. So I have decided to give it a shot. If I don't get a good impression of him or his staff, I plan on scedualing another consultation elsewhere. Getting a breast augmentation is something I have wanted for years now, so Im going to be taking it very seriously. I plan on posting how it goes tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

Dissapointing News

Let me start of by saying that this was my first consultation with a plastic surgeon, so I had NO idea what to expect. Just a few questions and an open mind is all I brought with me.
When I walked into the building I was greeted with a lady at the front desk who instructed me to fill out some paperwork on my medical history and a few other standard questions. As soon as that was done, I was greeted by Dr. Gentile and he walked me back to the examine room.
He came across as very professional and tried to make things as comfortable and easy to understand as he could. When it was time for him to examine my breast, he left the room and returned with a lady who stayed in the room while I was exposed, that did help with the comfort, not that I am shy, but it was nice to have another woman in the room while he examined me. After he took a look and knew what he was working with, they stepped out again and returned when I was clothed and comfortable.
He explained to me that one of my breast had a slight tubular (characteristic) I forget the actual term he used, but basically my right breast slightly points downward, and doesn't have a roundness underneath. I've always thought that it looked pretty slight but when he pointed it out in his office I could see how just putting an implant behind it would only magnify the discrepancy.
He then told me that I had some options. The option he thought would be best was for me to have a breast LIFT first and then the augmentation 6-12 weeks afterward.
I was immediately disappointed because I couldn't just get the implants like I wanted. I'd need to have two separate surgeries.
We went over some pictures and discussed what would happen if I didn't want to do the lift. But he told me the best next step would be for me to go home, think about it and come back for a breast lift consultation.
After that we walked out and I met with the lady who gave me the quotes for my surgeries and that's when I really got discouraged.
The quote for the breast lift was 5400 and the breast augmentation was 5200.
My first thought was "holy smokes, 10,000 for a pair of boobs!"
But now that I've entertained the idea, I understand that he's only trying to give me the best results and two surgeries is what he thinks will make me the most satisfied.
I just wasn't expecting or even thinking about getting a breast lift, I never thought I needed it. It makes since to me now I'm just a little disappointed.
I decided to get a second opinion on my breast augmentation and I will be meeting with another doctor next week.
I have more questions to ask this time and I feel like this first step was a good learning experience.
Corpus Christi Plastic Surgeon

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