31, 2 Kids, Tummy Tuck, 3weeks 3 Days - Corpus Christi, TX

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I decided to start a review because my TT didn't...

I decided to start a review because my TT didn't come out like most TT do. The few I did find similar to mine, had no updates. So maybe I might help someone in the future. I have a slight step off (muffin top). Yes it might be a mixture of swelling -etc, but I think most of it is fat. I didn't take before pictures but I had very saggy loose belly that draped down.

I love my doctor, I believe my doctor got rid of as much saggy skin possible because I'm super tight. I'm healing so perfect and my belly button is perfect, even if my stomach stayed slightly like this I know working out would make it flat. It's 100 times better than the saggy stomach I had before. But I hope most of this -what I call my "muffin top" is a good portion of swelling. 3 pictures are from a few days ago. Last picture was yesterday.

The first two weeks I did nothing to the scar. 3 weeks exactly I started using topicals. First Aloe Vera gel only (like for sun burns). Then after a few days I started putting Neosporin in the morning, Aloe Vera gel in the evening.

Today I put on those scar away strips in hopes to make the scar look even better than it does.

Eating healthy is the best way to eat when recovering.

Just an update! I've been working out very lightly since June 27th. Eating as healthy as I can with a few sugar slips here and there. Yesterday was the first day I could actually do a real jumping jack/jump. My body feels normal. No more tugging from the incision. The only thing I haven't done yet is lay on my stomach. I think that has half to do with the numbness that remains below the belly button and half because of the breast aug. Something about putting my chest weight on top of two saline bags freak me out lol

Happy with the way I've been healing. I have some knots under the incision line but I researched it and it's normal. So for any ladies that end up with a muffin top / step off TT there's still hope. I'll update again with more pictures in a few weeks.

The incision so far

Just an update to put a pic up of the incision. The step off muffin top has gone down drastically thanks to eating really healthy and light cardio. It's been 14 days I haven't ate any fast food or sweets. Right now there's only a little tiny step off in the middle of the incision (lower abdomen)

Slipped for a week

Ate pretty badly for a week. Getting back into the clean diet again. Started intense cardio yesterday and will be adding light weight lifting until I can heavy lift again. Everything's healing fine. The marks on my stomach are the compression garment. Just need to lose some fat on my stomach to get the results I want. More fat on my right side than the left hip. This photo I took today after my work out so I'm slightly swollen I believe.

Recent update

It's been awhile since I did an update so here it goes. Since my surgery I've lost 23 lbs and working hard to get the bulge gone until my revision in the new year coming. Since a few weeks ago I've been doing 1 lb a week to keep skin from sagging if it's even possible. My only concern is the knots on my incision. With a revision I plan to do an arm lift of my doctor says it's a go. The next time I see him isn't until Feb. I will get a picture up of the actual incision soon.

Incision update

I know it's been awhile so I figure I would update for anyone looking for info. My bulge has gone down drastically and only puffs out on the sides like baby muffin tops. I just need to lose more fat or get lipo. Some photos for the curious. I see my doctor Feb 7. I'm not sure if I will be getting a revision. I don't think I really need it. I don't think it's going to get rid of the fat.

It's been a whole year!

I completely forgot about updates til today because I was curious about a nose job and logged back into this site. So here I am to update just in case anyone is/was in the same step off kind is situation.

I was losing weight and it was going great the "step off" was leaving. I was so in love with my body I started slacking with eating and that's where I am at now. I got to where I wanted to be in December 2016 . I started unhealthy eating in January and I'm still there as of now (June 2017) I need to get back to eatin clean yesterday. I hope I didn't mess up my tummy tuck too much by unhealthy eating. Here are some pictures through the year. Pictures might not be in order. The pic with the belly button piercing is the most current.

I got a tattoo to cover up the scar as much as possible. I don't regret the tt, implants or the tattoo. I am so grateful and honestly wish I was rich so I could have more plastic sx. Time to work and save that money.
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