Tummy Tuck After Lap Band Surgery Totally Worth It!

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I had a Tummy Tuck 3 days ago. i too was very...

I had a Tummy Tuck 3 days ago. i too was very scared but i needed this done. i use to weigh 306lbs i am 5"8 and was a beast. i had the lap band surgery Feb 14th 2007 and lost 151 lbs. i was a size 24 and now a size 3 and look awesome in clothes, but when the clothes come off i feel ashamed because i had the body of a 70 yr old lady.

i finally decided to do the surgery and i have to say at first when waking up from the surgery the pain was unbearable. on a scale from 1-10 it was a 30. the anesthesiologist gave me a injection for pain and a vicodine and about 5 minutes later the pain subsided. after that i was placed in the recovery room for 2 hours and was resting well. they gave me one more pain pill then i went on my way home. after that i rested at home the first day and needed help getting up and in bed using the bathroom etc.

the next day i was able to get up and walk on my own. today which is day three although uncomfortable and cant stand completely straight up the pain is minimal even when i dont take the pain meds and i feel fine.

i went for my post op appointment today and the results are absolutely amazing. i am a little swollen but my stomach is so tight and so flat i can bounce a quarter off it. my new belly button looks amazing and the scar is so low that i can wear a bikini with no problem. he even got rid of all the scars from my lap band OMG last surgeon said he couldn't do it.

my surgeon did an excellent job and it is so worth it. he calls me every day at home to check on me and see if i have any questions. he is amazing, his staff is just as amazing because from the moment you walk in the door for your surgery they are catering to you hand and foot and so pleasant and remain that way till the moment you leave.

i would do it again tomorrow. the fear of having it done is normal but when you have it done you will be so happy you did it and will not regret it if you have the right surgeon. do your research first and see a few doctors before choosing one that makes you comfortable. ask alot of questions and be clear of what you expect from him. i would recommend my surgeon to anyone and i plan to go back next year and get a breast lift. and i have 100% confidence in my surgeon and you should have that same confident feeling before letting anyone put you to sleep and cutting on your body.

my sister has the pictures and we just took them today so tomorrow hopefully she will send them to me and i will post them then.

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Dr. Rosendo Icochea

i recommend this surgeon to anyone, but i also advise you to see more than one surgeon before doing any surgery, do your research and chose the surgeon you feel comfortable with and you feel is right for you.

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