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When I hit 220, I had enough. Went to the gym &...

When I hit 220, I had enough. Went to the gym & went crazy. Dropped 25 lbs and hit a wall. I tried the MUFA/PUFA diet which kept my weight at 195/193. Then I got hurt. Got knee surgery and went back to the gym. Again, I couldn't drop any more weight. So what pushed me over the edge were my pecks. I'm not one of these gym rats that carry that protein crap in the gym. I don't want to get bigger, I want to get smaller. I'm not in the gym to go to some competition. I'm there to be healthy. I would look in the mirror and see man boobs. The weight lifting was pushing my pecks out. This bothered me and so here I am doing VaserLipo. So going through the consultations, I'm thinking to myself why not take care of the muffin top too? I looked at all the lipo procedures and settle on this 1 because "it targets fat only". I had the procedure today. I knew the cuts would hurt after the juju juice wore out. After half dozen surgeries I knew the type of pain to expect. I'll keep you all posted.

Day 2

Day 2. OUCH. OUCH. OUCH. Anyone who tells you it doesn't hurt is lying. No pain killers though. Save those for going to bed so I could sleep. I see some posters here have these drain plugs to catch excess drainage. I didn't have these. I had the poor mans version which was 4 inch bandage with paper tape. The problem with this is I would change my clothes and 5 minutes later they would get wet. So what to do? Disposable Depends to the rescue. Those went over the 4 inch bandage and the compression garment on top of that. There's a front view of them from the side (gray). They worked great because they caught any excess drainage. The only problem I had with them was peeing, because you have to pull the compression garment up little and that hurt, but WTH.

I knew I could not sleep on my bed with all this drainage, so I slept in an adjustable zero gravity chair covered with a serape just in case. Doctor said I could take a shower today and I did. It felt sssssooooo good washing off all that surgery yuck. And having the compression off for the hour or so it took to wash was awesome. Putting it on was hard.

Day 2 - Cont.

Day 3

So today was a little better. The 6 x 4 inch strips were all dry except for 1 of the ones in the back (just above my butt). My genitals are swollen (they said this would happen and is normal and not to freak out) from all the compressed fluid travelling downward. Forgot to mention on Day 2 (since I can't edit that posting) that I was to do what I normally do and to not baby myself too much. So can't go to the gym & took the dog for a slow walk around the park & nearly collapsed towards the end of it. Slept in the zero gravity chair again, but woke up at 4am to pee. I checked my bandages, no blood so I decided to try sleeping on my bed. Slept like a baby and didn't have to take any pain meds. I've added pics without the compression garment (since I'm washing it). There is swelling, numbness, and bruising everywhere which is normal after surgery. I know I'll will definitely have scar tissue everywhere where I was cut and a foreign object made violent contact with my body. From my past experience with non-cosmetic surgeries this is normal and will go away with time.

A word on Pain meds:
I have had lots of non-cosmetic surgeries due to injuries & such and have come to a way---wait, my way of dealing with them. I don't like pain meds because they make you constipated, they make you lethargic, and they also give you a false sense of what you should not be doing when you are on them. Now, I'm not saying you shouldn't take them if you absolutely cannot stand the pain. For me, I'd rather have a good night's sleep to help the healing than be drugged out and drooling during the day.

Day 4

So tonight was the first night sleeping with no pain meds. Slept well until my whole front area felt like it was on fire. The compression garment is bunching up & it's hurting. Seems lying down is pushing some of drainage back up to the upper torso. Got up to pee. Went back to bed.

A word on the compression garment. It is uncomfortable. My armpits hurt from the contact. I have to put dry wash clothes between the garment & my skin to relieve the annoying irritation. There has to be a better compression garment? I don't know how people getting VaserLipo can wear those garments that cover the legs too? The thought of wearing this thing for 2.5 more weeks----holy crap. The only consolation is knowing I will be taking it off to shower & washing the garment.

Anyone out there recommend a better garment? I have the Fajas Lipo Illusion vest....

Day 5

I'm slowly starting to get some feeling back in the numb areas. I decided to try getting a gater-like thingy to keep the compression garment from bunching up at night while I'm sleeping. So I got 2 of these:

Hollywood Hip Huggers

from JoAnn's fabrics and made a garter-like thingy to keep the compression garment so it didn't bunch up. This worked well, except it irritated my groin area and the areas where the metal made contact with my skin. So I'll have to somehow wrap the elastic straps and the metal in some kind of buffer fabric? If any you guys out there have a suggestion for a better compression garment, I'd appreciate it.

Day 6

Let the itching begin..... I take a shower everyday & I wash the CG everyday. Itching where I got cut and the bruised areas.... Working standing up on a treadmill (not on right now). I have my laptop on top of the treadmill.

FYI, 2nd day I wanted to ice so bad, but doctor said absolutely NOT.

Day 7

2 things I used to look forward to after waking up: espresso & going to the gym. Now after suffering wearing that damn CG (did I mention I hate it?), the 2 things now are espresso & taking a shower (because the CG is in the washer & not on me :-)).

Some of the numbness is going away and I can feel the scarring just below the skin. This is normal. When I had arthroscopy back in December/2013, I could tell which hole/cut the surgeon performed the most movement because it had the most bruising and the biggest sub-skin scar. It was an inch high and looked funny. But after 2.5 months it went away. Now, I could use 1 one of those hand-held ultrasound thingys (I have 1) to reduce the scar, but why? Scarring is the bodies reaction to tissue damage. So because the numbness has subsided, I can feel these scars. They are hard to the touch. They will probably grow and it will look lumpy. That's ok with me because I know they will eventually go away. It took me years to get this DAMN fat on me, I can wait a little bit more time for the results. Trying to stay on diet is hard without going to the gym. Also, the bruising is going away too.

BTW one thing I would've have done different is I would have gotten my 6-8 week full-body wax before the surgery. The hair growing back is not helping with the CG....

Post-op appointment later today.... I'll check in later. Oh damn, is that the washer beeping?

Day 7 - PostOP

Stitches out. Got cleared to workout in 3 days--intensity to depend on how I feel. Drains sealed on day 2 and they look good. No swimming, no tub bathing, no jacuzzi. I can get waxed if I want.

Day 8

The CG woke me up @ 5 this morning. Took it off and threw it in the wash since I couldn't get back to sleep. It is getting a little loose---mmmmmm... I guess that's good. Put it back on at 10 cause I just needed the break from it. But I had to use the tighter clips.... :-)

During my 5 hours of freedom, I could feel the areas that were worked on, not as numb as before. The bruising is really subsiding. Still about 20% to go. I'll post a pic once it's all gone. Still working standing up since it's easier than sitting...

Day 9

The swelling has gone considerably & I can feel the streak marks from the vaserlipo. They are hard to the touch. Scar Tissue. As a result, my CG is fitting a little loose around the middle & definitely not doing anything in my chest area. Thinking about getting a Large (I'm wearing an XL) mid-thigh crotchless VEST CG because I can't stand the bottom of my vest rolling up. That's today's mission.

Last night I attempted my own lymph massage. I've had one of these (Genie Rub) for 15-16 years from when I had back issues:


Armed with the following diagram:


I attempted to perform my own Lymphatic massage. OMG, I felt like passing out. I put it on the lowest setting and had it barely making contact with my skin and following the arrows on this diagram. That lasted 2 minutes. It hurt. This morning I did it again, but longer & with a little bit more pressure. Started to get nauseous, then backed off... Seriously I don't know how you folks are doing these lymph massages? Pain meds? Anyway, I'll try doing more later.... Happy Healing...

Day 10

Armed with my trusty Genie Rub, this time I went a full 10 minutes massaging from below my neck to the my waist. Always going in the direction of lymph drainage. Yes, it hurt a little, but not as bad as 2 days prior and not as bad as yesterday. It felt good afterwards.

The scars sometimes hurts, sometimes burns, sometimes itches. Very annoying.

I also have developed red streaks on the top of my shoulders to the top of my chest from the CG vest. I'm averaging about 3-4 hour break from the CG in the morning while I wash it and build myself up psychologically to put it back on. Last night sleeping sucked. The scars kept waking me up. Although I did sleep longer than my usual 6 hours.

Bruising is 95% gone. I still have this spot on my left side of my abdomen that is slowing getting lighter each day.

Swelling is about 90% gone too.

Using antibacterial band aides for the areas where stitches were removed.

Haven't taken pain meds since Day 3. Pictures coming soon!!!!

Day 10 - Clarification

WRT term "scars" in my previous post, I don't mean where the doctor cut me, I'm talking about the scar tissue underneath the skin.

Day 11

Went to the gym. Felt weird working out with CG. Even more on my flanks. What's up with my flanks? It felt like I was stretching them---felt really tight. Probably due to the scarring? I felt all of it doing Leg press???? Today was just cardio. Tomorrow I'm lifting. We'll see how that goes....

Day 12

2nd day at the gym and I felt like I hadn't stretched in years. The scarring was inhibiting my normal routine. But I sucked it up and did what I normally do.

This afternoon I had first (of 2) VaserShape and OMG. That thing loosened up the tightness. It hurt a little but who cares. It felt good afterwards. It also helped with the numbness too.
Las Vegas Facial Plastic Surgeon

I picked Dr. Troell because in the initial consultation he answered every stupid question I had. He went in some of the procedures & techniques which intrigued me. He also teaches other doctors on how to perform VaserLipo. You can tell he's been doing this for a while and knows what he's doing. Susan was assisting and she was awesome too. They both called the night after the procedure to find out how I was doing.

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