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Okay so this is my story, I have always had big...

Okay so this is my story, I have always had big breast okay which wasn't necessarily a bad thing at the time they were hard and perky and I love them I take so many pictures of my because because I was in love with . Between kids gravity in the heaviness a it did not last for long they kept growing getting heavier becoming more of a burden on my second shout into thousand 14 they have completely gone south, i'm not that young chicken that are used to being even though I'm on 28 my body has different pain back, neck, shoulders, I'm not proportionate anymore just a nightmare, so I took the steps to see if I can breast reaction cover by insurance . I went to the surgeons office please and really nice didn't rush me take pictures of my breast For insurance company . He did point out that what I'd be okay with numbness of my nipples? Which I'm going to have to get more details on what he meant by that I know that there is a chance that he said it like they were just going to be now so I don't if he plans on doing a nipple graft and that why he said it I will have to ask about it more in depth .she said it will take about two months to get a decision she said it will take about two months to get a decision from the Insurance company but most likely it will be approval because I'm a perfect candidate . But I'm not going to take his word for it because I still can be rejected so fingers cross on that. Now my biggest fear the numbness of my nipples interfere with my life but there's more pros for this procedure but still scary.

Where I'm at in process

Okay so I talked to my surgeons office and they have got all the paperwork together for the insurance company. They will be sending it to the insurance company (iehp) on Friday are Monday so hopefully it won't take insurance company a long time to come up with a decision of approval. So fingers crossed and wish me luck because at this point I'm tired of even looking at these big long for u because at this point I'm tired of even looking at these big long breast.

I been approve

Okay so when I seen my first surgeon my insurance decline the claim but when I seen the second doctor last went I got a letter very fast thought I was denied but to my surprise I was approved. When I met the second doctor he was nice and upfront and took my measurement And everything explain what he would do . I didn't ask to many question because I thought it would be denied and they would send me to other doctor for a third opinion. So now I will go cack to him and as more question. He did they'll me I would have to get a Fng because my nipple are low which I figure my boold supply is low cause my husband can pinch really hard and my feeling isn't nearly there.. So I'm not worried about it to much scared as hell tho . I went to look at bras and since I had breast all my life a C cup would freak me out and be way to small so I don't want to go lower then a D36 .. So I'll keep you guys update.
I didn't find to many black women with nipple graft so this is very unknown ground for me .
Bradly muggle

He was really friendly and nice and Had a good sense of humor I didn't feel rushed and he answered all my questions , Dr. Bradley Mudge

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