Is Laser a Bad Option? Too Big of a Tattoo to Remove? Corner Brook, NL

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I have gotten a sleeve almost finished and it has...

I have gotten a sleeve almost finished and it has been the worst decision I have ever made. My self confidence is completely gone down the drain. I feel like I use to be a very pretty girl and was always proud of my body and felt good but now I want to die every time I look in the mirror because of my stupid decision. I would give back anything to have my time back.
I think if my sleeve was done well I would be happy but it isn't so much the tattoos are poorly done but horribly thought out. It looks very messy and busy. I'm always wearing long sleeves even in the most inconvenient times and summer is coming up and I'm ashamed to show it to my friends.... I live in a small town so it's not easy to go unnoticed..... This site has seriously helped so much knowing I'm not the only person feeling this way. I felt like such a tool and thought I must be the only person who ended up in this situation. It's prob the worst thing I've done to myself and I get such bad anxiety looking at it I just wanna skin myself.
Anyways! I need honest opinions cause I have looked into all options and found an amazing artist who I am considering flying away to get him to fix it up. He says its totally workable and can make things pop with using more of black to white scale and he specialized in cover ups and I truly feel he knows what he is doing but I think it's kinda just to ugly to really fix to be that great... also I'm terrified to get myself in a worst position and making laser even more unlikely of an option. Then there is the option of laser which I would also have to travel for every 8 weeks to work on and would be highly difficult to do in my situation. Also I am nervous cause I see ppl on here having a hard time getting small things removed and I got my whole arm! The results are so circumstantial it really is a huge risk. Not to mention the resources and talent in such areas are not as great for me due to where I live..... I just don't know what to do and I would love any output I can receive specially if anyone has experience with sleeve removal.... Oh how I wish my stupid decision wasn't so permeant :(

Tattoos of regret

alma harmony laser, using the 1064 Q Switch

I am so so sorry I haven't gotten back to replying to anyone I fully intend on it soon as possible. My question for you now... Does anyone have experience or know anything about the 1064 Q switch laser? It isny looking like Picosure treatment is available in my province...
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