Flat, Fab and Forty (Almost) - Coral Springs, FL

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Tomorrow is the big day. I m having a tummy tuck,...

Tomorrow is the big day. I m having a tummy tuck, lipo of the back and flanks and just a tad taken off my outer thigh. After being really fit before starting a family, it's been a hard road. 3 c-sections in less than 4 years. 3 big babies... 11lb 2oz, 12 lb 13oz (3 weeks early) and my little runt at 8 lbs 12oz (a month early). I love them dearly but boy did they do a number on me. I looked into a TT right after my 3rd but the price tag scared me. Now she's 6 and I am knocking on 40 and decided its time. I spend all my time and money on the kids... Jujitsu, dance, gymnastics, football, soccer, the diva wardrobe, the Jordans, etc. I don't bat an eyelash when it comes to spending on them. But I must admit I've felt guilty about spending money on me. It's not like I have a designer wardrobe of my own or shelves of Coach purses and Prada shoes. I'm just not that kinda chick, but this I wanted for me. So tomorrow is a present to me. It's hard to believe this time tomorrow it'll be over and hopefully I'll be home with the nurse resting. I took some before pictures today that I will post later. Time to tuck in the kids, take my surgery meds. Then it's off to a nice long shower with the antibacterial soap. Who knows when I'll be able to shower again. I'll take one last look over my checklist and try to get a good nights sleep while I can till stretch out comfortably on my tummy. LOL. Tomorrow I join the flat side.

Dr. Azurin's office as been great so far. Lynne the surgical coordinator and Suzie, the nurse that will come home with me, both have been really helpful. I like that they haven't tried to sugarcoat the proceeds but they haven't scared me to death either.

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