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I searched and got a handful of consultations, and...

I searched and got a handful of consultations, and so far I am glad that i chose him to my procedure. His entire staff are warm, and attentive as well as he is. The office itself is clean, and has a professional feel. My procedure for a lift and implants is in two days, and I am excited. Up until this point everything is wonderful, and all of my husband and I's health concerns and questions were throughly answered by Dr. Levens and his staff. Only thing that sold me on this was the fact that before the initial examination, Dr Levens sat me down in his office and took note of my home life, and made a connection to whom I was, and why I wanted the procedure. Rather than many other consultations that viewed me as a number and $$$. Various other consultations I had I had spent more time with the nurses, than talking to the doctor himself, which I felt was incredibly unprofessional. I was quoted anything from $5000 to upwards of $12,000 for the very same procedure. So far his staff has called to confirm appointments, and been attentive and helpful with financing, and being organized. I will provide photos of before, during and after my healing process. I have had two girls in the passed 4 years, and breastfed I am confident that Dr. Levens can make me look better.

Night Before Appointment

I have not had a chance to update this with photos, and my experience with the procedure, so here is the run down. On 8/13/14 I went to Dr Leven's for the last pre-op appointment. All of my post op prescriptions had been filled at my prior appointment. He explained placement, and what exactly will be pre-formed during surgery while "drawing" me up. I brought photos of similar breasts as mine, with the same procedures, and Dr. Levens was able to get a solid idea of the look was going for. I wanted something that was attractive, but not "bimbo-ish", and possibly a little larger than what I have now. Since I did have two children that I nursed, and my breasts have completely changed from a perky D, to a deflated, saggy IDK what. I did ask a total number (in CCs), that I would get, and I did not receive a solid answer, however I expressed my concerns of my breasts being too small. I am 5'3", curvy and 142 lbs. My concern was that I did not want them TOO small, but I did not want them too big to the point that I looked like a line backer. Dr. Levens ensured that he would take care of me, and to leave it to him. In addition to my concerns, his nurse assistant was extremely re-assuring that he would do a wonderful job, and I would be happy. In all of my visits to his office, it has been the same nurse, and she has been warm and pleasant, with a great sense of humor, while remaining completely professional. Procedure being performed: Bilateral Breast Augmentation Mastopexy. Dr. Levens chose Sientra Textured Implants since he felt they would stay in place the best. This was to be performed under the muscle. The procedure would take around 3 hours to complete.

Before boobs for comparison

Surgery Day

I had to be at the surgical center at 6:30am. The receptionist that performed the paperwork was nice, and explained all necessary forms and what I needed to sign. I paid the remaining amout due which was the facility fee to the surgical center. Everything is the in the same building. Dr Leven's office is just on the third floor. Getting ready for surgery (changing, etc), the nurses were beyond helpful, in explaining why I needed to wear the surgical socks for compression, and where my belongings were. They even took photos of me in my gown so I could send them to my husband since he had to stay home with our daughters. The surgical center was like a mini hospital, but MUCH more clean, and personable. The staff seemed to be tight knit, and organized. Everyone explained their duties to me while introducing themselves. The anesthesiologist introduced himself, and the process, and re-assured he would take very could care of me. Everyone at the center in general was warm and friendly, while still maintaining a level of professionalism Dr. Levens came in asked if I had any concerns. By 7:30 I was in the operating room, and very well after that I do not remember much. besides waking up, and feeling very sick, and sore and tired. The nurse helped me get dressed, and pushed my from my wheelchair to the car. My husband took me home, and the majority of the day I napped. I felt MUCH better in the evening when the anestesia wore off, and I was able eat and get percocet in my system. MY surgical bra was tight since I was so swollen. Dr. Levens called in the evening, and I expressed my discomfort, and he suggested Benadryl to help rest, and ice packs (to help with swelling). He then text message me later that evening to see how I was doing. These two things, in addition to the pain medication were a tremendous help. I had soft pillows in our recliner and slept. If you do have small children, or any for that matter, I would suggest you get help for at least 3 or 4 days after. MY husband was awesome through this entire process. Dr Levens remained communication through the weekend when concerns arised about washing the surgical bra, the dermabond removal, and showering and gauzing. I was up walking by day two, obviously not lifting though. I was able to shower on Saturday I believe, and removed all gauze from the surgical center. I am very happy with the results I have, it is exactly what I was aiming for.
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