Tuberous Breast Correction W/implants & Lift - Coral Springs, FL

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I've (obviously) had tuberous breasts my whole...

I've (obviously) had tuberous breasts my whole life, which look fine when nipples are up and perky.. but when not.. oh boy.
My main concern would be to 'fix' the shape of my breasts, but while on it.. I'd like to get them a bit bigger too :)

About me; I'm quite petite, 5ft tall and weigh 113lb. Right now around boobs 32in, waist 24in & hips 33in (if that matters any ). I wear bra size A or B, depending of the time of the month. So I pretty much look like a teenager if caught without VS bra ;)

Goal would be to get areolas sized smaller and lifted, when it comes to implants, I still haven't decided the size and the surgery is in couple of days :( Originally we have talked about getting to small C, which according to the doctor who has the experience, would be perfect for me. To me it pretty much sounds good. Problem is that it is very hard to find my "tuberous bodymate" with the same issue so I could find pictures.

I'm worried since I've learned during my surfing over the internet that correcting tuberous breasts apparently isn't as easy task as I thought it would be even for an experienced surgeon.
Silicone implants are going to be placed over the muscle, since doctor said that it would be a better placement when it comes to correcting tuberous breasts.. what I've seen, I have to agree with him. Also I do have some tissue of my own (hopefully enough) and I'm not looking for huge implants anyway so I hope this was a good decision.

Ok.. today should be The Day.. During the weekend...

Ok.. today should be The Day.. During the weekend I managed to get a little flu started (my body seems to always know when it's time for vacation -flu every time on the same minute I walk out of the door at work) , so I'm only hoping that it wouldn't delay the surgery.
I was told to get sports bras with front opening, which I thought would be an easy task.. but no, the ones without any openings are in fashion right now. Would've been easier to order online as I've noticed that women most often seem to do when having BL/BA, but then again I probably wouldn't have had time since the day was set only little bit over a week ago.
At the end after running around Macy's, JCPenney's, TJMaxx etc. I ended up at Walmart and found 1 pair of Danskin and another pair of Fruit of the loom -surprisingly. Can't say that they would've been expensive and I hope they'll serve the purpose.

I'm trying to update as long as I remember...

I'm trying to update as long as I remember something.. I remember being horribly hungry already on my way to the surgical suite (surgery started at 1:30-not even water allowed for few hours before.. duhh) and telling my DH that I'd like to have McDonalds Angus-burger (something that I almost never eat) and that's what I got when I got home.
I'm really not in much of a pain, but I took half of the pain medication doctor ordered- just in case. I'm more worried that I'd remember to take oral antibiotics since I also do have diabetes, even though in control but this is fairly big surgery.

I'll update more tomorrow after the post-op, all I can remember right now is that the surgery lasted a tad longer than planned and I think the nurse said that the implants are a bit bigger than expected originally. Just before surgery the Doc asked if I couldn't find the perfect pair on pics for me I was looking for (I had only one pic to show him which was more like 'somewhere there', but not quite.. =D not an easy task for the doc :) ) So I said to him that I'd expect him to make the perfect pair just for _me_ (no small expectations, huh? lol.. although honestly I do understand that fixing tuberous condition can be one of the most challenging for the PS)).. I hope I'll get a peek tomorrow how it went :)

Everything seemed more than fine when I saw the...

Everything seemed more than fine when I saw the Doctor, he was very surprised how up and running I was.. not much in pain or anything. He warned me not to move too much... it's just so hard to figure out what is too much. He told me that gallon of milk (or weigh of our cat =D ) is the limit. So I've been playing couch potato couple days... at least tried to.

I also forgot to ask the final cc's of the implants.. and the placement. We were still talking about it right before surgery.. I have to say that that doc is seriously patient person.

Boobs seem so tense (and HUGE), I honestly (at least now) hope that these will go down, Dolly Parton really wasn't on my mind when thinking of new look to myself.. lol

Still not much of a pain... all the pain I can feel seems to be located on the sides of the new boobs. But I just noticed that left nipple seems to be bleeding.. not much, but color is fresh so I'll call the office in the morning to ask should I do something about it.. hope it's nothing concerning.

Still feeling nauseous for medication, including...

Still feeling nauseous for medication, including antibiotics.. human body is so weird.
No pain, boobs are still tense and hardish though.
Yesterday I called to the office and found out that the final amount of cc's is 370 :O And placement over the muscle. Haven't been peeking too much, but right now tuberous condition looks like it was never there. If I'd try to describe the shape right now... I'd call them barbie boobs. Wonder what shape they'll end up being.. I just truly hope that the size will go down.. or at least these balloons would land a bit, they're pretty high up right now.
Yesterday I wanted to go for a walk just to do something.. I've never ran that fast around the block :D I just don't want to bump into neighbours right now.

Post-op day 6 I think.. everything has gone very...

Post-op day 6 I think.. everything has gone very well and the swelling seems to be settling already. Implants feel pretty hard and I can't wait for the skin to stretch enough to give them some space to soften up (hope that's the reason for them being so hardish right now).
Only reason I'm using any pain medication (Tylenol) right now, is for my "best time of the month" when the pain on lower stomach is unbrearable without pain killers & heating pad.

When it comes to boobs, no pain, skin still feels tight which is definitely uncomfortable but not painful. Last night I tried first time to sleep on my side, but I was too worried to really feel comfortable. Since I missed so bad sleeping on my stomach, I made "a hole" of pillows for my boobs, one pillow under the stomach and another one unoder chin/chest.. ohh.. just for a minute but it felt good!

I have appointment tomorrow to take the tapes off... eagerly waiting for to see what's under there now-a-days =D

Little update... still have the tapes on around...

Little update... still have the tapes on around areolas, Doctor said that the longer they stay the better so I'm going with that. I also heard that instead of round implants, I got anatomical which would correct the tuberous breast even better. These were actually the implants I was looking for originally, but when I started planning my BA/BL they weren't yet available so I gave up on them.

The shape even with the swelling looks really great, only thing I'm worried about right now is the feel, how much harder/firmer will the anatomicals (than smooth, round ones) be when swelling goes down..

"morning boob" is starting to get better and they are not as hard when I wake up as they were still couple of days ago.. was going to go nuts with it, lol

Ooops.. time for update! I'm 4 weeks post-op as of...

Ooops.. time for update! I'm 4 weeks post-op as of yesterday... feels like it's been foreverrrr. Recovery time has gone very well, I went back to work after 2 weeks.. took it a little bit slower at the first but the second was pretty much normal already. Incisions have healed pretty well, around left areola there is some reddishpinkish thing going on (I had crescent lift) which I hope will calm down soon. Boobs and nipples seem to look different pretty much every day, which of course drives impatient (me!)person nuts.
I have feeling on both nipples back, almost hypersensitive or at least much more feeling than before surgery.
Skin haven't felt really tight for about a week (week 3) and left boob has started to soften up, there is even some jiggling motion going on (noticed it when I had to run after car mechanic.. must have been a sight =D). Appearance I would still call a barbie boob when looking from side. That might stay like that but I try to remind myself that I didn't have lower pole practically at all pre-op. Which brings my thoughts to the issue that I'm hoping for the upper poles to get still down a bit.

Right now I'm using Neosporin ointment for left boob and started using scarZone on the right one, which left one will follow when the redpinkinesh calms down. Scars look pretty dark right now, but they are still so fresh that I wouldn't expect to see much of them after a 7mo or so.

Oh, the morming boob! Still there! Arnica cream seems to help for that a bit but it unfortunately seems to dry my skin. So my boobs are very lubricated :p Arnica for morning boob, moisturizer for arnica, Neosporin & scarZone for nipples.. what else might I need?

Ok.... it's been soooooo long since the last...

Ok.... it's been soooooo long since the last update, shame on me!
My left incision decided to start spitting stitches, so that has been fun.. right one is then again so well healed that there is a very fine scar anymore. Left one on the other hand makes a tiny hole every time stitch decides to come out, luckily they close pretty much overnight with neosporin.
Good thing that I knew about that possibility in advance, since they looked like teeny weeny white worms pushing out..eek.

I'm still wearing a strap about 8 hours a day and feels weird to even try to go to sleep without it =D

I was starting to get frustrated 2-3 weeks ago with the shape and feel & everything, then forgot the whole thing and now I think that the biggest changes has been happening just in last 2 weeks. Implants are feeling so so much softer every day, although on the right one I still can feel the internal stitches which I hope will dissolve and not decide to surface on some point.. that would be interesting =D

Oh! Did something I wasn't supposed, but felt like doing it anyways =D I went to Fredericks of Hollywood, got fitted and found a perfect bra (I actually used sports bra earlier with evening dress on important event to me.. oh boy, must have been a sight..). The size was 32D but looks smaller, which I think usually is the case with implants. Yvette at the doctors office warned me that the size might still change, but at least until (if) it does I now have something to wear in case I have to go somewhere and actually look decent..
Just waiting for the right time to go buy white bikinis.. don't even know why that is so important, but that's what I want, lol

I pretty much gave up using scar zone because of the white colour of it and the 2min. rubbing part. I went back to Kelo-cote and tried ScarguardMD, which seems to work fine but stinks. Other thing I don't like about Scarguard is how the skin looks after using it. It feels like nailpolish (and is applied the same way) and since on my skin it kind of dries, it pulls the skin and leaves lines (similar like.. if you were using tight clothes and seams leave a mark).

OH! The horrendous morning boob is gone, unfortunately can't remember exactly when it didn't happen anymore.. but it definitely isn't a forever thing, yay! I think it stopped somewhere on weeks 5-6 I think.

I probably posted this one on wrong category, since I think it's been more about augmentation than lift.. but oh well =D

Fort Lauderdale Plastic Surgeon

First reason I chose him was the location (I wanted to find a surgeon who wouldn't be too far in case I'd have to see him/her frequently after surgery.) Luckily S.Fl has got quite the selection of good surgeons, so I really didn't have to go too far. Second was his efforts on first consultation -he came to his office just to see me, took time with me to talk about augmentation overall and more importantly -was willing to answer my questions about surgery in detail without hesitation. His patience really impressed me & the surgical coordinator & office staff have really been so so very nice and helpful.

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