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I have wanted a BA for a very long time. I've...

I have wanted a BA for a very long time. I've always been about a "B" cup until I was pregnant. My breasts did get bigger, but then after breast feeding they shrunk a little. Now, they have lost alot of tissue in the upper part of my breasts. I have always wanted to be bigger up there and finally decided to do it.

So, I have now scheduled my pre-op and surgery appts, and as it nears, I keep having second thoughts and worries. Should I go through with this? Do the pros outweigh the cons? Please help..

So, the time is getting closer... and I am getting...

So, the time is getting closer... and I am getting more anxious! I have my pre-op appointment on Tuesday, June 12th.
I am so excited, but I'm nervous at the same time. I'm afraid I'll be too big, too small, too high, too swollen... LOL I have a mix of emotions.
I am very happy that I found this site, though, as it is a huge source of information and insight from other women. I have found a lot of comfort in reading other stories on here.

I will add some before pictures later, and I will update again after my pre-op. Yay!!!

Went to my pre-op a couple days ago and everything...

Went to my pre-op a couple days ago and everything went well. I decided to go with a round, moderate-plus silicone implant, with 425cc's. I'm imagining that they will be a full D once the swelling goes down. I'm very excited, yet extremely nervous still.

Surgery is scheduled for the 28th, but I might push it up a week, if possible. Unfortunately, there's an issue with my transportation home for the 28th. :( I'm kind of disappointed that I didn't lose as much weight as I anticipated before the surgery... However, I'm hoping that I can get back in the gym pretty soon after. Hopefully it won't be more difficult once I have the implants.

I've updated my deflated before pictures... lol!! Looking forward to the new me!!!

I spoke to the Dr. office yesterday and they were...

I spoke to the Dr. office yesterday and they were able to move my surgery up to the 20th, which is next Wednesday. OMG!! Now, I am so nervous!

And wouldn't you know it... I woke up this morning with a cold that I caught from one of my children!! AHHHHH!!! Can they do the surgery if I'm sick?? I don't even think I can take any meds now. I hope I feel better by then. :(

OMG! So, tomorrow is the day!! I'm scared to...

OMG! So, tomorrow is the day!! I'm scared to death... I've been an emotional wreck since yesterday and have mixed feelings. I'm excited, nervous, scared, worried, anxious.. ugggh!! What the heck is wrong with me??
Surgery is scheduled for 7am, have to be there at 6am. I still have my sinus issue/cold going on, so I'm not sure if they are going to reschedule once I get in there. Going to pick up my meds later today. I really hope everything turns out the way I'm imagining and that recovery is a cake walk. Wish me luck! ;)

Well, my surgery apparently went well (I'm here). ...

Well, my surgery apparently went well (I'm here). LOL! My doctor and his staff were great. Came home yesterday, took my meds and fell asleep on the couch. It's been very difficult getting in and out of bed. I'm using mostly my legs to stand and sit, as I really can't move my arms that well.

There is so much pressure and tightening on my chest, it feels like there's an elephant sitting there. It is also difficult to breathe, especially when I'm moving around. Not sure if that's because we went under the muscle or maybe it's normal. However, I've noticed that today is slightly less pressure than yesterday. I'm imagining that each day will get better.

I have not looked at my breasts yet. Honestly, I'm afraid. I know that they are probably very swollen. I've looked down my blouse, and from what I can see, they look good. LOL However, tomorrow I get to take a shower and go to my post-op appointment, so I will definitely see what they look like then.

I will post pics soon!!! ;)

2 Days Post-op. Still in pain, but moving around...

2 Days Post-op. Still in pain, but moving around a little more. Still can't really sleep comfortably, and my back aches bad. I need to try to stretch and stand up straight.

Went to my post-op appt a little while ago. Dr. showed me how to massage my new boobs. Boy, does that suck when they are swollen and painful!!! How am I going to do this? Was able to take a shower this morning and take off my bandages. It is definitely a great feeling to be clean again. lol

Here's some of my new pics. Looking forward for the swelling to go down and for them to drop. They look pretty high right now. Will take more pics in a week or so.

It's been 5 days since my surgery, and I'm still...

It's been 5 days since my surgery, and I'm still so uncomfortable. I'm assuming that is normal, but I'm so impatient. When I wake up in the morning, my breasts feel very tight and swollen, almost twice their size. Does anyone know if this is normal? It's pretty painful in the morning, but seems to get a little better throughout the day. I'm trying to massage them as much as possible because I am so afraid to get capsular contracture (I think that's what it's called). However, it hurts so bad to massage them sometimes. My right breast is bruised on the side and is more painful to touch. Also, does anyone have a good bra suggestion to help push them down?

Tomorrow I go for my 2nd pre-op appointment. I'm...

Tomorrow I go for my 2nd pre-op appointment. I'm hoping that the PS takes the stitches out. Over the last couple days I've felt this weird popping sensation in my right breast when I bend or move suddenly. Not sure what the heck this is.. if it's normal or maybe I over did myself and pulled a muscle. Kind of worried, I'm only 8 days in and don't want to damage my implant already. Yikes!! Has anyone felt this popping before??????? Hopefully the Dr has an answer for me tomorrow. :(

Had my Post-op appt a couple days ago and had my...

Had my Post-op appt a couple days ago and had my stitches taken out. YAY! Dr. says that everything looks great and that I'm free to go about my normal activities (let pain be my guide). I asked about the popping concern that I had, and he said that it's normal. Apparently air gets caught in there during the surgery, and I guess it's moving around. Not sure if that's what my issue is.... feels like my right implant is moving around. LOL! If anyone had experienced this feeling, please let me know.

My incision looks pretty darn good. Not as big as I expected. Looks like it's healing very nicely. They gave me some scar cream to use and some tape to cover the incision for a few weeks. (Well, I should say that I bought the scar cream. WTH! After a hefty PS bill, you couldn't give me a $63.00 bottle of scar cream?!!) LOL!

I'm feeling much better and almost feeling normal again. Except for the weird feeling in my right boob when I bend down or turn a certain way (I hate that feeling). My right side is still bruised a little also. I still can't sleep on my side, which I love doing. Not sure how long before I will be able to. Probably a while.

Can't wait to go bra shopping this weekend. Although the sports bra is comfy, I can't wear it under all my cute shirts. hahah!!!
I posted a couple more pics. ;)
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