Had the SX Already...I Think I'm Part in Shock and Part Proud ...READ ME - Coral Springs, FL

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Hi there Beautiful Women of all sizes, shapes and...

Hi there Beautiful Women of all sizes, shapes and ethnic backgrounds. First, I apologize that I didn't write pre op intros..I had so many things going on called life...I decided to go beyond my comfort ability and contribute to this site since there have been many of you who have selflessly shared your testimonies and experiences, I thought, I have to give back to the community. Im 38 years old, had one child 19 years old, currently weighed about 174lbs, have a firbroid or 2, diagnosed with PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) messes with hormones and also PMMD -Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder-..pms but on steroids....I don't want to bore you but I do want to give as much background information in case this sounds like you. I was always around 105lbs to125lbs up into late 20's, stress, bad relationships etc..and hormones...led to weight gain wouldn't come off. Even when I was thin a size 3, my butt looked like a wrinkled pancake. I recall going school shopping in my teen years and I was beautiful..but as I tried pants on my mother and father always said okay turn around...and I would, over and over, I was like "What?" I like them...years later I understood that my fathers concern was that I had no rear (how cute lol) I was told and made aware by one guy in highschool and it hurt. Since then I have been obsessed researching, staring, looking, lunging, plunging and who knows what else. I've had a rough life..Born raised in Canada..got married to a jerk in Cali escaped from him started new life here in FL ..met another nice ...then jerk man...however....on the side I saved up money for this...I was adamant that I am and I can and I will do this....before this was something I could only dream of going to a plastic surgeon...I wasn't prideful...just thrilled and grateful.

Pre OP Appt- Met Yashira, beautfiul, sincere, caring, tough, smart, young lady. Couldn't ask for more.

Prescriptions: (had to sit down with a friend and write it out to keep track)
1) Ciprofloxxacin
2) Zofran-take the day with you to surgery-FOR NAUSEA but for the day of surgery ONLY
3) Soma- muscle relaxer
4) Valium/Diazepam
5) Oxycodeon
6) Ranitidine -nausea to go with the cipro antibiotics

covered under my insurance paid about $40 YES YOU NEED ALL OF THESE DON'T MESS WITH THEM. AS suggested get these filled well in advance as most pharmaceuticals do not like to fill that many narcotics at one time.

Today is Day 4

I remember being so excited and stressed that I was so sleepy I just decided go in and get it over with. Showered, no lotion, bag packed, meds, and on the way..had no idea what I was really in for ..no fault of theirs. Arrived for my appt earlier as it was 6:15am..got dressed, peed, asked a few questions, Dr Auzrin came in and did the markings...for lipo.. arms, back and flanks.. then fat transfer--my request PUT IT ALL BACK IN.
I met most staff very sweet, clean, professional, warm, awake and they laid me down in a warm bed with warm blankets, started an IV...I started talking and drifted off in 4 minutes. I woke up screaming in PAIN...shock...anger...hurt....I was in the wheelchair screaming get me off my ass. That night I had to go back I couldn't pee on my own I needed a catheter, I have a small honda...my ex was the only one I could get to take care of me. He said when he saw me I was slumped over and all he could see was pain all over my body and my face and he felt sick for me. I got in the back, lay on my stomach and feel stuck up against the windshield not caring. Got home...two people helped me and my boyfriend get me in...my right foot kept bending and wouldn't move, I felt like I kept bending slash breaking it...I finally got upstairs and don't recall much. I had to go back in the evening for a catheter and I was mad..but it was very helpful and comforting. Pain meds feel like they don't work but they are. Basically, you feel like you got ran over by a truck on your ass, the bottom by sacrum, the backs of the thighs feel like charlie horse all day all night, the calves, the ankles, the feet. I lost a lot of blood...that was normal...Dr Azurin said he got to get very aggressive with Lipo. The cherry on the top was having to lay on my back to get the catheter put back in. I haven't looked at myself much, I haven't showered, tonight will be my first attempt at a quick shower, wash garment with woolite in a fabric protector bag, and dry in dryer only on cold air or air. NO HEAT---during this time im going to swell so IM SO SCAREDDD BUT I HAVE waist cincher that goes over my garment and that i can wrap around my waist tight with maybe a shirt in between and then bandage wrap by arms to keep those tight no idea what to do with the ass. I'm sorry to be so real and so raw and I hope I don't scare you...everyone is different..I see women on here who are up and taking photos their 2nd day..how I have no IDEA....Thank you for reading...Ill keep you posted. Arms, flanks, back and fat transfer. I'll find out how many cc's on Monday.

Please support me and pray for me please.
God Bless you all and I would never choose any other than Dr Azurin no matter the result as our bodies mold and turn into what is also genetically realistically possible along with many other factors. I have no wish photos...as my only wish was to have a lot more then what I have now. I agreed before had to be happy with the results ...but I guess should have shook hands with Mr. Pain also. ****I never ever post photos of myself so I'm doing this for all of you lovely ladies who kept me informed throughout before I made my decision and I hope this helps. BEFORE PHOTOS --the ones I sent for consult.


It has gone by so fast and to receive your comments from around the states made me feel very uplifted and cared for and thank you. I have some photos...they are for your review and assistance.
I also had my first massage at Taras Spa who also makes the custom girdle vs the generic ones from the surgeon. It felt soooooooooo soothing. I think I had this on Thursday ...she is from Iran and travelled to China and always upgrades her skills, she is so earthy, holistic, caring. They wrapped me and a sleeping padded bag it felt like after rubbing some herbs on the lipo areas only and it was so comfy..they wanted me to break a sweat.
Then I went to another room and had all of these teas that were steeping and used a ultrasound and placed all over bruises and did a massage ...
This was the first time I saw my entire body as I had not taken a shower as I said in my last comment my ex was being a nice guy then an mean and I threw him out as I needed mental peace. I washed my hair by kneeling down on padded towels leaning over bathtub with a towel for the arms to lean on...felt soooo good ...then wrapped my hair and undid the garment little by little washing underarms breast etc as I was alone.

Here are some photos for you.
Today is my second massage. I woke up early today because I am stiff so I took a relaxer pill.

Post Op Photos Day 7

I was told that my butt will be all swollen and I am ohhhh so itchy oh bruises etc ...Yashira said I would go through the Granny Flatt Butt stage first ...from what I understand it has to shift fluids, heal, settle in and take shape with commitment to garment. After 2months I can gut the buttocks part of my garment cut out. I really do hope I end up with a big booty as I know Dr Azurin goes under the muscle he doesn't just blow it up he wants as man fat cells to survive.

13 Days POST SX

Hi there!
Thank you all for reading and for responding, I know time is limited, I've had 4 massages and I feel better wow !! what a journey so far...go quite a bit of attention from work, that was fun their like family ..I been wearing dresses because legs swollen today hey have gone down some. I'm sill itchy, nothing to complain about much. I'm now just going through he patient part of molding and healing...I'll post new pics soon xoxo

Happy New Year Dolls!!

Well I spent New Years Solo but it was healing I listened and watched don omar, beyonce, shakira videos and had a friend over 10pm and she left then. So during the week, my body was looking great, the waist is coming in because of this durable, awesome, custom made to all of your curves already...Tara's Girdles and her sick ass spa is 3007 W Commercial Blvd, Ft Lauderdale

Here is her website ...she's so committed born in Iran, Lived in Columbia, studied everywhere including China for tea bags with ultrasound reducing inflammation..
Go check it out, if you come to FL you may as well choose her for the garment and all massages!

Girdles Custom Made and Massage in Florida


So How am I doing....2 weeks 2day POST OP

Well I've been feeling really independent, boost of confidence and reassurance that I can go after my dreams even though I'm 38 yrs, I have a 19 year old son who is in Canada, my country of Origin. My mother is Guyanese and My father is from Trinidad and Tobago, I live in FL. So my butt has been looking SO plump and roundish Ive enjoyed the attention and basked in for a little bit LOL...today though ...it seems like its gotten FLAT ..yes i know I have read everywhere that it goes through the granny butt stage...I had 2 Liters of FAT removed and 1,000cc's in each butt cheek.

I feel so bad that I didn't post a pick of me yesterday I looked so GOOD a better version of myself but today its FLAT

I love you all for reading my post and also for responding. I hope my journey helps someone. I have stopped taking my pain med...
If you have any HELPFUL TIPS ON THIS FLAT PART as naturally I've always had like an Pancake ass and my lowest weight I can get to is 105lbs that's what I was , I'm just giving you an idea of how small I used to be and can get too. I remained at about 125lbs up till 25-26 years (after my son) going from size 3 to 8/9 and over the years up to siZe 16!!! WOW...anwya I am at 182lbs today I am 5:"2 and so I hope that when I lose weight as I have too...that I don't lose the butt :(

Photos at 16 days

These are the 16 days ..

crazy yesterday this thing was poppin today its FLAT

more 16 day flat butt photos

Dr Azurin, Is very warm, very kind, he is knowledgeable and confident. If he cannot do it..he won't not for the $ he is sincere and genuine, when you walk around...you are his results and testimony. He will recommend other procedures if he feels necessary with no pressure. Very cute good looking man...great team, great office, Nurses, Yashira..the nursed I yelled at the nurse who talk to me on the phone today like coach...they CARE.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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