I'm Finally Going to Get a Chance to See What It Feels Like to Have a Nice Round Butt - Coral Springs, FL

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Hi everyone on realself, I was so motivated to...

Hi everyone on realself,

I was so motivated to share some of my feelings with you ladies on realself because of the beauitful stories I've heard from everyone. I feel like I am not alone. I feel like I finally found a few friends/family so to speak, that understands my reasons for wanting to having BBL surgery and not judge me for it.

I've been thinking about this for the past 20 years. I finally made up my mind and decided to my husband about my feelings and how I'm ready to do the BBL surgery. To my surprise he was very understanding to my feelings and he did not make me feel like I was crazy to want to go under the knife just to get a nice round booty.

My surgery i schedule for December 13, 2012. in Coral Springs with Dr Azurin. That's less then three weeks. I am exited but yet nervous at times and after reading everyone's reveiw this is normal.. lol..

Hi everyone, I was really stressing out for the...

Hi everyone,
I was really stressing out for the last couple days but felt so comfortable after I got advice from Miamimom. She is so awesome! I will be posting photos before and after my surgery. I can't stress enough about how happy I am to be apart of realself. I've heard so many positive feedbacks from women that had the BBl. Also, along with feedbacks I'm veiwing beautiful transformation of BBL results. Please keep me in your prayers as I go through all these ups and downs regarding my surgery. Until next time ladies, take care and always keep that positive attitude.:-).

Hi ladies, I am so close but yet so far away.....

Hi ladies,
I am so close but yet so far away.. 13 more days and counting. I thank God that I found 'Realself". I enjoy reading all reveiws by my bbl sista's. I feel ilke I can go into surgery and not feel guilty because I'm puttting all this money into having a sexy butt. I think that I deserve to treat myself. Hell, I've worked hard all my life and the least I can do is make "ME" happy by doing what I want to do with my money. I am planning on taking some pictures of myself along with my measurements and taking my weight the day before my surgery. Right now I'm 185 pounds and my height is 5 7. I just started a detox yesterday and would like to continue it until after my surgery. I want to drop a few pounds b4 surgery. Anyway ladies, I will try and post my feelings during my count down for my surgery.. If anyone has any feedback or questions please inbox me or just write a reply. Thanks

Hi everyone, I am 8 days away from having my BBl....

Hi everyone,
I am 8 days away from having my BBl. I am so nervious and anxious at the same time to the point that I am driving everyone around me nuts. lol... I am down to 180 pounds, Yippie!!!!.. I'm hoping to drop at least 10 more pounds.. I started a detox 5 days a go and that is going well. I want to make sure i'm able to do a "BM", after my surgery. I am going to get all of my prescriptions filled tomorrow, I thank God that I have health insurance. Hopefully I won't be paying to much out of my pocket for my 7 different prescriptions.
Please pray for me as I will everyone that will be having surgery.

Until next time ladies

Hello ladies, I'm 5 days away from having my...

Hello ladies,
I'm 5 days away from having my surgery.. I'm trying to get myself all prepared for my Lipo/BBL but can't find the energy.. I think that I am taking this surgery a little to serious.. I'm sad, happy, negative, positive, guilty and so on.. The closer I get to my surgery date, the more nervious I become.. I try to think about the song, "I hope you dance" by Lee Ann Womack. "I hope you still feel small when you stand beside the ocean. Whenever one door closes, I hope one more opens, promise me you'll give faith a fighting chance. And when you get the chance to sit it out or dance, I HOPE YOU DANCE!!.. Guess what ladies, I bust my ass and worked hard all my life. I know that I deserve this. My door of opportunity is about to open for me on "December 13, 2012". SOooooo; I'm going out on "FAITH" and "DANCE"..

Thank you to my BBL sisters for your prayers and encouragements!!!

Good morning my bbl sisters, I am so "NERVOUS"! ...

Good morning my bbl sisters,
I am so "NERVOUS"! As I read all the many different reviews makes me realize that what I am going through is natural.. I'm taking this weekend to gather all my thoughts together, "go on realself", pack my bag, "go on realself", have sex, "go on realself' have more sex, "go on realself", buy all necessary food, gatorade, GRAMMY garments, "go on realself", go over my notes from Dr A and last put not lease, "GO ON REASELF"!! Lol.. As you can see ladies, even though I have wonderful friends and family, I consider you guys my friends and family as well. You guys are my friends that I can go to for advice about my surgery and not be judged for it.. Please don't misunderstand me, I do have a few friends and family that I shared this wonderful news with. These are the ones that I know for sure won't judge me..( I love you guys)!!

Anyway my bbl sisters, I will try and post my feelings and concerns everyday until the day before my surgery. Also, I will take my measurements, weight and before photos and post them all hopefully before my surgery.

HI my bbl sisters, I'm going in the morning for...

HI my bbl sisters,
I'm going in the morning for my surgery. I can't eat or drink anything past midnight. Damn, I almost forgot. I need to take my Colace, antibiotic and Nausea medication by 8pm.. My nerves are bothering me so much to the point of getting my husband upset with me.. He told me that he hope Dr Azurin can lift my attitude like he can my butt. Damn that hurt! I'm not mad and yes, he was right for saying that.. Ok so we talked about it and he apologized.

I weighted myself today and I lost another 5 pounds..My weight was at 195 pounds about a month a go. I started my detox on Dec 5th and that shit last for a minute. Oh well, what can I say other then; I love me some good home made food.. lol..
My weight: 180
My height: 5 7
My measurements: 38-35-44

Anyway my bbl sisters, please keep me in your prayers as I go into surgery tomorrow. I need to be at Dr Azurin's surgery center by 12 noon tomorrow.. Im hoping that my starts right away. I originally supposed to have my surgery ay 11am.. There's one patient before me..

Good night everyone!!

Hi my bbl friends, I made it, thank God.. Sorry...

Hi my bbl friends,
I made it, thank God..
Sorry that it took me this long to write a review. My bbl was on the 13 of December, 5 days a go. Before I go into details about my surgery let just say how much I love the work Dr Azurin did on me.. OMG! I cannot pull myself from this mirror.. I cannot believe that this body belongs to me.. Today is the first day I can actually try clothes on. Right now I am crying because for the last 16 years all could do is dream about having the body that I now have. I can't believe that whatever I put on it looks so good.. I am still trying to figure out how to post my before and after photos.. I will have to talk to one of my bbl sisters to show me how to upload my photos. To me, "seeing is believing".
Right now I am all drug up with :percocet, soma and so on. So if my sheech incoherent please understand.. lol..

My husband loves my body. He can't keep his eyes of me. He really enjoys giving me a bath. lol.. He said that he can't wait to take a bite on my two rounds plums.. Every is a day of compliments that's coming from him.. Believe you me when I tell you that although I did all of this for me, I'm happy that he can enjoy it as well. lol..
Anyway my sisters, I have to say bye for now so I can get drug up again.. I promise that I will write more reveiws in the next couple of days..

Hi my bbl sisters, I am so sorry that it's taking...

Hi my bbl sisters, I am so sorry that it's taking me this long to write. It's been s little over 5 weeks since I had my lipo/bbl. I've been trying since a week after my surgery to upload photos but still having a hard time. I saw dr Azurin on Monday for my 2 months post-op. He's very pleased with my results. I lost about 1 inch of volume in my butt area due to swelling. I went back to work after 3 weeks. I would recommend taking at least 2 to 3 weeks off before going back to work. Im able to sit but for only a short time, about 30 minutes. It doesn't really hurt that bad but it feels like am sitting on 2 grapefruit, just a little uncomfortable. I will try to upload photos but if I can't I will will forward b4 and after photos via email. If you would like to see my photos you can senf me a private message. I don't want to be someone that is no longer communicating with my bbl sisters 2 months after my surgery. Again sorry for taking this long to write my post-op review. Talk to you ladies real soon:-).

Hi, its me again. I meant to say in my last...

Hi, its me again. I meant to say in my last review that its been a little over 8 weeks, not 5 weeks.

Hi, its me again. I meant to say in my last...

Hi, its me again. I meant to say in my last review that its been a little over 8 weeks, not 5 weeks.

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