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After 6 months of never ending research I decided...

After 6 months of never ending research I decided Dr. Azurin is the surgeon for me.
My current weight is 120 (about 6lbs. over my norm) and height 5'2. My waist is already a 25" my flank/love handles are 34" so I am very misporpotioned. Dr. Azurin will be lipoing my flanks, lower back and possibly abdomen (yes what you read is true if there is loose skin he will not lipo). I may ask for outter thighs to be added when I'm there.
Dr. Azurin has A LOT of experience with slender women and I feel very confident in my choice. He DOES not ask his patients to gain weight before surgery and I love that! I'm not down with doctors that ask you to get unhealthy as you can before major surgery. A few well known docs asked me to gain 30-40lbs and stop cardio. Uh yeah ok buddy. Great advice. Not to mention if you gain weight before surgery plan to keep it on unless you want to lose that ass you just went thru hell to get with it!
It took about 3 weeks for my patient cordinator Lynne to get back to me but when she did the ball was rolling. I contacted them in June, wanted a date for August but he was booked till Oct. I am more than pleased with the customer service at Dr. Azurin's office. The hard part is I am traveling from CA to go see him so I have a lot of planning to do which is kind of giving me a heart attack! I look forward to hearing from the ladies who traveled as I have a ton of questions and details I have to start working on soon!

Flights booked, check!

So here's my traveling situation: my mother in law will be traveling with me (flights are a small fortune since I'm covering both). The flight there is non stop (5hrs) which is nice but the flight back does have a layover in TX (travel time about 7hrs). I'm more than freaked out about the flight home since I will only be 8 days PO. But hey NO GUTS NO GLORY right?! Just remember to get up and move around as much as possible.
I will be flying in Sunday Oct. 6th and meeting with Dr. Azurin Monday the 7th and BOOM surgery the 8th!
Will be staying at the closest hotel which is the Courtyard Marriott. They give Dr. Azurin's patients get a corporate rate of $79.00 a night. I will be staying there from the 6th-9th. Be warned they do not have in room microwaves and you need to request a fridge. There is a bistro in the hotel where you can purchase meals from.
On the 9th I will be relocating to a hotel with a kitchenette on the beach located in Hillsboro Beach (about 30 min. from Dr. A's ofice). I thought that might be nice for my mother in law since she's never been to FL. The rates there were $92.00 a night.
So now I need to make rental car arrangements which isn't going to be as cheap as I orginally thought. All the travel cost is adding up fast.
AND poor Lynne I'm calling the office once or twice a week because the traveling has brought up a few dilemmas but they have been amazing over there!
I've also been buying a few supplies here and there but I'm not going crazy buying a bunch of crap I won't use. I will post a list of what I'm bringing later. It will be minimal.
Also Dr. Azurin doesn't reccomend all those massages right after surgery. I was told maybe a couple lymphatic massges when I'm a month post op. Can't remember what I was told exactly so I'll reinform on that later.
*adding one more before pic, can't wait for these love handles to be gone!

Eeeeeek BBL NIGHTMARE...also check out if you are traveling

Received my paper work/packet from Dr. Azurin's office yesterday. Read through it and all of a sudden I was scared. I go to bed and literally had a nightmare about going through surgery and having terrible results:/ Ok brain stop messing with me! I have about 45 days left and will not be turning back!!!!!!!!

I can say I haven't really had time to be nervous about surgery until the packet arrived. I've been so busy planing the trip.

I changed my hotels becuase I came across a website called where people rent/sublet their homes or condos. I found a beautiful house 20 min. away from my doctor office and 5 min. from the beach which will be nice for my mother in law who will be taking care of me. Girls this is a great option and my nerves are much more relaxed knowing I have great accomodations.

I have a couple weeks to do labs, EKG and get the sign off from my's becomming real.

I have most of my supplies which I will list soon. I'm kind of stressing on a back up stage 1 garment for when mine is in the wash. I was told by Lynne not to even worry about garments yet and I won't even know what size to get until after surgery. It's crazy how much added cost there is to this surgery even after paying for the procedure. It's adding up crazy fast! If I'm able to add my stomach and outter thighs that will be an additional $600 an area! Guess I'm to the point where I just gotta laugh at it, the money is gonna go and it's go quick so be prepared. Cha ching! My next post I will list my supplies and break my costs down. Hope everyone is having a lovely week.

Rental Home in Pompano Beach FL

I'll be staying here for 10 days. The 15/20 minute drive scares me a little, not gonna be fun driving there after surgery but I'll manage. Dr. Azurin's office is located on W Atlantic and the rental home is right off E Atlantic. It's 13 miles away and pretty much a straight shot. My mother in law is not the best driver in the world, should be interesting.

To BBL or not to BBL???

The last couple days I started thinking to myself "do I have enough fat to make a difference?" I was told by Lynne that in small women even a small amount will make a good improvement. I won't even know how many cc's Dr. A will think he can get until the Monday before surgery (one down side of traveling). I don't know why I'm having all these thoughts but I'm a little sad. So far I've put blood, sweat and tears into this surgery and I wish I knew what to expect. My expectations are realistic and I know I'm not going to get a huge booty. My main priorities are my "love handles" and hopefully getting a rounder fuller apperance for my bum bum. Overall I'd like a nicer shape and know the lipo to my flanks will help so much. Well thanks for letting me vent girls, I know the friends and hubby are probably so sick of hearing about this BBL ish!

Couple more pre op pics as my day approaches...

My day is about a month!

I'm having all sorts of emotions:/ Trying to stay positive and keep my head in game! I still have a few things to get done
-car rental
-order custom girdle by Tara
-order foam bolster pillow (plane ride home, driving)
-buy arnica pills maybe Aminosculpt


I am seeing the craziest stuff about FLORIDA on tv! 20 ft Anaconda in the road near Miami!!!!! Say what?!?! Sink hole claims another life!!!!! Huh, sink hole???? Hurricane season in October, eeeeekkkkk! Florida please be good to me : )

Well girls (or the few wonderful ladies that take the time to read and respond, thank you) can I say as nervous as I am......the excitement is comming back. Yay!!!!

LABS tomorrow, praying everything comes out perfect. I will have to wait about a week to get the results back. Cross your fingers for me!

Loving the results of my BBL SISTER and fellow AZURIN DOLL @ZULUPRINCESS! Really assures me I made the right choice, Dr. Azurin all the way.

Do I want hips? Yes, yes I do. Does Dr. A do hips, NO. And his reasonings are legit. He aims for long term natural results. In the long run that's what is best for my body type. Don't get me wrong I see some of these girls come out of surgery looking like POW! and I love that sorta fake coke bottle beyond blessed look. Unfortunetly I do not have the fat or body type to pull that off.

Wishing luck and love to all the girls with upcomming surgeries and all the girls in recovey.

Insurance covered labs!!!

Labs done earlier today and most resluts back already. Ugh I hate getting pricked it hurt! My HMG is at a 15.0!!!! Whoop Whoop. Happy happy happy. Only paid my $10 co pay so that brought joy to my heart. I gotta say today was a good day!

Yesterday I ordered a custom made foam bolster from
It will arrive in about 2 weeks. I hope this works for the plane ride home and driving. I ordered it to be 13" long and 7" in diameter. It came out to be around $44 with shipping.

I need to take my measurements for my custom girdle by TARA. Does anyone know how I do my torso measurments?????
That will be ready for me to pick up on the Monday before surgery.
Time is flying by!

No way in h........

Purchased this Ann Chery waist cincher in a 32. I sized according to the guide but there is no way in hell this thing is going to fit. Even with that fat sucked out! Seems like Ann Chery runs small? The quality is very good so I may order the 34.

Custom foam pillow arrived.....

AND it's not going to work!! My booty is gonna sink right down!!! Please any suggestions for my plane ride home????

I forgot.....

I was cleared for my surgery today!!! EKG came out great. My prescriptions were covered by my insurance, $60! Everything seems to be going smooth. My day is getting closer!

11 Days before surgery.....

Well my mother in law came down with a bad Cellulitis infection and may not be able to travel with me. Scrambling for a plan b and trying to stay positive. I can't believe this is really happening now that I am so close! I know everything will work out.

4 DAYS TO GO....

Well it's almost here! I'm kind of in disbelief to tell you the truth. I do have a good amount of nervousness going on. I'm sad to leave my family for 10 days, I will miss them so much. They are my life line and vital to my happiness. They will be in good hands though so that helps ease my mind. Also building a good amount of anxiety not knowing what to expect pain wise. I'm so ready to see what I will look like. I keep trying to picture it in my head and I just can't. I've had these love handles for over ten years and to be honest I was starting to believe they were here to stay but come Tuesday it's GOODBYE!


I went pretty minimal on supplies. I did get Arnica pills, Bromelain pills and will be using a water bottle with the bottom cut out for a female urinal (heard it works better than P Ez). I have 2 maxi dresses a maxi skirt, sweats and yoga pants for my attire. So happy there's a washer and dryer at the house I rented. Girls if you think of anything I might need feel free!

Tomorrow is my big day....

I had my pre op today and everything went great! I felt very comfortable with Dr. Azurin. The whole office is great. I also picked my garment up from Tara's and I am wearing it now "stretching" it out some. Feeling nervous but excited too! As I assumed Dr. A said I do not have a lot of fat but it will make a nice difference. He is also going do my lower abs conservative. Whoooo....can't believe it's here!!!

Made it....

I didn't get nausea or vomiting so I am very happy about that! On my second bottle of gaterade and second piece of toast. Peeing kind of hurts from the catheter being in. My booty hurts something fierce. All in all not as bad as expected but still pretty painful. Girls thank you how the well wishes you guys are amazing!

Today has been pretty good....

TMI Warning: went #2 twice today, no constipation. The first night I was sent home with compression boots but I still got up every hour and went pee and walked around. Night time has been a little ruff with the stiffness. My butt hurts the worse and my sides feel sore. Still no dizziness which I feel is helping me a lot. Also, I got visit by the wonderful Zulu Princess today!

Better update....

I went in for my surgery at 6:15 am. Dr. Azurin came in and drew on me. We talked about what could and couldn't be achieved. From there I went into the OR had my iv put in and lights out! I woke up to the nurse putting me in the car. It did feel like i couldn't move my legs. I don't even recall the recovery room. Rode home on pillows in the back seat on my stomach. Once home took my meds. My Aunt put on my compression boots and set an alarm every hour for the whole night to make sure I was up walking. I ate soup, applesauce and drank A LOT of fluids. Girls to avoid constipation I ate a few prunes the day before surgery and a few after, I have had no problems what so ever! Today I went to the pharmacy and had a 10 min walk by the beach. My flanks have that sore stretching feeling and my butt feels like a body builder gave me a Charlie horse. I am so over laying on my stomach! My garment is working out fine no issues with that. The open crotch hole does seem like its crooked though. Ok time for my 50th nap of the day! Ladies this surgery is mind over matter a 100%

Shower Day....

Had my first shower, it felt so good. No lightheaded ness or passing out. Put on the garment from my doctors office which is much more comfortable than the vedette. Other than m&m the extreme butt pain everything seems to be going well. I have a good appetite and I'm sleeping a lot. I seem to be going through my pain meds fast. Seeing my body was kind of crazy. Muffin top gone some bruising and my butt looks like a big granny butt, I hope that changes. Thank you to all the ladies who have shared kind and positive thoughts its really helped along the way. Tomorrow I see Dr. Azurin for my last time befor I fly back home. Hope he can give me some insight about this big granny butt because right now it makes me want to cry.


The vedette is more comfortable than the Tara garment.

Here's a pic...

I will probably take this down shortly. My butt looks like a long old ladies butt and I hate it. HATE IT. Is it big yes! Is it cute, NO! I see Dr. Azurin tomorrow and he will be hearing about this. Also I know things take time to settle. I think this garment may be a little too small also. Ladies any comments or advice about how your tush looked right after??? I'm feeling so heart broken : (

Forgot to add the pic....

I'm devastated to say the least. If I wanted a huge 45 year old but I would of gained 30lbs and went without the pain. Also I feel like both garments are a little bit of a let down. Guess I'm just having a mad day. My butt is STILL in serious pain and the stiffness, well geez I never knew it was possible to even feel that. I'm so sick of all this. My head strong is starting to

Ups and downs!

This is some journey! Today I went out shopping and out to eat. Cane home took a shower and let me tell you it was an Olympic triathlon getting my garment back on. Whoooo! Pain is still there. Sometimes not too bad sometimes severe. Can't wait to see my body change the next few months.

One more....

I know I'm super swollen but that tire around my waist is gone!!!!! My stomach looks nice and I will post better pics soon. I know I have a lot of work to do in the gym and eating clean but I feel much more motivated with out that baggage around my sides and back.

Forgot the pic....

Blame it all allll alllcohol, just kidding blame the Percs!

Flight home....

Was ok. Def feeling it now that I'm home. My knees are swollen the size of cantaloupes! Still a little pain in my ass and sides. Stomach hurts a tiny bit. Not itchiness or burning yet. Have felt the ripping feeling in my flanks a few times. Taking meds only twice a day. Thought is be ready to drive but no way! Maybe next week. Here's another pic from same day as others. Swell hell to say the least

10 days post op....

Feeling pretty good. Do have some pain. Nights and mornings seem to be the worse with pain ans stiffness. To recap: my surgery took about 3 hours. I got a little over 400cc's put in my butt. I already knew it wouldn't be a huge difference but it certainly is a nice difference. I had no side effects like dizziness, throwing up or constipation. Just pain! Also no leaking fluid what so ever. Hopefully hubby will help me take some better pics tonight to show the few women who actually care about my blog and results. You few women are the only reason I stay on RS. So stay tuned can't wait to see whats under all this swelling! Dr. Azurin is a great doctor and I am very pleased so far.

Some new pics....

Still really swollen not to much change although booty is rounding out some.

Good morning girls....

Waking up with this stiffness is something else I tell you! My elbows and knees are begging for mercy! I really have nothing to add or update that some of the amazing vets haven't already gotten to. I'm so glad I choose Dr. Azurin. He gives smooth natural results. He's perfect for you you slender ladies with minimal fat. I like my results so far! Eating healthier waiting to get cleared for the gym (I have a few weeks). Going shopping with the fam today so we'll see if I get a visit from the good ol swell hell. Also still loving my Tara Girdle, worth the money. I think I have a week or two before I send it back to get taken in. Yesterday I ordered an Ann Chery for back up because I do not like the Vedette I purchased ($140) from my doctors office. Have to wash my Tara today , shower day yippee! Any advice on washing? The first time it was washed my aunt did it while I was sleeping. Ok ladies enjoy football Sunday I know I am!

Swelling or SEROMA....

Guys do you think this swelling in lower mid back or a seroma? I will call Dr. Azurin tomorrow and send a pic. It's giving me a lot of worry and anxiety though:(

Here's a better pic....

Please tell me it's not a SEROMA. I'm all the way across the country from my doctor and I don't even know where to begin with getting it drained.

15 Days Post Op....

The last two days I've been very sore and stiff. Lynne said I can lay on my butt now but I just can't bring myself to do it! I'm going to wait another week before I attempt driving. To clarify from earlier posts about my garments at first my Vedette I bought from the office felt comfortable but it makes my butt look weird and that's why I was so upset those first posts. It made my butt look terrible. Also my Tara was so tight it was uncomfortable. I can officially say without a doubt I love my custom made Tara garment. Tara has been in the girdle business for along time and really knows her stuff. Also she makes butt out garments too for the ladies whose surgeons prefer that method. Any how just taking it day by day. I'm really loving my results do far. Dr. Azurin is such a great sculptor! I couldn't be happier. My waist is so tiny and my butt is not huge but it's round and has that feminine heart shape. I'm not sure if that man will ever know what he's truly done for me. Looking in the mirror I can't even believe it's the same person. Happy happy happy!

PC said didn't think....

My PC said she thought my back was still swelling and didn't see a seroma. So hopefully she's right. What she did say is that there is a crease in my back and we need to figure out what's causing it. My garment is still pretty tight and I don't feel it creasing. I believe it's the white binder my doctor has me wearing. Just over the foam piece it buckles no matter how tight the binder is. Not sure why this is happening? Any waiting to hear back from Lynne I'm sure it won't be until Monday. In the mean I'll just have major anxiety about a permanent crease in my back. I swear it never ends with this surgery! Feeling a little frustrated.


To add photo of what the binder is doing. Do you ladies think this could be it?
I'm so bad about posting before I add pics!


So BBL girls I am 18 days PO today. Feeling much better but my sides and lower back are pretty tender. The itchies have paying visits here and there. The Benadryl Gel is the truth! Probably one of the only things I bought that I actually use.
As far as my results go: I AM VERY HAPPY! Dr. A is the best! I got a small bubble butt and I love it! I wish I had a little projection but hey you can't have it all! Had to call Tara's Garments this morning with my new waist measurement. Pulled tight....wait for it....22" um whoa!

Just waiting on new tighter garment because the crease is also spreading to my sides. My garment feels tight but Tara is right it seems tight but I'm shrinking pretty fast.

Here's some pics ladies. Still can't believe the change in my body.

Made the 4 Week PO Mark

Finally hit the 4 week PO mark! Healing seems to be going slow for me. Sides and lower back still tender. No more burning and very little itching. I started driving a little and it's pretty uncomfortable. I am using a yoga mat with pillows behind my back and it puts a lot of pressure on my spine.

I went for a lymphatic massage last week and also had some massaging on my flanks. It really helped my flank area not feel so sore and so tight. I felt really good after. I will be doing one a week for at least a month. I've also been skipping self massage time here and there :( not good better get it together!

I still feel pretty tired and would say I only feel 60% back to normal. I also feel like I am in my "flat" stage. I've lost all the swelling in my butt. It's not to much smaller, just a little smaller. I'm getting very anxious to start working out again. I can do treadmill walking at 6 weeks. My new tighter garment came and it's pretty tight but still creases in my waist area. My doctors office does not want foam underneath garment so I'm not really sure what to do at this point. This whole garment situation is driving me crazy! I'm also cleared to sit on my butt but I can only tolerate a few minutes here and there.

6 Weeks, lost a some booty:(

Not to much to update. I would say around 4-5 weeks I noticed my butt much small than it was. Dr. A said I didn't have a whole lot of fat to transfer but geez talk about getting used to the swollen look. I didn't measure consistently so I'm not sur how much I've lost. I also lost 4 lbs which I'm trying to gain back. Also been struck by the stomach flu which was terrible on a healing BBL body. I haven't taken any recent photos but will do so when I'm feeling up to it.

Almost 3 Months Post Op

Ok girls I know it's been awhile. I've been without my garment 100% since week 9. I DO swell A LOT without it. Also my flanks are still very sore and tender. Some days and nights I wear my white binder to help the swelling but at this point I feel like I'll be swollen forever! Dr A says the lower back swelling is the last to go down and can take a few months or longer to go away completely.

The Booty
I'm now at 37 inches and I'm not sure what I was at before surgery, maybe a 34 1/2 ?
My butt is bigger but in a weird way. I have a long butt crack so I have more of the upside down heart shape. I don't have a lot of projection and I didn't no get the lifting effect that most get from this surgery. Dr A told me about these things prior to surgery so it's no surprise. I only had 400cc each side so I barely had enough fat to merely "fill" in.

I really need to exercise because I do not have much of an under crease and I feel it makes my butt look long and flat. I just got to the point where I started exercising a few times a week for 30 min. Still no running yet, to painful.

My big issues are the small areas if cellulite I had on my butt cheeks pre op are now much larger. Very self conscious about that. I haven't spoken to my doctor yet to see what can be done.

Overall I am very happy with my results and see a big change with the lipo of my flanks. Dr. A really enhanced my figure. This surgery has been crazy ride that's for sure but I can say so far I do not have any regrets and for me it was worth it all the way.
Sorry I have not taken very many pictures and will try to get some better ones up soon.

Very sad to hear about Dr. A's passing

Dr. Azurin was such a great man and a talented surgeon. He changed my life. I am blessed to have had my surgery with him. My love and prayers go out to his loved ones. I am at a loss for words.

Almost 8 months...

Well girls I do not have to much to add. I'm 37 1/2 around hips and 23 1/2 (sometimes 24 depending on diet) in my waist. I have pain in my very lower back tail bone area. I believe from the surgery, feels like a dull ache when I sit for long periods of time.
I still have mixed emotions. I did not gain much in the booty area, I feel like maybe I should of put on some weight. There was a huge difference in my flanks and I have a nice curve in my lower back. Overall I look much better and need to focus on fine tuning with exercise and diet. I would say it was worth it 100%. I'd like it a little bigger and rounder but I'm thankful for the improvement. Not sure if I would consider a round 2 because I don't know who I would go with and if I want to be out of commission that long again. Dr. A passed and I have had no contact with any one from his office. I feel like my journey has come to an end. Good luck to all you beautiful ladies.

Dr. Azurin is an amazing doctor. He is very knowledgeable and he will give you his honest opinion. He spent a fair amount of time with me and answered all my questions and concerns before I even asked! The office staff is amazing. Lynne was my patient coordinator and I could go on forever about what a lovely person she is. The receptionist Daniella is also a sweetheart. Greg the CRNA is AMAZING. My overall experience with Dr. Azurin and his staff was great. It was well worth the trouble of traveling across the country to have my procedure with him.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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