25 Years Old, 5'5" 182lbs Possibly 38H/I Going Through the Process of Getting Insurance (Tricare) Approval for Breast Reduction

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As long I can remember I have always had large...

As long I can remember I have always had large breast, and every year my breasts seem to have gotten bigger and heavier, causing me really bad back, neck, and chest pain to the point that i'm finding myself lifting and holding my breast to take the load off my back, sleeping at night is just uncomfortable. Two months ago i went to my PCM and explain to him all my discomfort including the fact that I'm always somewhat out of breath due to my heavy load (breast) that i wanted to get his approval for breast reduction (as require by my insurance), he told at first he have to make sure that im healthy first as he was concern about me running out breath, so he hen refer me to a cardiologist for my heart beat and breathing related which i did and everything came out ok. the month after i went to my PCM again and finally he said ok to my approval to go see a PS. I had to gave him a list of possible PS from my insurance network, then the office call me with the PS name he chose and 2 weeks ago i set up an appointment for my consultation which is tomorrow 06/10/2014... I'm very nervous now because my insurance have the final say and im very afraid that I wont get approve. I'm glad i found this site it kind of helping me go through this since I don't have no friends and family that can relate to how important having this surgery is for me. which me luck ladies, and I will update y'all tomorrow about my consultation. kisses!!!!


OK ladies! My consultation went fine, except the whole I was pretty much tongue shy (lol). Two days ago I went for my first consultation with my PS and the whole way I was thinking of all the questions that I'm gonna ask to make sure that i was clear with the whole process. However when the Dr and nurse came in he started asking me questions about why I want this surgery and also my future plans with having kids and breastfeeding. After answering his questions he began to explain how basically the whole procedure will be done as far as the surgery. And he went on to tell me about the possibility of my boobs growing again. He also mention that my realistic cup size that I will b going down to we'll b a D (right anything smaller than a G/H will be great)..

So now as far as the claim to my insurance He told me they will send everything that they have (PCM approval pictures and PS notes) over that they know will help with the approval of the claim.
So now I'm waiting patiently and hopefully I get great news in the next couple weeks (days would of been better).
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