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I am 39 years old, married with 3 children (5, 4...

I am 39 years old, married with 3 children (5, 4 and 11 months). I have a diastases recti in need of serious repair. I had excess skin since my 2nd child but after my last 10lb baby; I still look like I am 5 months pregnant. My TT surgery is scheduled for September 20th. I am extremely nervous and worried about the recovery. I am praying for a smooth speedy recovery so I can snuggle my 11 month old and play with my 5 and 4 year old as soon as possible. I am taking 10 days off of work. I work from home so I hope my return to work will be uneventful. My hubby will be home with me and my mom will stay with us for a few days to help with the kids. I am happy I found this site. Seeing the results and reading helpful advice has really made me feel better about my decision. I will post before pictures soon.

Getting ready for my pre-op appt on Friday

I am getting ready for my pre-op appt on Friday. Thanks to my TT friends I have a nice little list for my PS. If you can think of any questions you wish you would have asked before surgery, please let me know. As promise, I am adding some current photos. The 1st picture shows me laying down just lifting my head and you can see how large my diastasis recti is.

Telling friends and family/Getting ready for pre-op appt

I have made peace with my decision and I know my reasons for having the surgery but I was still a little concerned about telling friends and family. I am happy to report that I have received nothing but positive comments and support from everyone.

I little bit more about me. I am 5'5 currently 180 lbs. I will be 40 in April 2014 and my goal is to get to around 150 by my birthday. My highest weight was 235 while pregnant with my last child (he will be 1 on the 10th).

My questions for the doctor so far in no particular order:
(I am sure these probably will be answered before I pull out my list)
1.When should scar treatment start? Any suggestion for what scar treatment to use..
2. Do I need an extra binder? If so, what size should I order. I know one will be given as apart of the surgery.
3. Compression garment. Will one be given to me? I know they sell them but for how much ;what size is needed.
4. I have stairs. Would it be ok for me to go up an downstairs to my room? About 15 steps
5. How long will I have to wear the binder?
6. What are his thoughts on Lymphatic massage
7. What is the purpose for the blood work during pre-op? What are the expected results to determine if we move forward.
8. I know the day of the surgery but not the time. Can that be given to me now? (My hubby will be with me so I need to make arrangement for pick/drop off for the kids.)
9. What are his thoughts on arnica gel & bromelian?
10. Do they provide a special food plan that should be follow after surgery? (I work better with a daily menu or suggested foods given.)
11. Where will the drains be position? In the pubic area or closer towards the hips. How long can expect to have them in? When should I be concerned about the drains?
12. When is my 1st post op visit? (Again with kids need to make arrangements. I have limited family in Florida.)
13. They said before I will be given my Rx in advance but I wanted to confirm what they will be.
14. Would a cold gel pack be ok lower back pain while I am recovery?
15. Will something be given to prevent nausea?

I am preparing for my surgery:

Bed Lounger – I didn't want to invest in a recliner. I found a nice one on They offered free shipping and at the time $25 off.
Scar Guard
My lovely sister in law is allowing me to use her 3 in 1 -shower seat, raised toliet seat, and walker
Gel pack large-for my back. I have had back pain since my 1st child so I am anticipating the need to ice my back
Sterile gloves
maxi pads – for the incision/padding

Let's talk about money

Let's talk about money

We give the amount of our surgery which hopefully includes the pre appointments, procedure and post appointments. It is important to consider and budget for the additional expense of preparing for surgery. I put aside some money for this purposes; so far I have spent close to $300. Prepartions items to consider and budget for: recliner/bed lounger/extra pillows, medical suppies (gauze, tape, compression socks..etc), extra C Gs/Binders, skin therapy, vitamins/RX.

I have to confess that my trip to Victoria Secert does not fall under prepartion cost BUT ..after wearing nothing but briefs, nursery bras, old bras or sport bras for the pass 7 years it was a necessity for me. I purchased two new bras that fit perfect and 7 new panites. This is my post surgery gift to myself.

Answers to my Pre-Op questions

I am adding the answers from my pre-op questions..Now it is time to get my questions ready for the day of the surgery. I am sure I will have a few :)
1.When should scar treatment start? Any suggestion for what scar treatment to use..Suggested ScarGuard
2. Do I need an extra binder? The binder provided should be enough.
3. Compression garment. I can purchase one from them $150 or buy my own but I need to bring it to my 2nd post op visit.
4. I have stairs. Would it be ok for me to go up an downstairs to my room? Yes, please take the stairs with assistance.
5. How long will I have to wear the binder? At least 1-2 weeks all day
6. What are his thoughts on Lymphatic massage? They are good but should wait to see my progress and how the incision closes.
7. What is the purpose for the blood work during pre-op? Pregnancy test, iron levels, etc...
8. I know the day of the surgery but not the time. Can that be given to me now? Time will be given the day or 2 before the 20th.
9. What are his thoughts on arnica gel & bromelian? They are good but recommend usage after the surgery. Only recommends multi vitaim and vitamin C before surgery.
10. Do they provide a special food plan that should be follow after surgery? No
11. Where will the drains be position? Pubic area . How long can expect to have them in? 1 week When should I be concerned about the drains? Information will be given before surgery
12. When is my 1st post op visit? Within 24-48 hours after surgery
13. They said before I will be given my Rx in advance but I wanted to confirm what they will be. Got the RX, it was for pain, nausea and antibotic
14. Would a cold gel pack be ok lower back pain while I am recovery? yes
15. Will something be given to prevent nausea? yes

Time to get ready..1 more week

My hubby asked me today what will I tell people if they ask what is different about me after the surgery. After thinking for a while, 1st-I HOPE they noticed a difference LOL and 2nd- I will tell them the truth. I struggled with infertility for over 10 years before my having my children. Once I started letting people know yes, we were trying, yes it has been 10 years, no there is nothing wrong with us and yes we do know how to have sex but I am still not pregnant..I felt such a release of stress by just telling the truth. Whether they understood my issue or not it made me feeling better to be open. Also once I opened up, there were so many other couples and women that was going through the exact same thing but were afraid to talk about it. Luckily must people I have told about my TT have been very supportive or at least understanding. Some responses have been, “why don't you just work out more” and they have gotten a lesson in Diastases Recti that they will not soon forget :)

One more week to go..working on my Pre-surgery list
Clothing for easy on/off-laid out for 4-7 days
Tank tops to wear under binder
Second CG for when I have to wash the first
Safety pins (to hold drains)
Bed Lounger
Neck Pillow
Paper Tape
Stool Softener
Dial-Antibacterial Soap
Bio Oil
Scar guard
Sterile gloves
Cold Gel Pack
Shower/Toilet seat/Walker combo
Vitamin C
Arnica Montana pill and cream
RX filled out
food plan-more on that later
Help for me-hubby will help full time-my mom will be here for 5 days or more if needed
cheerleaders- I have been reading from RS about the depression that seems to affects us after surgery. I have some old pictures handy to remind me of why I wanted this surgery and also some good friends that will stop by or call me on a regular basis to check in and offer encouragement
help for hubby-I have someone that will keep the kids for a few hours the weekend after the surgery so hopefully my hubby can also get some rest and my niece and sister in law will help him out a few nights a week.
TIVO 50% full
Now I need to clean and organize this house

The countdown has started...

I was advised that I would be called the day before surgery with the time to arrive. I am going to call tomorrow to ask if I can have the information now. I need to make arrangement for my kids drop off and less than 24 hours is not enough time to prepare.

In the past 7 days at least 1 of my kids have been sick with fever, cold or asthma. Now my chest is sore. I am hoping I am not catching anything.

For the 1st 10 days of recovery, I came up with the food plan below. Based on their abilities to reduce swelling, increase fiber and protein and my own personal taste.

½ lemon squeezed in a cup of hot water-drink daily

Breakfast (1 of the following)
Eggs with spinach or tomatoes or Greek Yogurt

spinach salad with cucumbers, avocado and tomatoes topped with either grilled shrimp, chicken grilled breast or grilled salmon

Grilled chicken breast or salmon
Veggies-squash, potato, corn, broccoli

Fiber 1 bars, greek yogurt or protein shake

The recovery begins. ..

I just wanted to provide a quick update. I had the surgery yesterday at 9. I was home by 4 and completely exhausted. I have my 1st post op appt today at 9. I want to thank everyone for their prayers and positive vibes.

Recap of treatment day...

Day of treatment
Total chaos in my home with trying to get the girls ready to leave for school. My cousin took them to school but we had to have a change of plans with my son. He has a cold with an ear infection. My hubby ended up dropping me off so he could stay home with the baby. They did call him once I got out of recovery and he was waiting when I woke up from the anesthesia. I went in at 9 and was home by 4. Not much pain but I was beyond exhausted. I didn't make it to my room just sat on the sofa in and out of sleep the rest of the night. I had a follow up appt the next day at 9 with the doctor.

Day after surgery

Day after surgery I had my 1st post op appt at 9. He took the binder off a little I didn't get a chance to see anything. I have one drain. He did say the separation and stretching of my abs muscles were very severe. My next appointment is Friday and depending on the output he will take it out. Once I returned home I was able to go upstairs to my room and get in my bed. I am so glad I got this bed lounger. It is very sturdy and much better than pillows. I am trying my best to drink plenty of water. I have no appetite but trying to eat. My VS purchases paid off! My hubby said when he saw me he thought I had slipped in a boob job. With the push up from the binder and my new VS bra the girls were looking nice.

Day 2 and Day 3 post op

Stayed in my room all day yesterday. Relaxed, slept, and made trips to the potty. My son is feeling better and he was able to go to daycare today. My hubby was also able to get a much needed nap. My mom doesn't come until Wednesday to help with the kids. My sister in law has been helping. The girls stayed with her Friday until Sunday afternoon.
Today was better. I have only taken 1 pain pill today and that is because I had a coughing fit. I noticed the Dr only gave me 15 pills which seem a little stingy! I am able to get in and out of bed to potty. Thankful I have the toilet seat riser. I wish I had this after my c sections. I plan on taking off the binder tomorrow to wash up. I will take pictures then. My PS said no shower until the drain comes out.
One of my TT cheerleaders sent me flowers today. That was very nice. I will have some visitors on Thursday also.

Feeling ok

Needed help getting out of bed today. My body get so stiff at night. I am walking straighter. When I stand up I keep my head straight or look up...don't look down. Once I am up I push my hips forward. I literally have a pain in my butt from all the sitting. My hubby has been a grumpy gills but I am surprised he lasted this long. Homemaker and caregiver are not the roles he like. I will keep my mouth shut since I will be asking him to massage my butt later LOL.
I have had no pain pills for the past 24 hours. I am feeling sore but not much pain. I got a peek at my belly today. I love it! Grumpy Gills also loved it but says I need to focus on recovery not pictures. Again since I need the butt massage I said nothing. .my mom will be here tomorrow and she will take all the pictures I want :)

So many emotions

I washed up yesterday and took of the binder to check out the new belly. I wad told not to shower until the drain was removed. The PS said I would see dramatic results. He was right! My belly is smooth and flat. The crease that had been between my breasts and waist is now gone. Stretch marks above the belly are all gone. I had 5 billion so I knew they wouldn't disappear. Now I have about 1 million and I think Bio Oil can handle this amount.
How do I feel? Happy, excited, joy..all those things but mostly.I feel kinda weird. This time last year I was on maternity leave with a mess of a belly, after birth cramping, leaking breasts and my emotions were all over the place. All the stuff that comes with a new baby.
But what comes after a TT..Pain *which had been manageable no pill since Monday, Joy *I followed through with something I have wanted for a long time, I am still shocked I actually did it. Guilt* wishing I could hold my 12 months old and my 2 girls hair now look likes a mess Doubt* could I have waited to have this done-of course but I would have consistently thought of other things and people to put ahead of this and my last emotion. ..I am happy* I like the results now and I know they will get better. My girls just learned how to swim..can't wait to take them to the pool..can't wait to put on something sexy and knock the Grumpy off my Mr. Gills LOL.


The baby is home today. Hardly any sleep last night. I told my hubby it seems like the ear infection is back. He says he hasn't given him the antibiotic in 2 days. .silence..deep breath. ..close my eyes because it could be true that looks can kill. It is not that he hasn't been reminded to give it to him but he forgot to do it and now seems upset the child is whining all night.
My hubby is great. I must remind myself of this. He LOVES our family and he will figure it out.
My mom got in yesterday and she is giving my baby so much needed cuddling and the girls are so happy she is here.
As a bonus my Aunt is flying in tonight to help out until Sunday. It was unexpected and I appreciate it because she loves two things I don't. .cooking and cleaning.

1st post picture

My hubby took this picture the next day after the surgery. I see why he thought I had a boob job. Look at those beauties LOL. Such a difference even with the binder on; I have a waist. I am going to take pictures of my belly tomorrow. Hopefully the PS will clean off some of this gauze and remove my drain.

Drain is out..

It has been one week and I had my post op appt today. I had 25cc yesterday in the drain and about 20cc today. He decided we could remove the drain. He cleaned me up. Gave my bb a cleaning it has never received before and then pulled out the drain. How does it feel? To me it felt like when I was pregnant and the baby would reposition. I also felt my body relax. Happy to have the drain out and now I can shower. Time for the CG. I have no idea how I am going to get this thing on. Next PS appt in 2 weeks. He said I am really swollen and should start seeing final results in 8 weeks.

Introducing my new BFF

My CG is my new BFF. I thought we would have a love/hate relationship but after 1 day it is my new best friend. After my appointment yesterday I purchased my CG and when she did the measurement and pull out the one to fit me I thought it was a joke.
I took it home and my hubby helped me struggle to put it on. I felt like a stuff sausage. After my outing and the struggle to put on the garment; I laid down and took a 2 hours nap. When I woke I realized this was the first time I was able to lay on my bed. I had been sleeping upright in bed lounger.
Now today, I am able to pull it up and down with no assistance but I still need help with the 1st few clicks. This morning I was alot less swollen also.

Opening-Oh no!

Had a little pain going up the stairs last night. I take off my clothes and get ready for my shower and there it is..the end to my almost perfect recovery so far. There is an opening in my incision :( I try not to panic. I let it air then put on gauze and put back on the CG and go to bed. Get up this morning and remove the gauze. The opening drained a little, doesn't hurt, no puss and no foul smell. Still trying not to freak out. I will call the PS in the morning and ask for instructions. I am going to suggest to refill my antibiotics just in case.
Fast forward to the afternoon and my potty break. I take off my shirt and my CG is stained. The opening has leaked through the gauze. NOW I am a little panicked. It looks the same as last night but I think it is a little bigger and pulsing; although this part could be my imagination because I am freaking out. I added a bandage and will call my PS in the morning.

Opening-Part 2

I called the office and they asked me to come in. He looked at the opening and said it was due to a stitch. He cleaned it up and removed the Stitch . He said for the next 7 days to wash as normal, clean the opening with saline solution, apply neosprian and cover with gauze. My next appointment is on the 11th. I added a picture of the opening that felt like the Grand Canyon yesterday in my head. Thanks for all your responses that calmed me down and gave me perspective.

Back to work..

Yesterday was my 1st day back to work. I felt fine..working like a little bee..started the day with over 200 emails and finished with less 10 unread. Then around 6:30 I hit a wall and was completely exhausted. I was in the bed by 7:30. I am sure I sat at my desk to long without getting up to walk around. I also didn't drink enough water.

I got up this morning feeling much better. I was able to drive the girls to school. I took more breaks away from my desk chair and trying my best to drink more water.

My mom also left on yesterday. The kids loved having her here. She will be back in December for a visit.

I wouldn't recommend going back to work 10 days post op but I work from home and so far so good.

What to tell the kids?

When I went in for my surgery on 20th, I told my girls (4 and 5 years old) that mommy had to see the doctor about her belly and that Auntie will pick them up from school, take them to swin lessons and they spent Friday and Saturday night with her. When they come home on Sunday, I told them mommy was feeling better but will have to stay in bed for a couple of days.
Fast forward..I am in the bathroom, I step out of the potty and my youngest daughter is standing by the bathroom sink. I know know I should have locked the door. How dare I expect bathroom privacy when I am a mom?!!
I hadn't pull up my CG and she saw the bandage on my belly and the opening. I am pretty sure she did not see the scar although I am not sure. Her eyes got really big and said "what happen mommy". I said I had to get my belly fixed but I am feeling much better. She said "what is that on your belly". I said a special bandaid to help mommy heal. Then I told her to go downstairs for breakfast. Well my hubby said that she was telling my oldest daughter that mommy's belly is hurt. She also came in my room after bed time to tell me that she told her teacher that I hurt my belly. Her teacher told her that I would get better and I gave her a kiss and sent her back to bed.
I feel so bad that she had to see my tummy all whacked up and making her worry.

2 weeks anniversary

Today marks 2 weeks since my surgery. I am feeling good. My abs are sore and I have swelling. The pain level is fine. I haven't taken meds since the Tuesday after the surgery. I am moving slowly but walking upright. I am taking it easy no bending or lifting. My incision has opened in a few places. I am taking care of it and no infection. The openings are small. Very happy I put aside my nerves and went forward with the surgery.

Pre-surgery list-revisted

Thanks for asking ceddysweetie. I am updating my review to show the what I actual used from my pre-surgery supplies I purchased.
Clothing for easy on/off-laid out for 4-7 days-this helped having my clothes laid out for when I need to leave the house for post op appointments or after showering.
Binder-I purchased a extra binder and I am glad I did because the one they put on seems to be one size fit all. I purchased one from Amazon and it was shorter and more comfortable
underwear-use my current underwear since I plan on replacing them all with VS panties
Extra CG -I wasn't given a CG as I expected. I did purchase a CG but not until my drains were going into the 3rd week. I need a smaller CG so I would suggest maybe having just one until your swelling starts to go down
Safety pins (to hold drains)-Didn't use..I only had one drain and it was on my side not much of an issue
Bed Lounger-I am still sleeping upright and still using the Bed Lounger. I am glad I got it and because I get to sleep in my bed and I can use it again for other things.
Neck Pillow-I already had this and still use it nightly
Pads -I started placing a maxi pad under my panties to cushion between my incision and the CG
Gauze-this was needed..I bought the rolls but the pads are better
Paper Tape-this was needed
Stool Softener- I used Colace and had my 1st BM on the 4th day. I took 2 after surgery and 1 every morning until I had a BM
Gas-X-this was needed, I still use this once every couple of days
Dial-Antibacterial Soap-I used this
Bio Oil-I used this on my belly not near the incision because when the swelling goes down I am looking like a scaly lizard
Scar guard-Could have waited to make this purchase since I haven't received the all clear for scar treatment
Sterile gloves-this was needed-mostly by the hubby because he helps me clean my incision daily
Neosprin -this was needed
Cold Gel Pack- I didn't use this
Shower/Toilet seat/Walker combo-I didn't use this as a walker but I needed it as a toilet seat riser for the 1st week and it helped with my 1st couple of showers
Wet-Wipes-This helped with after the BM
Vitamin C-still take this daily
Turmeric- I haven't used
Multi-Vitamin-still take this daily
Bromelain- I haven't used
Arnica Montana pill and cream-I haven't used
RX filled out
Thermometer -This is important to check your temperature the 1st few days you are home. Make sure you are not running a fever. A fever can indicate so many things.
food plan-This less thing my hubby had to worried about
Help for me- this is a must have
magazines and books- I haven't read one magazine or book
TIVO 50% full- I am done with Season 1-3 of Dexter
Now I need to clean and organize this house-I didn't do this a much as I wanted and it killing me that my bathrooms and kitchen are not as cleaned as I would like because now I am not able to do it.

Renewed Intimacy

I am feeling better than I thought I would at this time in my recovery. If this incision hadn't opened I probably would consider taking this remodeled'74 body out for a spin with Mr. Grumpy Gills.
Since I am not ready for that, I am enjoying the non sexual intimacy the past couple of weeks. The extra kissing, massages and compliments have been nice.

Upcoming 3 weeks post appointment

I have my 3 weeks post op appointment on Friday. Of course, I have a list of questions for the PS.

1. How am I recovering? Incision, BB, swelling and skin pleating..
2. What can I expect the next couple of weeks?
3. When can I start scar treatment?
4. When can I get a lymphatic massage?
5. How much can I lift?
6. What about bending?
7. Light housework-sweeping, mopping?
8. When can I pick up my son?
9. Excerise-walking..what else?
10. When is my next appointment?

It has also been determined that Mr. Grumpy Gill is suffering from LOS disease. Which means Lack of Sex/Sleep. Now he is super grumpy and I am not much better. I am even more irritated than normal at work. I think I am have falling victim to LOS also.

Last night, I had my 1st experience with Swell Hell. I felt like a whale. I could hardly move. It was a combination of feeling bloated, full of gas and soreness in my abs..very bad feeling. I slept ok last night and I felt better this morning.

3 weeks post op pictures

I took these pictures this morning. It truly is amazing the difference.
I feel good and walking upright. I am sleeping in my bed but not laying flat yet. I am still swollen but it is better.

3 weeks pictures

Side by side pictures
Before and 3 weeks post op

Week 3 Answers from Post-Op appointment

Here are the answers to my questions from my PS visit today. Also a little bit more about me, last year September I gave birth to my 3rd child, a son he was 10lbs 4oz. When I went to the hospital I was 236 lbs. I joined WW in March to help me lose the baby weight. It seemed the more I lost the more I had sagging skin around my belly and it still looked like I was 5 months pregnant. When I stepped on the scale surgery day I was 181 lbs. Today I stepped on the scale and I am 175. The day of the surgery my waist was measuring at 44 inches. Today it is 36 and that is with swelling. It was a hard decision to have the surgery but I am so happy that I did. Just to add, I am 5'5.

1. How am I recovering? Incision, BB, swelling and skin pleating..
Incision looks good except for 2 openings. The original one is now closed. He said to just shower as normal and clean the incision with saline solution and then place gauze over the opening. He removed from the opening stitches and an in grown hair (which was super gross by the way). He also said for me to put an ear plug in my BB to help it round.
2. What can I expect the next couple of weeks?
Soreness not enough to take pain medicine and swelling.
3. When can I start scar treatment?
We will discuss when the incision is completely closed.
4. When can I get a lymphatic massage?
We will discuss when the incision is completely closed.
5. How much can I lift?
No more than 15lbs.
6. What about bending?
Carefully and at the knees instead of the waist.
7. Light housework-sweeping, mopping?
Yes, just pace yourself.
8. When can I pick up my son?
A few more weeks
9. Excerise-walking..what else?
Walking only for now
10. When is my next appointment?
Next Friday the 18th to check the incision and monitor the opening and my belly button.

Sleep. .

No more bed lounger. Last night I was able to lay on my bed with my favorite pillow and spoon with my favorite guy.
I woke up this morning and after a few minutes I was able to sit up and get out of bed unassisted. Gold star for me!
I was very conservative and made no garment purchases before surgery. I have purchased 2 CGs $100 each. The 1st was a 2x. Helped a lot with the swelling. The 2nd is XL. Tried to be cute and got a different design with a higher back and it stop like shorts instead of going down my thighs. Not as comfortable. I am going today to get another one..maybe a large size. Ladies, please take into consideration the post op cost.

1 month anniversary

It has been 1 month. I had my 1 month post op with my PS. He says everything looks good. Due to a significant muscle repair; no lifting over 15lbs or exercise other than walking for another month. I will not see him again until December.
I normally work from home but Thursday I went into the office. Everyone pretty much knows about the surgery. They were very excited to see me and loved my results. I think my PS should give me a referral bonus.
The hubby had to go out of town for work. My mom is back in town to help me out with the kids since I am restricted from lifting the baby. Her birthday is today. Last night I took her out to dinner. I included a picture. The pink shirt I got for my birthday but couldn't button it because of my belly. Now it fits great across my new tummy.
I also included a picture of my incision. It looks like it will fade nicely. In some areas it is not completely closed but it is getting better. It is super low and easily covered by my panties. The PS said the skin folding will correct itself. Still some swelling but that is getting better too.
Overall I feel good and very happy.

It's the little things. .

This TT has been such an instant transformation. I am finding that it's the little things that make the difference. ..such as:
A. Leaning over my oven to clean the microwave and my belly is no longer pressing against the digital buttons.
B. My daughter no longer asking me if I have a baby in my belly.
C. Putting on any shirt in my closet because I know it will fit and I don't have to try and hide my belly.
D. I haven't purchased new jeans so I have been wearing a belt. The 1st hole is worn but now I don't need the 1st hole. I buckled the belt on the 5th hole. I can't believe it!
E. He is probably afraid to admit it but the hubby's attraction level has went up. If it is true that confidence is sexy. Then I am one sexy mama.
F. People who just saw me 2 months ago now see me and say how much weight I have lost. I just say "Thanks I have loss over 60lbs since my son was born". Which is true but I lost this before the surgery they just couldn't tell.

One small change I could do without is the green eyed monster that has appeared. I know people are happy for me and are thrilled with the results but some not so much. I am not the only one mentally processing this change.

Quick Update. .

I am posting a picture I took today. The one on the left is 3 weeks post op and the picture on the right is today at 7 weeks. A lot of the swelling has gone down. My incision just completely closed. Hopefully the sutures will all dissolved soon and stop poking through. I still swell towards the end of the day. I have been wearing my binder to bed and my CG during the day.
I am able to lift my son in and out of the car with no problem. I haven't been carrying him. I plan to start back working out next week.
Happy Healing everyone.

3 weeks post op and 7 weeks post op

Miami Plastic Surgeon

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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