Survived Smart Lipo and Rhinoplasty Coral Gables, FL

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I've read many places that smart lipo takes time...

I've read many places that smart lipo takes time to show results but to be honest I'm all swollen up and the results couldn't be any better if my thighs look this small now I can't imagine once the swelling goes down ! I'm super happy with Dr. Careaga and his team the very very best ! This is the kind of surgeon that you do one surgery with and with time get so comfortable that you keep looking forward the next step . Keep in mind 10,225 was divided between my lower abdomen inner thighs and knees and a rhinoplasty . My first day was honestly hell I couldn't even move I could feel myself draining what looked like blood so I called the doctor at night and he said not to worry about a thing that it was totally normal . I felt reassured . I went into the operating room at around 10 and got out at 2:30 he does take your time and takes care of his patients individually he's not just rushing and getting your money this is the type of person you want to be your sergeon . I'm only 2 days post op and today is my second massage getting up to go to the bathroom or any process of sitting and standing up was a mission it felt like hours instead of 1 minute that took my BF to get me up to the bathroom , yes is very uncomfortable but we will see the results I'm positive it will be more than I ever wanted ! ...I had my first massage yesterday afternoon 24 hours after my surgery I though I was going to die lol but it's all part of the process so suck it up ladies la belleza Cuesta lol I'll keep you guys posted of my results ! Thank you for taking your time to read my review ????

Day 2

Hey guys ! I had my second massage today and it was nothing compare to the first one , this one is tolerable and it helps you walk and feel less like a mummy ! I gotta thank Laura the massager ! She did splendid work making me comfortable and making sure I was ok during the procedure she's very reassuring like the first massage was hell so I though that the second one was going to be the same ...but she assured me that it waesnt going to hurt that bad and guess what ?! It didn't ! I'm so glad she's the one doing my massages ! Recovery is better than yesterday I already have to do number two and my first shower is today ! Oh god help me

Smart lipo and rhino day 3

As of today I got out of bed by myself and I'm not as sore as the previous day's . The only thing that brothers me is the thick blood at the bottom of my nose other than that I'm looking forward to my second shower and my message miracle relieve ????????

1st day after smart lipo

The picture on the right is the night morning before surgery at home and the one on the left is the day after surgery getting ready for massage hell

DAY 4....

Hey guys ! I have my 4th massage today and I woke up very uncomfortable mainly from my rhinoplasty :( by thighs hurt here and there and it takes me a while to sit straight up due to the bruising in my lower abdomen . I feel nauseous when I wake up and it's been 4 days since I haven't use the bathroom , I just started taking laxatives and nothing , it's very hard to go when your whole body hurts and the compression garment doesn't have a big whole so it's kind of a mission to put it on and off .. Overall it is a process and it should be taken day by day I'm a little swollen today but when my garment comes off my thighs are significantly smaller ! I was 140lbs prior to surgery we will see 3 months from now ! I keep draining through the little holes on my legs that's a very good sigh that way liquid won't stay inside my thighs and make this process more painful ! Guys drink a lot of fluid it will help a lot ! My rhinoplasty is more uncomfortable that it is painful I'm looking forward to taking it off Monday ! Here's a picture of the before rhino and the day right after , right now it's very swollen and hard blood makes it uncomfortable but other than that it's not a painful process ????????

Day 1 draining

So this is kind of what comes out of your body the day after surgery . Don't freak out ! It's not painful at all it's just weird seeing it pour out of your body . Don't worry guys is not blood the second day the color will start to change but don't freak out if so much starts to come out its normal the more you drain the better

Lower belly before surgery and after day 4

Day 4 finally went to the bathroom !

Hey guys it's nasty but I've never felt so relief of going number 2 in my life lol I took dulculax laxative and it's day 4 and it worked wonders I feel better it's just very uncomfortable to be in pain and not be able to breathe at the same time other than that I had my 4th massage today and I screamed a little bit more than before I'm looking forward to Monday to finally take the cast off and see the doctor ????????

Day 5

Hey guys everyday it's harder and harder to get into my compression garment and very painful some days not so much other days I'm seeing the Doctor on Monday and see what happens I can't thank enough my family for being with me every step of the way I though that by the first week I would be feeling better but God is hell some days and happy days others specially as soon as I wake up I'm so stiff and uncomfortable my swelling is worse and bruising pretty bad but you have to take it day by dayyy if you are considering getting lipo done it's a 2-3 month recovery process maybe more ! Overall I did it and now I just have to go throught it :)
My rhinoplasty is very uncomfortable rather than painful , piece of advice don't get so many things done at once I was crazy to do so ! I can't breathe right and I feel the really big pieces of blood stuck on the bottom on my nose and I can't just pick them out its like very big bad burgers you can't touch you just leave them there bothering you -.- on the positive side Monday my cast comes off together with my last massage (hopefully) does anyone know if you need more than 5 massages for the ultimate result ? Or does it just make the pain go away and let's you move more comfortably ? also the compression garment gets soooooo tight and uncomfortable at times other than that lets look towards the future ! Watch a VS fashion show or something to stay positive !

Taking it day by day

Hi everyone! So whatever commercial you think you saw about lipo and your good to go the next week mm not my case ! I did my inner thighs so I can barely walk sometimes is painful and very uncomfortable to wear this compression garment for the next two months , I'm not even half way my 2nd week and it's actually getting lose the CG is a medium by next week my surgeon said I may be needing a small already , just when this one started to get lose I'll get into another really tight one ???????? other than that I LOVE what I'm seeing so far and I see myself smaller everyday I've been at home this two weeks being outside overwhelms me at times do I regret what I did ? Absolutely not some days I feel great others not so much due to the compression garment and the bruising plus I had a rhinoplasty so my nose is king of stuffy still other than that taking it day by day :)

One month !

Hey guys ! So it's been a month since my surgery and I'm feeling great I mean I've been in bed rest due to a small seroma on my leg -.- and well before surgery I was 146 and this morning I woke up 128 o.O today is my 10th massage and they don't hurt as bad anymore ! I can't wait my thighs don't touch at all! And my lower belly is sooooo flat ! I'm getting an xs compression garment today the small is too big and I've been wearing a medium since the day of surgery ! If you guys want pictures just let me know ????????

Pictures of a month post op !

Remember guys I only did my lower abdomen and inner thighs so my sides are just like before and I have a line die to the compression garment and I'm still very swollen !

1 month post op !

So I couldn't quite workout like before , before I was 14 pounds over what I'm now and I could run for an hour non stop now 10 minutes into runnin I feel like passing out I guess my body is still weak :/

2 months post inner thigh lipo !!

2 months post op ! Holy god this guy is amazing my inner thighs don't rub at all ! They are very slim and tight and every week they keep getting smaller I'm definitely doing the rest of my legs with him . If you want to see pictures let me know :). Post op 146 after surgery 130 now 118 lb I'm 5'2 and I've been working out for the past two weeks :). Thank you

2 month update picture!!

Loved the results so
Much I'm
Getting the rest of my legs done in August ????????
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Caring , Professional and a perfectionist I really noticed this with my nose and how he took his time to drain me of fat lol he's an overall good person makes you feel safe and secure and very respectful . Lazaro is the anesthesiologist long friend of my parents and this is makes you feel extremely good about the procedure plus he jokes around in the OR to distract you a little . I don't even remember fallen asleep and when I woke up everything was done it felt like everything happens in 5 minutes ! Great Great team and the nurses there are hilarious ! Or maybe I was still under the anesthesia but they were pretty funny lol

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