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Heyy, Im finally getting lipo done!! I have...

Heyy, Im finally getting lipo done!! I have struggled with weight lost for some time now. Believe me I have tried every diet/weight loss program that you can think of and I worked out a lot . Most do give me good results but nothing everlasting. I have these stubborn fats that just won't go away. I have been contemplating lipo for some years now and I finally man up to do it.

I chose Dr. Careaga because I had a good feeling about him. He didn't come off aggressive by trying to make me one of his clients. He explained the procedure process to me. I have to admit Dr. Careaga wasn't my first choice. The doctor I originally wanted didn't have any openings until the fall, and that was too long of a wait. I found Dr. Careaga by reading reviews, researching and meeting with him. The staff are really nice and the facility is clean. So far everyone answered all my questions.

I was originally quoted $5975 and that included 16 areas: upper/lower abdomen, upper/lower back, flanks, triceps, inner thighs (not sure how they count the areas), the garment for $150 and 5 massages for $325. The price also include the blood works as well. When I went to pay for the deposit I decided to meet with the doctor again and added the arms axilla. The lady said it cost $500 to add that on, but I thought that was too much. She worked with me and charged me $300 for the arm axilla. My final quote is for 18 areas for $6275. He also have a finance option based on your income. That same day I also did my blood work at the facility. I signed a bunch of documents and liability forms. I was given a copy of each form I signed and pre/post ops instructions. The doctor also gave me 4 prescriptions.

I'm nervous and anxious at the same time. I can't believe I'm finally doing this. I will post before pics and my weight the day before the surgery. BTW my surgery date in on 03/14/15. Because this something that i have wanted for years and have done a lot of research everything was done in a matter of 3 weeks. I went for my consolation on the 2/17/15, but my deposit on 2/23/15 and set my appoint for 03/14/15.

Wish me luck!!!!

One day before surgery. Before pics

Tomorrow is the big day!!

This is my last day with unwanted fats lol. I finally got the call today from the office and I was told to be there at 8am. I'm still nervous and anxious. I pray that I have a good surgery and good results. Here's the before pics I took yesterday. I will weight myself in the morning and post that tomorrow.

I did it...

Today I had my surgery.
I was told to be the facility at 8 am. I arrived a few minutes before 8. Marcella had me pee in cup (I'm assuming to see if I'm pregnant or not). She took me to another and gave me clothing articles to change in to. Few minutes later she took my blood pressure, asked if you questions and I had to sign 2-3 forms. BTW I'm 5'5 and weigh 175lbs. I waited a while for the doctor and good thing I had my boyfriend with me.
The Doctor came in he went Over the areas with me. He then took some pictures on all different angles. Next, he marked me and took some picture of me. My boyfriend went to the family waiting room to wait on me. I went to the surgery room, where Marcilla told me take everything off. She sterilized me with iodine. I looked up at the clock and it was 9:26 pm. I laid on the surgical bed. The anesthesiologist came in did his best thing. I asked the doctor will I feel anything he said. He said that I'm relaxed and if I felt the anesthesia kicking in. So I was under general anesthesia because I had a lot of areas being done. Last thing I remembered I said no and the next thing I was up in the recovery room.
I woke up shivering because of the cold. My inner thighs hurted the most. The advised it because that area is a little more sensitive than the other areas.The doctor told me he took out 5 liters of fat. Do anyone know how much lbs that is? I had to pee so the nurse gave me a bed pan. My mouth was extremely dry so I was given ice. I think the patch had a lot to do with the dryness cuz I experience dryness all last night. I had to place a patch behind my ears 24 hours before the surgery and remove 24 hours after.
Moving on, when I was fully awake the nurse came to talk to me. It was now 2 something. I asked them what I was done with the surgery they said Around 1pm. So he tools lot of time with me. They placed the garment on me. Originally they had a size Medium because my thighs are big (thick women problems) they use a large instead. That's unfortunate for me cuz the abdominal area is on the last role. They helped me put clothes one as well. I sat on a wheelchair and went downstairs to get in the car. My boy was there.

How did I feel?
Beside the pain in my inner thighs I was relatively okay. Pain was at 7. I was able to help the ladies tolling side to side to put the garment on me. I stopped shaking once I got in the car cuz it wasn't as cold. I took a pain pill cuz the pain started to get worst. I drunk a Naked meal, that was my first mean since 6pm the day before. We went to pollo and got their chicken soup. A hour went by and I was still in pain so I took another pain killer. You not suppose to, the instructions said to take every for hours as needed But my pain level was at a 10. I slept the whole ride home. When I got home I had 4-5 spoonful of the soup (the broth) and I was full. I drink some water and went to bed. I didn't wake up for another 4 hours. When I woke up I didn't feel no pain. I was able to walk the restroom and the kitchen.

The best decision I made was purchasing a pack of incontinence pads, my leakage was a lot. I already have mattress protector so I place the xlarge pad on top of the mattress protector. Then i placed on above my sheet, over my pillow and on both side of. I still manage to get the leakage on pad above my mattress protector but nothing on the protector.

Surgery went well, I'm alive.

First Follow up and Massage

Let me start off by saying I could not wait for my follow up appointment cuz I needed a shower asap. I got to the facility and they immediately called me to the back in the massage room. I was able to undress myself with the help of the massage lady. She had me sitting on the massage bed, she cleaned me up with a towel and water and wipe me down. Then she used an oil on my back and used a hot handheld machine to massage my back. This was painful but nothing compare to what was coming next. I laid on my back and she did the same thing and cleaned me up but it hurt so mad. She then put the oil on my stomach and begin to massage me OMG this was so painful. I made sure to take a pain pill on my way to facility so I wouldn't feel no pain but that didn't help or it didn't kicking yet. The pain got worst when she did my inner thighs, arm pits and arm. She also massage my sides as well. I had excessive swelling on my right lower abdomen so she told me to spend 20 minutes massaging it.

In the middle of the massage the doctor came in and looked at me. He said everything is looking great. I have to see him this Friday. I asked a couple of questions which he answered. So far so good.

I see tremendous difference on my back. My butt sits a little higher now lol. I notice a difference on my abdomen but the swelling was and still is way too much. I' am still in pain but I'm fighting through it. The last two days I spent most of my days laying on the bed but today I sat on the couch. Im having the most difficult time getting in and out of bed cuz I have a high bed.

My arms and hands are also swollen.

Any suggestions on how I can reduce the swelling?

6 day post op...

It's been 6 day since sugery day and I'm feeling better. Swelling has definitely decreased. I started taking Bromelain and Arnica since Tuesday night. I'm not sure if it helped with swelling or not but I will definitely say to take it. U are supposed to take them 2-3 day pre sugery and continue with it for 7-10 days after surgery. Someone from RS suggested and I'm so thankful they did. I purchased both items from GNC for less than $15 bucks.

I had my massage appointment today but had to reschedule. My BF has been massaging me here and there but it doesn't compare to the massage the lady gave me. I still have pain on my side, back arms and armpit. My boyfriend has been helping with shower and putting the garment on.

Yesterday I had my first outting, I went to Olive Garden for some soup (yum). I tried to walk as normal as I can but my BF told me I am still walking funny. My inner thighs are still sore so it's difficult.

I have to admit I doubted Dr. Careaga Magic hands on Wednesday cuz I was still swollening. Today I see a big difference, my Lipo is coming along fine and I'm healing. See pics.

I'm in love with my new body. *2nd massage *stiches *garments

Okay, Today I feel in love with my new body. What a transformation and huge change ????????????. See pics. 9 days post.

I went for my second massage and what a relief to my body. The massage was a tad bit painful in some areas but it was bearable. I tried my best to relax and think about other things to distract myself from the pain. At the end of the massage I felt like a big weight was lifted. I felt brand new. Btw I am no longer sore. I do have some bruises and is still swollen but it is so much better. After the massage my garment fit a lot better.

I met with the doctor and he was surprised by my progress and said I'm doing very well. The medical assistant removed my stitches. I have a total of 12 sutures. It wasn't painful to remove the stitches at all, in some areas it felt like a pinch.

My garment is too big for me, I no longer feel a compression. I went to Lipo Express and purchased a new garment in a size M. After I tried the new garment and put my old garment back on I realized how comfortable the first garment is (now that I have something to compare it to). The new garment do not have the bra area, the sleeves are a little shorter and so is the leg parts (it's not the short leg). Basically it's right in the middle of the short legged garment and the knee length garment (see pics). This garment is ideal for when I go out, especially the fact it covers all my areas that I Lipo. The sales associate told me about a location where I can get my current garment altered. I'm excited abt that because nothing beats the comfort of the Faja D'prada. I also purchased a Lipo foam board.
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