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I'm finally getting my nose done in exactly 3...

I'm finally getting my nose done in exactly 3 weeks. I'm so excited yet nervous at the same time. This has been a serious journey. The reason for my censored pictures is that I literally have told NO ONE I'm getting this done.

I have wanted to get my nose done since I was about 16. I always thought I was pretty, but when I would see pictures of myself, I felt like my nose was so ugly and huge. I started to feel less confident and developed the habit of putting my hand in front of my nose when I laughed. In addition, I now hate taking pictures! Throughout college I started making really weird faces in pictures (thinking it was funny), but really knowing it was because I didn't want to smile normally and then feel ugly. My grandpa has a very bulbous nose and my mom has a wide bridge. I think I got a combination of the two and hate it especially because my mom has such a cute nose despite her wide bridge. She is almost 60 and looks better than me in pictures.

Towards the end of last year, I booked my rhinoplasty with Dr. Bustillo without telling my parents or any of my friends. I felt like a terrible person for wanting to get plastic surgery. My family is very contradicting in their messages. I feel like we really value intelligence and natural things. However, my family is also constantly talking about looks! My mom is always looking in the mirror, getting mad if someone comes over and she doesn't have makeup on, and telling me that I need to dress better etc. My dad is always commenting on how good looking people are and how beauty is powerful. He also teases me all of the time about how my legs are thicker than my mother's and how I'm hairier than my mom. He knows it bothers me, but continues to do it. My brother teases me about how ugly I look in pictures and my sister has commented on how I'm pretty, but so unphotogenic. I couldn't take it anymore!

Finally, one day my mom looked at my bank statement (we were still linked) and she saw the surgery charges and FREAKED OUT. All of a sudden they were telling me how beautiful I was and how I didn't need it. I felt like they were right and cancelled the appointment. However, 2 weeks later I was back to wishing I could get my nose fixed.

After much scheming and finishing college, I developed a plan to reschedule with Dr. Bustillo. I start working full time in September and realized that I would not be able to do it for a long time once I started working. It's happening this August.

I like my profile and just want very subtle changes (mostly decrease the bulbous-ness). Dr. Bustillo's signature look is natural and very subtle so I feel 100% comfortable with him. I read a lot of comments in which people only noticed the patient looking better and didn't know the patient got rhinoplasty. Hopefully, the same will happen with me. I feel like my parents are bound to notice, but I'm not really worried about them finding out afterwards. I just can't have them find out beforehand. I'm so excited!


I cannot believe it's here already! I was surprised at how calm I was being, but then I started looking at people's recovery photos and now I am nervous. I am just dreading the boredom, bruising and swelling. My doctor gave me a medication specifically for swelling. Do most doctors give that? Anyways, I'm still excited... just definitely getting more nervous.

Day 1 Post Op - Really Swollen

I got my surgery done yesterday morning! I was nervous before (especially because I'm not good with needles/tubes being put in my skin), but the nurses were so nice and talkative so I didn't even have a chance to think about it. Then the next thing I knew I was woken up and it was all finished! It happened so fast. I felt unbelievably drunk but I didn't have any pain. About an hour later I was back at the apartment where I'm staying (walking was pretty difficult). After that day became progressively miserable. I started getting more and more swollen and by the nighttime my nose was completely stuffed up. This really bothered me because I guess when you swallow it creates pressure that needs to be released through the nose, but now the pressure was just building in my head. It felt like I was on an airplane. I started questioning why I ever did this to myself and worrying that the pressure would do something to the shape of the new bridge. I'm sure I was just overreacting (hopefully)! My eyes also started to really swell. I was expecting this to happen 2 days post op, not the night of. Anyways, that was really uncomfortable as well. I basically sat all day with frozen peas on my eyes. Sleeping was extremely difficult. I was tired but so uncomfortable. Finally I laid on my side and tilted my head at an angle so that a tiny bit of air could pass through my nose and swallowing was no longer uncomfortable. I still woke up every 1-2 hours because of the dryness in my mouth but it wasn't that bad.

Today, I'm feeling so much better. I also started taking the medication to reduce swelling (which I think I actually was supposed to take yesterday and just didn't read the directions carefully enough... I thought day 1 meant the day after surgery but they meant the day of). Oh well! I've also just been taking Tylenol (no Percoset). I have absolutely no pain! I also think the swelling in my eyes is going down a bit and I can swallow freely. :D See pic for my disturbing face!

These eyess

So I managed to get through yesterday which was supposed to be the worst day. I woke up with so much swelling I could barely open my eyes. They were oozing and just disgusting. However, by 10 last night they had reduced a lot and today they're pretty much back to how they were on Saturday. Hopefully I make a lot of progress today now that the worst is over with. I feel like my swelling and bruising is a lot worse than most, but I knew that I bruised easily before I started this so I guess I kind of expected it.

Day 4 Post Op

I can't believe I get my cast off tomorrow! It's going to feel amazing. I'm a depressed that my bruising and swelling isn't better than it is at this point, but I guess I'm just one of those unlucky ones that bruises and swells like no other. I know that I am improving, though, especially since the second morning after surgery which was by far the worst. Today is the first day I've put contacts in since surgery... yay! I'm hoping that less pressure on the nose will help with healing. Also, I was originally staying at an apartment I rented for a week, which turned out to be really disappointing. It had the worst wifi connection ever, the TV was so small (maybe 12"), and the AC unit was incredibly loud. I couldn't stand staying there anymore so I switched on Sunday night to a hotel. With all of my bruising and swelling and with the cast still on, this was easily the most mortifying experience of my life. Oh, also I had my really thick glasses on and sounded so nasally. Anyways, I wore a hat and tried to do everything quickly, but it was still so scary. I felt like a walking zombie. So tomorrow I check out and return back to the other place, which I am not looking forward to. However, now that I'm wearing contacts I can put sunglasses on and the only bizarre thing will be my cast sticking out and nasally speech. I really hope this was all worth it!

Freaked out

I'm so freaked out. I finally see my nose. I feel like it looks "done", but also know it will change. I sound nasally still. DO YOU TYPICALLY STILL SOUND NASALLY AFTER GETTIG THE CAST OFF?!

I was definitely overreacting

So yesterday I was in a meltdown, really concerned that I was overdone even though I had just gotten the cast off. Dr. Bustillo met with me again and reassured me this was not the case. He then took out some more sutures and cleaned me out again. And now I'm feeling so much better! I am pretty much able to talk normally and I can pretty much smile normally as well. I think this is a result of having the last stitches taken out. I'm so relieved! It is looking so much more natural now and I honestly don't know if anyone else will be able to notice my nose changed at all... Which is exactly what I want. I'm going home today also so I'll post some pictures later!

The new nose

It's now a week and one day after my operation. I still have swelling but it has moved down to my cheeks and is still in my nose. My voice is nasally as well (this is the most irritating part at this point). I want to sound normal! I think by end of this week I should. I have also been using saline nasal spray a few times each day, but I don't feel like it helps that much. Also, the bruising is still pretty bad! My skin is ridiculous! It's definitely fading but soo painstakingly slow. I cannot wait for them to fade to the green/yellow because I feel like they're so much easier to cover up at that point. Yesterday I flew home and I felt fine the entire way, but after the descent I felt my face starting to swell. After that I went out to dinner which was a terrible idea because I couldn't smile comfortably from all the swelling and I was just tired in general. I was terrible company. Today I'm going to take it easy and rest.

Looking better in pictures!

So I really like my nose sometimes, but am afraid it was overly thinned at times. One thing I will say is that it is soooo much more photogenic! Which is why I was so self conscious about my nose in the first place! So that's a plus.

Still Bruised - 11 Days Post Op

Really!? How are my bruises still purple. I thought they'd at least be yellow by now. I've tried applying heat to them and it does seem to help but now I feel like the skin is sore there. It is, however, getting easier to cover them with makeup.

2 Months Post-Op, Doing Great!

I wasn't going to post again, but I feel that I really owe it to my doctor. I have had so many ups and downs going through this whole process, but now that I'm 2 months post-op I can now say I am definitely happy I went through with it. I really like my results now and know there are still changes to come. I think why I had so much trouble with this whole process was for 3 reasons: 1. I kept reading how this was such a mild surgery 2. I was going through it completely alone 3. I'm impatient. Looking through so many recovery pictures on here and reading surgeon "what to expect" write-ups really convinced me that it would be terrible for a week and then you basically forget you had surgery. This may be the case for some, but I feel like I had a much harder time and that every time I was supposed to hit some sort of milestone my results always took twice as long. My bruises took so much longer to fade than the average patient's (a full month with dark purple bruising) and swelling was not noticeably going down until just now (2 months after surgery). I honestly don't think my doctor normally has these recovery times, I think my body is slow to heal. I already knew I bruise so easily so I think with everything... my body is just slow. Anyways, I was so not mentally prepared for awkward smiling for months after surgery. This week is the first time I feel like my nose doesn't feel like a foreign object to my face and I can genuinely smile. Also, I guess one side of my nose had more work done during surgery because it swelled more which made me think my nose was just uneven now. This wasn't even that bad but it freaked me out. Again, this week the swelling has really gone down and I can't even notice any unevenness now. It really is incredible. My nose is looking smaller in a totally natural way, my smile is much cuter and I am definitely feeling more confident! I can now say that I recommend Dr. Bustillo to anyone considering a change. Not only is he extremely skilled, but he is so patient and kind with me even in my most irrational, freaked out moments.
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