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*Treatment results may vary

My expectations are to have a flat stomach and...

My expectations are to have a flat stomach and fuller breast and be able to fill out clothing I was not able to fill out in the breast area. I’m NOT getting a breast lift because I do not want my nipples to be cut.
I completed my lab work and pending results which should be in to Doctor on Thursday 8/7/14.
EKG was completed today, and results have been sent to the Doctor. EKG was requested by my home doctor in NJ as a precautionary measure since my blood pressure was a little high when I went for my visit on Saturday 8/2/14.
I’m excited and focusing on the end result and even more thrilled that my sister is on the same journey.
My Sissy will be getting a BBL the same day as my procedure and we will be travelling together.

Part of my Journey!

So these are the pics I sent my patient coordinator Blanca! I combined all pics and of course added stickers on them to cover certain areas!

At this point I stopped dieting and began eating regular diet. I usually did the low carb diet but wanted to be off of that for a while.

Can I tell you this pushed me to really go through the surgery.

Again, focusing on end results!


My estimate from patient coordinator Blanca was $7,500.00.

I always received responses from patient coordinator Blanca in less than 24 hours- usually right away!

Blanca sent me the following via email:

The Dr evaluated your case and you are a good candidate for the mommy make over tummy tuck with lipo in the flanks to carve the beautiful waist line and breast augmentation with a silicon implant!

She then stated I was assigned to Dr. Jacob Freiman.

Break down below of cost:

Tummy Tuck & Lipo $4500
Breast Augmentation with silicon $3000

This included all fees and I would need to purchase compression garments.

Cost: $7500

I was told by patient coordinator that medications would need to be purchased prior to surgery as wells as compression garments. Date of email interaction: 7/9/14.


On 8/12/14 flew into Miami Florida for consultation. CG was easy to get to and we parked in parking lot which is always busy.

Signed in, completed paper work, and waited to be called. The waiting room is busy and there are lots on people in there.

The office was clean, and busy like someone mentioned previously before. The drive through of plastic surgery. While sitting in waiting area I was surprised the amount of people there. All shapes and sizes. A lot of the employees are bilingual and primarily speaking Spanish. My sister and I were called back to our own exam room and we met out Patient Coordinator Blanca. She greeted us and escorted us back to the exam rooms. I waited for Dr. Jacob Freiman for 15 minutes maybe 20 mins- Blanca came in twice to check on me and stated he will be in shortly.

Dr. Jacob Freiman came in the exam room and I felt completely comfortable. The reviews on this website helped me to anticipate what was to come. He answered all questions, he was direct, yet friendly, and assuring I would be happy.

After the consultation I got dressed and went to another room where I completed more paper work and signed many surgery documents. The women took before pictures behind a curtain, gave me a copy of paper work, prescriptions, and surgery details and information.

My sister signed her documents as well. Once this was done we left and went on a mission to go to the condo we rented for 12 days. One bedroom condo with an awesome view! Inbox me for more information about condo stay.

We unpacked our stuff and went food shopping with my daughter who was our care taker for the few days since my sister and I were both having surgery on 8/14/14.

8/13/14 we ended up filling our prescriptions at Coral Gables Walgreens - which cost me about $35 total due to insurance coverage. Yes!

We went to Walmart and purchased $9 bra for my breast augmentation.

All about the savings!

View from condo.

This helped with the healing process. Amazing view!

Surgery Day

I received an email because my patient coordinator couldn't reach me via phone on 8/13/14 the day before surgery - my surgery time was scheduled for 9am on 8/14/14 and my sisters surgery was scheduled at 11am for fat transfer and bbl.

So on 8/13/14 I showered with dial soap and the morning of surgery showered with dial soap.

We bought items requested by patient coordinator:

- medication we filled at walgreens
-bra from Walmart
-compression garment/ faja

I wore a long sun dress that was easy to slip on an off, sandals, and my grandma panties. Lucky for me I got my menstrual that morning. Well I thought to myself - ugh this is great! Not!

My daughter drove us to CG that morning. We got there in 15-20 mins.

Upon my arrival to CG plastic surgery center I noticed a entrance door was closed and follow up room door open. I went into that room and a patient told me to knock on door to the far right which was a 3rd door and they would open. I did as she stated and the door open. My sister and daughter so my daughter could grab a bite to eat until her surgery time which was 11am.

The nurse took me to a small exam room and stayed to undress and place gown on, a covering for my head and feet. She stated I would need to pee in cup and walked me to the bathroom. I did as stated. After that was complete went back to the same exam room and she had place nausea medicine under tongue and then she started the IV.

I told the nurse my sister was here and they decided to bring her back to the next exam room and prep her too.

After IV Dr. Jacob Freiman came in and drew on me. I told him I got my period- he said he is not scared of blood and we laughed. I felt comfortable.

The nurse stated when they are ready she will be back to get me.

Surgery Day (Post Continued)

After nurse left stopped in to advise they will be with shortly I quickly went to my sister room to see her and pray with her because she was nervous about her surgery and was crying per my daughter.

Went back to my pre-op room and the anesthesiologist introduced herself and asked me questions about blood pressure. She said she would be in surgery the whole time with me; she made me feel comfortable and safe. So was so sweet, and helpful.

The anesthesiologist walked me to the operating room and I got on the table which had straps on them and 2 other nurses assisted in getting me settled on table. The anesthesiologist said to me face to face I’m too young to have my blood pressure high and need to get resolved ASAP- she said she means it. I told her I would get it resolved and the next thing I remember was waking up in the recovery room at 12:15pm. No pain, just felt like I was waking up out of a fog. I was thinking to myself “I did it, did I really do it yes, I did it”.

The nurse put my bra on and I had a binder around my stomach with 2 drains. She put on my dress and then took me to the waiting room since I had to wait for my sister’s surgery to be done. I thought she should have been done by the time my surgery ended but her Doctor started 40 minutes late and her she didn't come out of the recovery room until 3:15-3:30pm.

I was in the waiting in and out of sleep. Everyone was looking at me and a few people actually inquired if I had surgery. A few people said I look great, and asked me questions about procedure and doctor. I answered questions; I wasn’t in pain because of medicine. After my sister came out of recovery room they wheeled her down to the car and I had to walk. I was able to walk but boy I was hunched over and at that point EVERYONE was staring at me because I literally could not stand up straight! My daughter drove us to the condo and took care of us.

More to post to come about recovery!

Evening after surgery

Disclaimer: This is my story and everyone’s healing and recovery process is different.

I’ve had 2 vaginal births and 2 c-sections and now a tummy tuck.

What can I say; this surgery was no joke for me. I have been taking my medicine every 4 hours because I feel pain in lower back. My stomach is numb which I can remember from previous c-sections.

I am walking to go to the bathroom and that’s pretty much it. I am happy with the decision to stay in the condo because my view from the bed is amazing.

My sister and I are sharing the bed. She had a BBL and I had a tummy tuck and breast augmentation. She has her side and I have my side.

Thanking Jesus for pain medicine, and heating pad on lower back!

I do not want to see the results nor do I have the energy to see them.

Follow up appointment was the next morning 8/15/14 at 9:00am with follow up doctor.

More post to come about recovery, condo, and a few other things!

Follow Up Appointment - Day after surgery

Today 8/15/14 was the day for my follow up doctor appointment. I knew I had to allow extra time because I was moving as slow as turtle with myself hunched over like this. I can walk but not for long periods of time. Please note, I had been working out 5-6 days a week for 9 months prior to surgery so I know my legs are strong.

Walked to bathroom, and brushed my teeth, washed my face, and went to the bathroom. That was a struggle. I took my vitamins which consisted of arnica montanta (4 tablets under tongue, 2 gummy multi vitamins, 2 colace stool softener, 1 ensure a day, and ensure powder for tissue building added to water and medication as prescribed by doctor. My daughter put my dress on me and put my hair in a bun. I love make up but today was not happening- no strength or energy.

My sister got ready for her appointment which was scheduled for same date and time.

We were all set and ready to go!

Well EVERYONE is staring at me because again I am hunched over holding my stomach from leaving the condo to walking to elevator with assistance from my daughter to walking to car which was parked in the parking garage. Praising Jesus our parking floor has valet so they park and bring the car up and also assist you with getting bags in and out the car.

My sister is on her stomach in the back because she had BBL and can’t sit on her butt. Going over speed bump after bbl was painful for her. Daughter is driving and I’m in passenger seat praying she doesn't get into an accident with this rental car in Florida.

We arrive in 15-20 minutes and sign in for our appointments. Wait time was less than 10 minutes. We each went to our own exam room. I asked to undress and put gown on. Waited a few minutes no more than 10 and follow up doctor asked how I was feeling and showed me how to massage my breast. My right breast needs to be massaged more aggressively so it can drop (my right breast was slightly smaller than left). He checked incision, belly button, and advised me on how to clean incisions along with drain procedures. I also received paper work for drains and massages.

My patient coordinator Blanca checked on my sister and I to see how things were.

Follow up doctor was friendly, and nice. He answered all my questions.

Follow up appointment on Thursday 8/21/14.

After this appointment we went and bought new compression garment / faja… Best place ever to buy compression garments in Coral Gable, FL.

More post to come about recovery, condo, and healing!

The Grands Condo review

My sister, daughter and I stayed at condo and went to Coral Gables for our procedures. My daughter was the caretaker. My sister was getting fat transfer and BBL and I was getting breast augmentation with tummy tuck. I needed to be in Coral Gables for 10 days due to surgery I was receiving.

We both wanted a place that had a kitchen, living room, a view, and knew we needed 1 bedroom but preferred 2.

Our budget and intention was not to spend a lot.

We reviewed several places online made the final decision to get the one bedroom, with 1.5 baths, kitchen, living room, balcony, must have TV in bedroom and living room, cable and internet.

My review:
Condo was bright, modern, fully equipped kitchen with washer dryer, comfortable living space with plenty of seats for family. Close to plastic surgery facility (15—20 minutes away), Miami airport, South Beach, bus, etc. Safe area with pool which was nice and there is a park when I could see from my view on balcony where people played tennis, played soccer, dog park and walked. Secure and safe building- if you lose key or parking pass your screwed because this is the lifeline to enter and have access to various area in the building.

• Limited cable channels- just basic, we had Netflix, music, and HBO Plus to keep our attention but really wished I had some Bravo, MTV or other channels!
• TV small in bedroom 32 but it’s cool.
• Need a trash can in kitchen.
• Tile flooring so we swept a lot and wore slippers.

• Bathroom:
Having 2 bathrooms; one bathroom was a full bathroom with shower, Jacuzzi bathtub, and plenty of space. The other half bathroom was used all the time by me. I wore shower shoes cause I'm a freak like that.
• Kitchen:
Nice size, with microwave, oven, stove, plenty of counter space, nice size refrigerator and washer and dryer stackable unit off of side of fridge. We did use the washer and dryer several times.
• Living Room:
Couch was ok- hard to me but never really sat on, and the area was open and spacious.
• Dining Room:
Ate our meals mostly there, comfortable space.
• Balcony:
Love the balcony view, there were no chair out there so we move the dining room chairs out there and often gazed at the bay and park below.
• Bedroom:
Spacious king bed that fit my sister and I with no issues. You can walk out of bedroom to balcony. Plenty of dresser space for clothing. There is chair in bedroom which was nice.
• Closet storage space
This was a great area to store clothing and luggage. This area stored a blow up bed.
• Parking Garage:
Very easy access to get in and out of garage once we became familiar with parking pass. Morning valet attendant in parking garage so friendly and helpful – they speak Spanish. They parked our rental car every time we enter garage area and always helped with bags.

After arrival we ran to Publix (located 5 mins from condo) and Walmart grabbed cleaning supplies, snacks, tissue paper, baby wipes, paper towels, and for the condo and it was great. We did not cook food and did attempt to try restaurants downstairs in the lobby but I was not a fan of their food. I must be used to New Jersey and Philly pizzas and cheesesteaks. LOL! When we ordered delivery which was a lot my daughter meet the driver in the lobby. The app we used for delivery was called EAT24.

Message me privately for contact condo information.

More updates to come on recovery, healing, and other reviews as requested by REALSELF members.

More Condo Pictures

2 Week Anniversary - (August 24, 2014)

2 Week Post Op Surgery

Thursday 8/28/14 was my 2 week anniversary from surgery!

I occasional take Tylenol as needed and use a heating pad for my back.

8/27/14 was my first day back at my job. My present job is a desk job however I do run a few errands.

I haven’t been able to usual run errands and just taking it slow making sure I’m not over doing it and listening to my body.

I felt okay, but I am still hunched over which bothers because everyone stares at you wherever you go. Hopefully this will not be for that long of a time.

Taking it one day at time!

Faja/Compression Garment Review for TT and BA

I purchased 1 compression garments which where horrible material and quality. Neither one fit (not even close) nor with each one I went 1 size up from what the package said. So my sister and 1 decided to try another place which had horrible selection and customer service representative was horrible as well.

We stumbled upon a place called Fajas M&D ships and are running a sale- buy 1 get 1 half off!!

I have learned that more than 1 garment is a MUST!! Seriously, you need 1 for every day of the week but that will cost some serious money as you will find out or 2 minimum.

The materials of these garments are tight where needed yet breathable but provides abdominal support for tummy tuck and breast augmentation.

There is a zipper in the crotch so you can handle your business. I found other garments to be open leaving my delicate parts being slightly cut off or even exposed.

The fabrics are Powernet, Lycra Nylon, Cotton Lycra (good for BA and TT), and Satin Lycra.

The salesperson Janaisa was super helpful and even put the garment on me. She was patient, kind, and sensitive to my needs. There hours are great - 7 days a week.

The other thing I like about this place is that they will exchange your garment with the tags on if you purchased the wrong size. Every place I looked at will not exchange or refund! So frustrating!!!

The garments I purchased are below. Each garment is originally $131. I both garments for $200 plus tax. It was so worth it!

I paid $150 for each garment that didn't fit...such a waste!

I hate the fajas/compression garment. I call it the “monkey suit”. So tight but I've come to love the monkey suit and can’t imagine doing anything without it because it provides my stomach area with so much support.

I do wear panties under the garment and when it’s time to tinkle I unzip and slide my panties to the side being extra careful not to tinkle on them. If I am going #2 I will remove the money suit and put a binder around my stomach because I am not trying to get my suit messed up! I would not buy a faja/compression garment without the zipper.

I handwash my faja/compression garment with Woolite and in cool water not hot. After I'm done I take a towel to absorb most of wetness and then hang on hanger letting it air dry.

I will be 3 weeks post op on Thursday.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

I am assigned a Patient Coordinator named Blanca!

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